King Charles III

Coronation 6th May 2023

The crowning of King Charles yesterday was a unique event in our time, and a rich spectacle of British tradition, in a bleak era in terms of our economy and world reputation.  It was a gathering of the great and the good from all round the world, and inclusive of all religions, while defending the nation’s faith of Christianity.  I was able to watch two hours of the ceremony yesterday, and especially enjoyed the people-watching, the costumes and the music.  A highlight of mine, and so it seems also for social media (such as Tik Tok), was Penny Mordaunt’s heroic sustained carrying of the sword, a role which she had to physically train for – and she would be up there for best costume, too.  Her physical challenge shows up in her transits as Mars squaring her natal Uranus.

Birth Chart

Strangely, I have never in all my 22 and a half years of blogging devoted a whole blog to His Majesty.  He has appeared in numerous blogs about the royal family, but never had a blog of his own!  I hope to remedy that, while keeping it short and sweet.  Taking a look at his original birth chart, as someone born to be King, there are clues to this destiny, such as Leo (royalty) rising.  His North Node (karma) conjoins the Moon (his mother) at the beginning of Taurus, conjunct the Queen’s own Sun and Part of Fortune. An intense karmic connection for them both.  His sporting interests, especially in early life (such as Polo) are shown by Mars conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius in his 5th House of Sport.  He has the Sun in Scorpio square Pluto, so is a deep thinker, something we have seen evidence of all his life, in his refusal to clam up about the things that mattered to him.  I was dismayed when Liz Truss prevented him from attending the Climate Conference last year.  His complicated love life is seen in Venus conjunct Neptune (the search for ideal love) in Libra.  His chosen one, Camilla Parker Bowles, now crowned Queen, has her Sun closely trine his Sun in the Water element: which if Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs” is anything to go by, makes them soul mates.


He inherited the throne when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away.  At that moment of time, Jupiter was exactly trine his Ascendant, from the 9th House cusp, a huge forward step in his life.  Saturn (loss and responsibility) was also exactly sextile his natal Mars in his 5th House, highlighting his energy and will.

His transits for the Coronation yesterday have some interesting transit features.  The chart of the Coronation itself has Leo rising with the Sun (regality) right at the top of the chart.  The rising degree of the chart is conjunct Charles’ own Pluto (his ruling planet, and his deepest challenge).  In Charles’ birth chart he has Mercury sextile Saturn (a serious sense of judgement), and this locks into the Coronation chart in a stunning way.  The Coronation chart itself has Mercury sextile Saturn, and that sextile locks into his own original Mercury/Saturn sextile.  The Mercury of each chart opposes the Mercury of the other, and ditto for the Saturn: the Saturn of each chart opposes the Saturn of the other.  This speaks of many solemn oaths being taken!  Also, Charles has an exact Nodal Return, in that this weekend’s North Node at 3 degrees Taurus is exactly conjunct with Charles’ natal North Node at 3 degrees Taurus.  It means the end of one karmic cycle and the beginning of another, and also speaks of the fulfilment of his destiny from birth.  How amazing is that timing?  He also has his Saturn Opposition, a significant astrological cycle, and one of taking on responsibility.

Playing the Long Game

Having a long lived “mama” meant that he had to wait most of his life for a chance to show his own style of leadership.  I have always admired his support for environmental causes (even from his talking to plants in the 1970s).  I have also been warmed by his universal outlook on religions, though yesterday’s service was undoubtedly Christian (and influenced by the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the dictates of his office).  Charles tried to make the day as inclusive as possible.  It was sweet, for instance, that the Chief Rabbi was allowed to stay at Clarence House overnight the night before, so that he could walk to the Abbey and not break his sabbath law.

Ever since the early 1970s I had heard prognostications, mainly from New Agers, that Charles would never make it to the throne.  And even when he acceded, on the death of his mother, prognosticators were saying he would not make it to the Coronation.  Well, I am glad to say, he defied them all.  Long live the King!


Today, Venus enters Cancer in the early afternoon, which boosts family life and feelings, and applies more love and care towards other members of the family.  There could be memorable and sentimental occasions arising (Venus stays in Cancer until 5th June) such as family get togethers.  We need to be conscious about our emotional boundaries during this period.  But it bodes well for the sense of community today, when many street parties are taking place, and for this evening’s coronation music concert (where Venus = music and Cancer = rhythm).

The Sun conjoins with Uranus on Tuesday (9th).  Expect the unexpected.  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.  You may decide to join a group activity along those lines.  If you are feeling more contemplative in mood, new ideas can flash into your consciousness during meditation.  The evening’s television or film viewing (Netflix or whatever) could provide heightened interest.

Friday (12th) brings a sextile between Retrograde Mercury and Saturn.  Thoughts and feelings can be channelled and harnessed into constructive plans and ideas.  Mental foundations can be laid.  The aspect favours documentation and knuckling down to form-filling etc.  Geminis and Virgos have the chance to regain their balance.  Bear in mind this natal sextile in Charles’ chart (a serious sense of judgement), and that in the Coronation chart (the taking of solemn oaths)!

Saturday (13th) brings us two more positive astrological showings.  In the early hours Mercury will be sextile with Venus.  This is a smooth flowing sextile which favours socializing and conversing, and creative forms which combine art and writing.  There is potential for negotiation in diplomatic efforts, and harmony and agreement between kindred spirits. This of course is mainly extravert activity for the daytime itself, but you may acquire ideas in dreamtime which you can implement later.

At breakfast-time (in the U.K.) we will have a trine between Venus and Saturn, bringing extra balm.  It’s an aspect of practical compassion.  It can brings hope, of people coming together with more commitment and loyalty.  Venus can provide a softening role to a hard line stance.  It is conciliatory, which may be just what is needed.  Relationships may need serious resolving, and this aspect can help, whether on a personal level, or between the schisms in our society.

But, come Saturday evening, Europe at least will come together for the annual spectacle and extravaganza of the Eurovision Song Contest, of which I have been a lifelong enthusiast.  The Venus/Saturn element in this is the poignancy of the fact that the U.K. is hosting it on behalf of Ukraine (the Venus/Saturn loyalty meaning stand by your invaded friend nation).

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a sense of belonging; music
  • Tuesday – surprise
  • Friday – serious judgement and oath-taking
  • Saturday – cultural ideas; love and loyalty; more music