Have another cosy lie-in this morning, unless you’re having to negotiate those Sunday transport services again, still under the Mercury retrograde influence…Happily though the end of this particular rail tunnel is in sight, as Mercury turns direct later this week. If you are having a meditation session today, an appropriate subject would be social relations on some level. There’s an awkward square between Venus and Jupiter tomorrow, which could result in men behaving badly and possibly some women too. Social intrigue is another hazard of this aspect, and those paparazzi will be hounding someone again. What one person thinks is funny may not be to another, and so on. So today’s reflections need to be along the lines of: are you being motivated by jealousy, can you be more charitable, does someone deserve the way you are thinking about them? Some soul-searching can nip this in the bud and iron out the problems in advance, then the effects of the square can be confined to minor faux-pas or even some comic incidents. You might find yourself saying: “A funny thing happened on the train home”. But if you are returning to work tomorrow, you may have trouble slipping back into the groove of the office culture, although the biscotti you bought them, plus the miniature Empire State Buildings to ornament their workstations might help matters. All this of course is academic and trivial next to the important aspect which occurs on Tuesday (30th), namely Jupiter sextile Neptune, which some of you may have allowed yourself to look forward to. It happens in the early hours of the morning (UK time) so sweet dreams, and interestingly is bolstered 16 minutes earlier by another sextile between Sun and Saturn, ensuring seriously constructive purposes and outcomes. Jupiter sextile Neptune is about peace and goodwill to all men and women, and religious unity, so any efforts in those areas will not go unrewarded even for the likes of Richard Dawkins. If you are astrologically savvy, you may be able to identify which two areas of your own life are affected and working in harmony for your own inner peace and in your wider ideals. And if it’s just not happening for you that day, just take time out in your lunchbreak to meditate or walk in nature to help it along. Wednesday 31st (Halloween) brings the first of two turnarounds: Neptune goes first stationary then direct and further strides can be made on the spiritual or mystical path. On Thursday (1st November) Mercury goes stationary prior to going full steam ahead, and we can in all confidence buy our season ticket to ride. But hang on – so why are engineering works on the line continuing on a Sunday into December? I don’t know, but maybe we will take them more in our stride with our new mystical mellowing. So by the end of the week, with Chiron, Neptune and Mercury all recently turning direct, we will all at least know where we are going. Next question?