Announcing the Now – a new category of astrological service which is actually an existing sub-category of the Year Ahead service, but could be handy for some. It’s a very short report of the planets as they are now in relation to your birthchart. This could be valid for up to a year, and can be requested with or without the Year Ahead. If you have a Year Ahead forecast, the personal descriptions of the planetary influences will take precedence over anything which appears in the blog by the way: you can use the blog as an indication of how others around you may be experiencing the prevailing conditions, and the Now as a background pattern, scenery or stage set (depending on how much of a diva you are). Pricing appears on the Astrology page. Having taken to heart some of your comments lately, I felt that maybe you needed this clarification. That, and Eckhart Tolle has got a lot to answer for!