Eurovision 2023

It was a dream come true for British Eurovision fans to host, on behalf of Ukraine, the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, in Liverpool.  For many youngsters, it was the first time in their generation, the last time the U.K. hosted being 1998.  It was not, however, a dream come true, for the U.K. entry by Mae Muller to come second from bottom – more back to normal.  How different things were last year when Sam Ryder came second from the top…

Anyway, I would like to look at three charts pertaining to the night’s spectacular and hugely enjoyable event:  first, that of Mae Muller, secondly the winner’s chart belonging to Loreen of Sweden, and thirdly that of one of the hosts, Hannah Waddingham, who took a prominent presenting role.

Mae Muller

Born in 1997, Mae is a Virgoan, and began writing songs at the age of 8, and released her first album at the age of 22.

We do not have a birth time for her, so can only go on her natal aspects (without Ascendant and angles).  The Sun in her chart is almost unaspected and exactly squares Pluto.  Her parents separated when she was six years old, and that may point to a disrupted relationship with her father.  She has a powerfully aspected Venus (singing and songwriting) trine an entrepreneurial conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus.  She also has electrical energy, from a square between Mars and Uranus.

What do her transits tell us?  Her first album was released on 5th April 2019, with Mars square her Sun, Mars opposite her natal Pluto and Saturn square her Saturn.  We may conclude she thrives on challenge and adversity.  Her song “I wrote a song” is a confrontation to someone who “did her wrong”.

When she was announced as the U.K. entry on 9th March this year, Saturn was trine her natal Chiron, but Uranus was squaring her natal Jupiter (a gamble) and Pluto was square her natal Chiron (a huge challenge).

Her transits for last night showed Neptune sextile her Neptune (she felt inspired) but with Pluto still dogging her Chiron.

Her Eurovision entry was an upbeat number, a little repetitive, but that is in the Eurovision tradition.  There were many lacklustre entries, but Mae’s seemed no worse than average, which leaves us wondering if we are back to the political voting going back years and exacerbated by Brexit.  Whatever the merits of the song, she did perform it well.


After Johnny Logan of Ireland, Loreen was the second person to have ever won Eurovision twice in its history!  But her country, Sweden, is no stranger to the top spot.  It seems that sporting super long nails (at least two inches in my estimation)  is no clue to go by in determining your position in the ranks.  Loreen had them last night (in her words “made of stone”), and resembled a cat slinking across the stage with her claws; and Mae Muller had them (though displayed them less in her performance), but one performer came top, and the other almost at the bottom of the scoreboard.

I digress.  Loreen also has no recorded birth time, so again there is some guesswork involved in evaluating her chart.  She first won the contest in 2012.  Loreen has the Sun in the songster’s sign of Libra, and it is conjunct Pluto – there is something very primal about her performance.  That may be part of her success (I personally was not bowled over by her song, but she received 177 more votes than her nearest contender, so I suspect I am an old fogey).  She has the sensuality of Venus conjunct Mars.  Born 14 years before Mae Muller, she too has the entrepreneurial conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus (in the lucky sign of Sagittarius).  She also has an expansive energy, in her exact square between Mars and Jupiter, and like Mae, electrical energy from the square of Mars to Uranus.  The depth of her performance may owe much to her conjunction of Saturn and Pluto.

Her transits when she was originally chosen to represent Sweden in 2012 were not dissimilar to those of Mae Muller when she was chosen, and equally challenging: She had a Mars Return, Saturn on her Pluto, Neptune square her Chiron and Pluto trine her Mars.  At her first victory, she had Uranus trine her Uranus (the power of surprise).  The second time she was selected, this Spring, her main transit was Pluto square her Pluto, one of the main challenging astrological life cycles, which urges a person to take their own power.  For her second triumph, Saturn squared her Uranus (a sheer effort of will), Neptune squared her Neptune (a daze) and Jupiter opposed her Pluto (an exaggerated use of power) – so defying the astrological odds!

Looking at Johnny Logan’s chart in comparison, it seems that he had the Sun exactly square Pluto, so maybe the intensity and charisma of Pluto can help you in this game.  For Mae, it got her to the contest, at least!

Hannah Waddingham

There has been a lot of fanfare this week surrounding actress Hannah Waddingham, who has earned her place as a top presenter throughout the early heats and in the final of Eurovision in the U.K.   Many of us had not heard of her before, but apparently she was famous for acting in “Ted Lasso”.  She is a statuesque blond, and towered somewhat over the other presenters, in a matter befitting her queenly Sun sign of Leo.  She has half her planets (5) in the leadership quadruplicity, the Cardinal signs, and proved herself able to entertain, perform and ad lib with the best of them.  Certainly someone to watch in the future!  She too has a powerful Pluto, being exactly sextile with her natal Sun.  Mercury exactly trine Jupiter makes her well travelled and good at languages (she certainly proved her verbal proficiency in French, in conversing with Graham Norton).  She also speaks fluent Italian.  Her mother was an opera singer, and she has a four octave vocal range (in case you wondered how well qualified she was as a Eurovision presenter!)

Well, it’s another year over, and what a night!  One which the U.K., and Liverpool, won’t forget.  My favourite entries Switzerland, Australia and Poland, came nowhere near the top of the scoreboard, but the enjoyment of the occasion was undiminished.  For those who have asked, our trip to the Eurovision Song Contest will appear in my trilogy “The Quiet Office”, but not until Volume III (I am currently half way through writing Volume II).


It is an important and pivotal week, in many respects, with Jupiter changing signs and entering Taurus, and then squaring Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius.  If you are wanting to turn the steering wheel of your life and effect a major change, you could just do so; the effort may be tiring, but worthwhile.  Putting into play your intentions could help to avoid becoming a victim of change being foisted upon you.  On my Philosophy course, I am currently reading “Anti-fragile” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, which is slowly turning my lifelong Taurean fear of change into an appreciation of other ways of perceiving.

Tomorrow (15th), Mercury is Stationary prior to turning Direct, around breakfast time, which is a help in starting the week and re-starting communications.  You may feel that you can catch up on chores which had been put on the back burner.  If you have been struggling with computers, I.T. and broadband connections, or delays in communications you may feel a sense of relief.  You can certainly pick up momentum on some projects which involve paperwork and documentation, and make some more essential journeys, after the recent train strikes. RMT Union boss Mick Lynch said he had to get the strikes in at that time because of a government policy, but of course the real reason was to make the Mercury Retrograde season deadline!

At lunchtime, Mars trines Neptune which ensures the sensitive use of energies, such as meditative activities.  Yoga, Tai Chi and Qijong all represent this vibe.  Mars represents the use of energy or anger directed (in a trine) in a constructive way, and Neptune represents empathy.

Tuesday (16th) is the day that Jupiter leaves Aries and enters Taurus, around tea time.  Jupiter stays approximately one year in each sign, and the new placement may bring new hope for the efforts to combat climate change, help perhaps for the farming community, and new initiatives for the world of finance and economy. Generally, if you are an April Taurean you will feel the benefit over the next few months, but if you are a May Taurean the benefits may accrue next year.  But for Taureans across the board, take heart, this is Your Year!  Your personal affairs may expand in ways they may not have done for twelve years.  It’s time for you to shine.

A note of caution for Thursday (18th), yes even for Taureans, for Jupiter runs into a square with Pluto in the early hours of the morning (you may sense this pressure the night before).  There may be presented difficult power struggles, either within yourself (e.g. two differing needs vying for attention) or in involvement with others or a group.  In politics, there may be further polarizing, e.g. between those who want Boris Johnson and Donald Trump to return, and those who don’t.  It is a fine balancing act, or near impossible, to please all of the people all of the time.

At breakfast time, there is a more conciliatory note, helpful, though not wiping out the impact of Jupiter square Pluto.  It’s a sweet sextile between the Sun and Neptune, and if you slept well, and dreamt well, you may be in an equable spiritual state to deal with what is on the day’s menu in a balanced way.  This aspect gives you a better chance of creating beauty and inspiration in your life, conferring spiritual harmony.

More practical progress on Friday (19th), with a sextile between Mercury and Saturn.  You have taken in all the facts for dealing with an issue or project, and are ready to put in serious and solid plans based on sober thinking. This aspect favours exacting mental work and documentation.  Progress can be made, including possibly for health related checks.

In the afternoon, there is another opportunity to re-set, with a New Moon at 28 degrees Taurus, aligned with the Pleiades.  This can herald a new beginning for all Taurean-related interests, and a chance to focus your intent on these for the next month.  You may take inspiration from looking at artworks or gardens.  You are helping to build the New Earth, as they say in New Age circles.  It is a fresh start for cooking, gardening, art, music or money.  Make the most of this wishing Moon.

If you are wishing to tune into the Pleiades, here are some encouraging words from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld”:

“Alcyone [the primary star of the Seven Sisters] as the most important of these can provide a significantly enhanced ability to channel from extraterrestrials in a balanced way, and to perceive the correct place of contact with entities from other planetary systems…Alcyone can also enhance the ability to perceive spiritual truths that may be shared and understood as universal principles.”

Mars enters Leo on Saturday (20th) which will bring energy to your self-expression, or you may observe displays of power.  Mars will stay in Leo until 10th July, so will especially energize the affairs of those born under the sign of Leo.  If you are making hay, you could feel Mars supporting you with extra oomph and bravery.  Drama and theatre also receive a boost.  And sporting interests generally will thrive.  Those who thrive on competition and holidaymaking will be having their season.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – restarting communication; reconnecting body and soul
  • Tuesday – hope for environmentalism
  • Thursday – significant power play; some spiritual input
  • Friday – serious progress; new beginning; cosmic influences
  • Saturday – vigour and holiday plans