Shh! Shh!  It’s oh so quiet.  Shh! Shh!  It’s oh so still…*

In contrast to some weeks lately, it is a very quiet week, almost like you are awaiting a birth and the space needs to be hush hush.  Of course if the Camerons’ baby had not arrived early, they would still be awaiting a birth.  As it happened, I was holidaying in Cornwall when Endellion arrived early.  She has other names (Florence and Rose), but Endellion is the name getting all the attention, being the name of the village of their holiday break.  Mine was Tywardreath, incidentally.  The name is interesting to me because I had already noticed that the baby girls whose charts I had analyzed this year all had unusual names beginning with “E”, Elodie, Elena and Eden.  I have no idea why this is – maybe there is a numerological reason, something to do with the year of birth.  I also saw my young nephews this week after a long break (my how they had grown!).  The youngest had a gadget which could put me out of business as a past-life therapist: an App on his iPod which tells you what your future life will be.  Ingenious!  The results were spectacular (though not entirely convincing).  I think I will plod on with my work as it is…there are no short cuts to enlightenment.  So as you can guess, I am gently stealing time as there are no aspects at all until Friday (3rd).  It is a protected space, so therefore it is a good week to have a silent retreat or a restful holiday lying on a beach, just processing the results of the Cardinal T-square or whatever other preoccupations have filled the last few intense weeks.  It could also be a time of research for future projects; a time of preparation and quiet anticipation…the end of the school holidays and the accompanying ubiquitous banners of “Back to School” hovering at the edge of our visual field.  Mercury is still retrograde, so it is not yet time to act, but perhaps to read between the lines of political autobiographies, and gather new mental tools (brain Apps), because the old ways are no longer as useful.  We are also under the cover of the sign of Virgo, one of whose number, Greta Garbo, coined the phrase “I vant to be alone” (strictly speaking – and Virgos are – she said “I want to be let alone”).  Virgos and Pisceans especially will resonate to this theme this week, and reflection may lead to self-awareness.  Friday’s Sun conjunct Mercury at 10 degrees Virgo will concentrate the mind.  Whatever has been ruminating and incubating earlier in the week will crystallize and if not actually be harvesting the game will certainly be on.  It could be

You’re all alone And so peaceful until…You fall in love*

It may even be a birth of sorts, but it is just as likely to be getting to some place of fruition with a filing project, or a health project (such as going with an alkaline food diet).  Whatever it is, it will be something you have worked towards, and you could be excited by the green light of action.  I will be away that day, but I am collecting charts and cuttings and biographical snippets for the forthcoming Labour Leadership Election and something could crystallize creatively…but maybe you have something more interesting and worthwhile in mind.  There could be a dryness about the Virgoan aspect on Friday, but Saturday’s aspect of Venus trine Neptune has something to offer those hearts yearning for love and inspiration and the gamut in between.  If you didn’t fall in love on Friday, you will on Saturday.

Wow bam You’ve never been so nuts about a guy You wanna laugh you wanna cry…*

Of course it doesn’t have to be a guy, it could be a child or a political project or a new diet (“Oh how I love my new Alkaline Diet!” You could exclaim).  It’s not quite the Wow bam shrieked by Bjork, but more of a quiet celebration.  Venus trine Neptune has the air of a Chopin Nocturne, or an old fashioned waltz.

*Song by Betty Hutton then Bjork