Another week of delicate balancing ahead, as we tackle two other components of the Cardinal T-square, one at the beginning of the week, and one at the end.  Last week flame (Scorpio) haired Julia Roberts  announced her conversion to Hinduism as a result of filming “Eat Pray Love”.  This has coincided with Jupiter (planet of religion) coming into her 9th House of Religion, under the pressure of Pluto’s square. The writer of the book “Eat Pray Love” Elizabeth Gilbert has the entrepreneurial Jupiter-Uranus conjunction natally, which is doing well in a year when that conjunction is taking place.  Jupiter-Uranus people take note: if you haven’t yet made your coup this year, there is still time.  Meanwhile one of our own UK actresses Emma Thompson made two gaffes this week.  The first was declaring Audrey Hepburn “fantastically twee”.  It’s unsurprising that Arien Thompson, concerned with authenticity, would not “get” the mystique and elegance of Audrey Hepburn, who had Neptune opposite her Ascendant.  Emma has several planets early in the signs, and is therefore triggered by the complexity of the Cardinal T-square at the moment.  Her straight-talking Sun and Mercury in Aries came out twice this week (the second gaffe was ridiculing residents of the Isle of Wight) when her ruling planet Mars was squared by Jupiter and opposed by Pluto.  So those are Jupiter square Pluto related stories.  On to the first of our T-square components this week: Jupiter opposite Saturn tomorrow (Monday 16th).  This has to be carefully measured to satisfy both sides of an argument or two or more sets of needs.  Saturn represents realism, Jupiter represents optimism, and Pluto is engaging both in a T-square, pushing the equation the side of despair.  What we must not lose therefore is the Jupiter side of the equation, the hopes and dreams.  Some people have totally lost it by now, and can’t even summon the energy to wish.  But  I have come across people this week, who despite long-standing problems, and many times giving in to despair, have started to work with a long-term vision of how their lives could improve – they are starting to see a light, way off in the distance of the tunnel.  The UK government has already upset many, promising savage cuts to the vulnerable, cuts which have been chosen to target those least likely to cope, where they could have made choices to make cuts in the fortunes of those well able to cope.  This is a mishandling of the T-square, and an illustration of how response to it can be unbalanced.  What you have control over is your own psychology, and the re-building of your own sense of hope for the future, from envisaging the next small step, to a future vision that will work for you, to work towards.  We may (or may not) be disappointed with those we have elected, but must not forget the power and resources within our own psyche to steer our lives in a better direction.  The next series of aspects occur at the end of the week, as the middle of the week can be used to practice your trapeze work.  On Friday 20th there’s another, more minor, opposition between the Sun and Neptune.  You may then be working on another nuance of the theme of Realism vs Hopefulness.  The illusion of fantasy needs to be measured against the truth of the heart.  Suppose that in working with creative visualization for the future at the beginning of the week, in trying to balance Jupiter opposite Saturn, we may have veered to the opposite extreme and embellished impossible outcomes.  Friday will be the time to take those inner films and edit them to something of more realistic proportions.  Perhaps clues in the week might have helped you see what might be possible, as in when you told a best friend what you were thinking and he or she pointed out the loopholes.  In your editing, you still need to arrive at a scenario where both parties can win, and there is enough hope in the pot for emotional survival.  There are two more astrological features having their say on Friday after this has been achieved.  Venus conjuncts Mars at the beginning of Libra, which intensifies the feeling nature of Venus and balances the male-female energies in some ways.  This is a more internal type of balancing, not so dependent say on world resources, authorities and institutions.  It is about enjoying life, and whereas Jupiter square Pluto is about Pray, Venus conjunct Mars is the Eat and Love component of this three-word mantra.  The other feature of Friday is that Mercury will be stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  Get your ideas on paper, e.g. in a diary, as you may not immediately be able to implement your ideas or creativity until Mercury turns direct again on 13 September.  Plus you will have your hands full on Saturday 21st with the next component of the Cardinal T-square: Saturn square Pluto.  This is the despairing end of the equation, so you need to rely on the resources built earlier in the week on the balancing of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition.  Keep afloat, and cherish the dream.  The Sun also opposes Chiron that day, which throws down a healing challenge to focus your mind.  There are solutions, keep believing that.  All you might be looking at are the big bills and the climate disasters of Saturn square Pluto, but don’t doubt there is a life beyond.  The Obamas swimming in the Gulf of Mexico is a great symbol of that.