From beginning (Saturn square Pluto on Saturday 21st) to end, it’s Pluto’s week, so it’s time to get friendly with Pluto…But first on Monday 23rd the Sun enters Virgo, and you may feel a switch of seasons from sunshine, sea and sand to autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness – a nip in the UK air perhaps.  Our collective animal totem will go overnight from the Lion (or Lioness) of the jungle, to the quiet harvest mouse…The Full Moon in Pisces opposes this Sun in Virgo on Tuesday 24th, taking us past the jungle and the harvest field on to the ocean (emotionally we could be all over the place…but we could just be releasing past emotions we don’t need to hold on to).  Scientists have just announced that the Moon is shrinking, but it might be too early to conjecture about astrological ramifications.  The final aspect of the week takes place on Thursday 26th, and is a trine between the Sun and Pluto – not to be sniffed at.  It struck me this week what a beautiful symmetry the Cardinal T-Square is: Pluto at the base, with Saturn on one end opposed by Jupiter and Uranus (which are either side of Saturn in the rank of planets) – that could be a perfect balance.  On waking the other morning, I was given, as a symbol for Pluto in this position, of all things a pogo stick!  Wikipedia defines this as “A device consisting of a T-shaped pole with a handle at one end, footpads to place your feet on the other end and a spring which support the stick and the user when on the ground.”  The pogo stick represents Pluto urging and pushing the other planets in an act of self-transformation, the transformative element in our lives and psyches seeking to push its way up.  It relies on our experiencing it in a true way, unencumbered by the feelings of others or social expectations, and represents the work we do on our own psyche.  This analogy can of course be extended to society, but we need to do the work on ourselves, now.  All other planets of the Cardinal T-Square have to meet Pluto’s standards as it squares them.  Pluto is autonomous and contains everything, perhaps even the nature of all the other planets put together.  This is why Scorpios (ruled by Pluto) often wear the colours black and white together.  It is the most powerful planet, pulling rank on the others in any interchange. Its position on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is Daat, the invisible sephira.  I am no Kabbalist, but in 1974 I bought a book by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi entitled “Tree of Life” in which he writes in language easy to grasp:

Moving back up the Tree along the Lightning Flash we pass through the invisible Sephira known as Daat – Knowledge – before we reach Binah, or Saturn in the planetary scheme.  Some modern Cabalists not only describe this transition point as the entry into what is known as the supernal triad of Kether, Hochma and Binah, but ascribe this position to the recently discovered planet Pluto…

Pluto is the furthest and outermost planet in our Solar System.  Once that has been mastered as a principle, it can be a psychological gateway to other parts of the Cosmos.

Halevi goes on to say: “Pluto orbits at the very edge of the solar system.  Beyond lies the realm of the local star cluster and containing this the vast galactic arm of the Milky Way.  Pluto’s strange eccentric orbit is the margin and frontier of the planetary world, and who knows what barrier or bridge this dark unseen planet describes?…

Daat is a point of profound transformation whether you are travelling up or down the Tree of Life.”

The Sun in Thursday’s trine is helpful in revealing the positive side of Pluto to work with (the negative pull being Saturday 21st’s square of Saturn to Pluto).  There is nothing to fear from knowing your own psyche, and Pluto is about working through your fears until you have reached the bottom of the barrel.

The planets involved in the Cardinal T-square have to  act as a counterpoise to each other, in their conjunctions, oppositions and  squares.  In the trine with the Sun, Pluto is in a friendly counterpoise, enabling us to reach some sort of a completion on this round of Plutonian activity, and find a freedom and a purpose beyond that, until you can draw new lines for yourself for this time, when you are satisfied that you have completed work on this monumental round.  The more you are in touch with your Soul, the more you can do this. And remember that Angels can be intermediaries until we fully merge with our Soul.

So, in summary, this friendly counterpoise between the Sun and Pluto can enable you to balance your deepest awareness of the Cosmos (Pluto) with your own conscious Individuality (Sun), and thus make sense not only of this trine, but potentially the whole Cardinal T-Square, too.