Strictly Come Dancing – Part 2

The standard in the first few weeks has been high again, with some astonishing performances.  We have lost Les Dennis, so I won’t have the opportunity to write about him (!), but will now launch into the analysis of four more contestants.

Amanda Abbington

I will start with the actress Amanda Abbington, who wowed us in the first week in a deep blue dress with Giovanni Pernice, dancing a Viennese Waltz, scoring highly at the outset and praised for a magical performance by head judge Shirley Ballas.  After her Rumba, Shirley said: “I have had 55 years of learning how to master the Rumba walk and you have had three days, I have to commend you.”  For many reasons, I would say that Amanda has a Five Star birth chart.  She has the Sun in Pisces, the sign of Dance, exactly square to Neptune, the planet of Dance – this may confer an extra special skill, and an extra dimension of compassion and sensitivity.  Mercury is closely square Mars in her chart, indicating quick reflexes and co-ordination, with some possible irritability or self-criticism.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter shows intelligence and curiosity.  What especially marks out her chart is the Exact Grand Air Trine (between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus), very useful in life, for turning lemons into lemonade.  Venus exactly trine Mars gives her great magnetism.  Mars square Jupiter depicts over-the-top energy allied with enthusiasm, while Mars trine Pluto shows a powerhouse of energy.  Jupiter exactly trine Uranus, part of the Grand Trine, is the Entrepreneur Archetype, the ability to make the most of opportunities. Jupiter sextile the North Node brings a positive approach to karma, while Saturn conjunct the South Node, holds the likelihood that she has had to deal with adverse karma from previous lives.

Amanda was married to the actor Martin Freeman, and they had two children together.  In 2021 she became engaged to the Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, who has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.  His spine was seriously injured on America’s Got Talent, and he is currently suing the producers of that show.  He proposed to Amanda within an hour of meeting her.  Amanda says that he has remained “positive and upbeat, and so strong.  His courage and his strength is something that I just aspire to be like. He’s just incredible, honestly, like so happy, just like a very happy, positive human being, just liquid sunshine. He’s amazing.”  He also has the Sun in Pisces, a good placing for an Escapologist, and he has a risk-taking conjunction of Jupiter and Mars.  Her transits this weekend show Mars trine her natal Mercury (good for getting her nerves under control), Neptune square her Nodal Axis (important for her as a dancer) and Pluto square her Uranus (a lot of change in her life, not necessarily related to Strictly).  Her transits for the final have the Sun on her North Node, Saturn on her natal Mercury, and Neptune square her Nodal Axis still.  Not especially good transits.

Amanda is paired on the dance floor with Giovanni Pernice, and they are rumoured to have a stormy relationship, but on the first week Shirley alluded to their chemistry.  There are points of tension in their chemistry, with their Suns opposite each other, her Pluto square his Uranus and their Marses conjunct, but on the positive side her Saturn and Uranus form a trine with his Venus, which keys him into her Grand Trine.  Giovanni’s main transit this weekend shows up Jupiter trine his Sun (he’s working well).  The final transits for him bring Jupiter trine his natal Uranus (success), Jupiter square his Nodal Axis (important for karma), Saturn square his natal Mars, Uranus trine his natal Saturn and Neptune trine his natal Chiron – a much better picture than Amanda’s, but a mixed picture.  Motsi said last night that Amanda “ndever disappoints”, and Craig praised her “magnificent musicality”.  Despite my high hopes for this couple, the astrological picture does not look great.  Perhaps Amanda will have too much going on in her private life, and she will not be in a position to make the most of her potential.

Adam Thomas

Next up is Adam Thomas, who together with his brother Ryan Thomas, have had longstanding roles in British soaps: Adam in Emmerdale, and Ryan in Coronation Street.  They look so alike, that I can hardly tell them apart.  Adam has 6 of his 10 planets in Fire signs, and was praised for his enthusiasm, early on.  His Sun in Leo enjoys performance, and is almost unaspected, so he may be strongly individualistic and independent, though he is a twin.  His Moon is also in Leo, giving a consistent approach to life (we do not have his birth time).  He has Mercury exactly trine Uranus giving him a telepathic mind (maybe with his twin?), and that could be useful with a dance partner.  Venus exactly conjunct Chiron could point to emotional wounds – he has a problem with alcohol, and that may be connected.  He has a difficult Cardinal T-square between Mars, Chiron/Venus and Neptune, which a potential partner would have to navigate.  Also Saturn closely conjunct Uranus can bring personal earthquakes from time to time.  So he does not have an easy chart, but Pluto trine his North Node and his Chiron provide some deep-seated support.

He was announced for the part in Emmerdale on 21st May 2009: the transits for that event show up Jupiter sextile his natal Saturn in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre, a stabilizing career feature.  Saturn was on his natal South Node, tying him into a solid contract.  And Neptune was sextile his natal Saturn/Uranus.  He married on 27th August 2017, with Uranus trine his natal Mercury and Uranus, marking an upswing in his life.  He has two children.  His transits this weekend show Neptune square his Saturn, and despite this he topped the leaderboard at one point.  The waltz proved to be his dance, and he was praised for his topline.  As we do not know his birth time, it is possible that something else is going on, e.g. Jupiter on an angle in his chart.  His transits for the final show Uranus square his Sun – he may surprise everyone, or it may be that he will find it hard to say goodbye to the other contestants, and the whole experience.

He is partnered with Russian Luba Mushtuk who has been a Strictly Professional for two years.  She has the Sun and three other planets in Scorpio, and four planets in Capricorn.  Her Synastry with Adam shows her Mars sextile his Neptune (she can stimulate his dance talent), her Jupiter square his Mars (she can fire him up), her Jupiter trines his Pluto (she can empower him), among other interaspects.  They were born a year and a half apart, which gives them some generational understanding of each other.  Her main transit this weekend was Uranus opposite her natal Sun, the element of the unexpected, which took them briefly to the top of the leaderboard.  At the end of the tournament, Neptune trines her natal Mercury, so she should be serene about her performance.  The transits don’t look strong enough for a win, but Adam’s current transits show that we cannot be too sure.

Ellie Leach

Actress Ellie Leach played the young Faye Windass for many years in Coronation Street.  Like Amanda Abbington, she is born under the dancer’s sign of Pisces, and like Adam Thomas was born in Manchester, starring in a northern soap.  The role of Faye Windass (which she played for 12 years) was fairly bland in character, so it has been delightful to see the actress blossom in different dances.  Having half her planets (5) in Mutable signs gives her good adaptability for the various changes of pace of different dances.  In the first week, Craig Revel Horwood praised her sharpness and precision.  She has the ability to apply herself, with the Sun closely sextile Saturn in her chart.  Her Moon is in Sagittarius, so she has an adventurous side.  With Mars conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius, she has a powerhouse of energy.  She has Jupiter trine Neptune, which is a good balance of religious and spiritual energies.  Her current transits include: Neptune on her natal Sun (concentration on dance!), Netpune trine her Saturn (serious about dance), and Uranus square her natal Uranus (her Inner Rebel coming out and trying something different).  For the final she has: Neptune still on her Sun, but exact to the day!  She will also have Chiron on her Venus (poignant) and Mars close to its Return (her energies on point), Mars on her Pluto (accentuating her powerhouse of energy, with slight danger of injury) and Chiron trine her Pluto (powerful healing).  These are powerful transits, so she could go from strength to strength, all the way to the final.  I would not underestimate her!

She is partnered with Vito Coppola, who debuted as a Professional on the programme last year, and made the final as I predicted:

They [he and Fleur East] could make the final, but I don’t think they will lift the trophy.” – which is exactly what happened.

Vito has the Sun and Moon in Libra (great musicality).  Their synastry shows Ellie’s Jupiter trine Vito’s Sun (they bring out the best in each other), her Mars sextile his Mercury (movement in sync, co-ordinated), and her Saturn trine his Jupiter (a balanced partnership).  So far, so very good!  His transits at the moment include Pluto trine his Jupiter (power), Jupiter square his Saturn (not entirely balanced within himself) and Mars on his Venus (perhaps over-excitable – they did a Latin dance last night!)  They danced to Copacabana, and Ellie was sensitive to some of the judges’ comments. I have to say, I enjoyed her performance, dressed in pink like a flamingo, and channelling Lola.  Vito’s transits at the final bring up Saturn trine his Venus (steadiness) and Chiron square to his Neptune (tricky).  Although his transits are not great, Ellie’s are very good at the time of the final, and I wonder if that can carry them through.

Nigel Harman

Actor Nigel Harman stole the show and topped the leaderboard in the first week with his Paso Doble, dance to the tune of Entertain Us by Nirvana.  Last night three of the judges joked that he was channelling his inner Patrick Swayze – what higher compliment could he receive?  Last night he dazzled with his Salsa, which Shirley said showed his competitiveness and musicality.  Well, Casualty’s loss is Strictly’s gain, and I hope he continues to enjoy performing dance, because he did slump for a week or two after that initial triumph.  Nigel, like Adam Thomas, is a Leo, and therefore someone who enjoys performance per se.  He has the Sun closely sextile Uranus and trine Chiron, so is orientated towards forward thinking and solutions.  His Moon is trine Venus, which may produce harmony with women.  Mercury exactly squares Mars in his chart, so like Amanda Abbington he has “quick reflexes and co-ordination, with some possible irritability or self-criticism.”  Also like Amanda “Mars square Jupiter depicts over-the-top energy allied with enthusiasm”.  He has Jupiter exactly sextile Neptune, which may give him good religious/spiritual values.  And Jupiter trine Pluto gives him power, inclining to its wise use.  It’s unusual to have so much in common with his fellow contestants, but as with Amanda “Saturn conjunct the South Node, holds the likelihood that she has had to deal with adverse karma from previous lives.”  That leads me to conclude that he will play a key role in the “family” of the class of Strictly 2023, a group bond which may be karmic in nature.  The key role is borne out by his 6 (over half his planets) in Cardinal signs, which show leadership, in addition to his leadership Sun sign of Leo.  His transits now show Chiron trine his natal Sun (in a year which is his Chiron Return, the emergence of the Inner Healer), and Saturn trine his Saturn (taking on responsibility and commitment).  These transits also reinforce his role behind the scenes, within his group.  It may be that the recent “doldrums” showed him hanging back in the realization of this central role.  Looking at the picture for the final, he will have Pluto square his Mars (dangerous!) and Jupiter square Jupiter (adventurous!).  Could it be that if he gets to the final, he will display his explosive side to the max (no pun intended for his name in Casualty) which has triumphed so far when unleashed in the competition?

He couldn’t have a better partner in crime than the supremely creative and innovative Katya Jones (she who memorably made a dancer out of Ed Balls).  I have previously written of her that she’s “a solid dependable Taurean, with the nimbleness of a few planets sprinkled in Gemini.  She has a very positive mindset from Mercury conjunct Jupiter”.  It’s an important year for Katya as Uranus in Taurus transits her Sun in the middle of the contest (29th October), and next year Jupiter in Gemini will transit her Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.  She will have a Jupiter Return during next year’s contest.  She may not lift the glitterball this year, but could well do so next year.  But at this time, Jupiter trines her natal Saturn (doing a good job) and trine her Neptune (inspiration) and opposite her Pluto (wielding her power).  Plus Saturn square her natal Venus (some personal sorrow) and conjunct her North Node (some difficult karma, exact to the day), plus Uranus on her Sun (great changes in her life).  She could have a lot going on behind the scenes in her life at the moment.  For the final, she will still have Saturn square to her Sun.  Katya’s transits do not look hopeful for the end result, however much I (and maybe you too) like this partnership.  Therefore I think they could at a pinch make the final, but not hold the glitterball.

For my first batch of four, Bobby Brazier was the standout candidate to win, and in this batch of four Ellie Leach stands the best chance astrologically.

I will be back in a few weeks with the next batch of four.


Our Aspect narrative begins this week on Wednesday (18th), with the Sun on the South Node.  It may take that intervening time to digest the experiences of the Eclipse on Saturday (14th).  In the worldwide news, the Middle East was poised between the atrocities dealt by Hamas on the kibbutzim in Southern Israel, and the threatened reprisal of rooting out Hamas and their infrastructure in Northern Gaza, via a perilous instruction to the inhabitants of Gaza to make their way South.  It seems an impossible situation, and a long way to peace and to the cessation of suffering on both sides.

The Sun on the South Node can mean past karmic glory coming home to roost; for the most part that can be a positive gain.  The South Node in Sagittarius relates to past lives in connection with religion, pioneering, adventure, exploration, academia and publishing.  This can also refer to earlier phases in this lifetime.  On the world stage, there seems nothing glorious anytime soon emerging from the current conflict – the karmic lessons of this aspect need yet more time to work out.

The upside of this aspect can bring light and insight into past actions and memories, and fostering existing talents.  It can bring forward the talents you developed in past lives, but also enable you to release habits you no longer need.

The karma of consequence continues its theme on Thursday (19th) with Mercury conjunct the South Node.  This favours the exercise of the mind in relation to karma, intelligent wisdom.  Review the teachers and teachings of your life prior to this moment, and review how you receive and process information currently: that will help you evaluate karmic factors.  Also under scrutiny is where you may play the role of teacher and student in  your life.  I wrote last week about war and peace, in relation to Pat Arrowsmith.  This week there has been a debate about the definition of terrorism.  It may be worth noting that Irishman Gerry Adams, who started as a “terrorist” and turned statesman, has the South Node conjunct Mercury in his natal chart: the possibility of evolving a terrorist being shown by this conjunction.  But it can be a slow process, in an individual life, let alone in a movement.  It would be interesting to see if there is a change of mind of sorts occurring on Thursday.

Friday (20th) could bring an oasis of crystal clarity to the proceedings of the week, with the Sun conjoining with Mercury at 26 degrees Libra (and sextile the Galactic Centre).  It’s a good day to apply your mind,  concentrate and focus,  and make important statements.  The focus may be on relationships and relating.  Mentally you may be able to see things clearly from the other person’s point of view.   Negotiation (something much needed at the moment) is favoured, and within that context, for instance, it is easier for each party to save face, and achieve a win-win outcome.  In the Middle Eastern situation, a ceasefire is urgently required, in order for any negotiation to begin.

Saturday (21st) may bring more drama, with Mercury and the Sun squaring Pluto.  The first hour of Saturday (in the U.K.) brings the square between Mercury and Pluto.  There may be a setback or a reversal (even if a fragile ceasefire was under way), so make sure your actions in the morning are solid if you have a conflict to resolve in your own life.  Perhaps there is a twist in the plot.  You may encounter awkward communications or travel.  You may need extra ‘me time’ in order to separate yourself from worried pronouncements about the state of the world.  If you do engage in chatter, choose a worthwhile subject.

The second square, Pluto squaring the Sun, occurs at 14.09 Hrs in the U.K.  This is a deep soul-searching aspect.  It is the sort of aspect which can be looked upon as a gamechanger, or watershed.  So if you are in integrity, you may be able to influence what side the coin lands on.  In the last year or two, this aspect has brought about political turmoil in the U.K., so focus may be closer to home than the Middle East.  In your own life, continue to seek positive avenues for yourself, and remove yourself from drama.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – past glories and talents
  • Thursday – lessons from the past
  • Friday – best day of the week
  • Saturday – detach yourself from drama