Strictly Come Dancing 2023 – Part 3

There are some contestants who have been eliminated who I did not get around to analysing before they were gone:  Eddie Kadi, Zara McDermott, Les Dennis, Nikita Kanda and Jody Cundy.

There are two I predicted would not make it to the final, who have been eliminated: Krishnan Guru-Murthy, and Adam Thomas.

There was one that I correctly predicted would leave for personal reasons: Amanda Abbington

That only leaves two for this final blog!  Angela Scanlon and Layton Williams:

Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon first caught my attention as the presenter of Your Home Made Perfect, though apparently she has worked a great deal in fashion.  She has a distinctive personality and sense of humour (Jupiter in Sagittarius).  With Mercury in Capricorn she can have a dry wit, and Moon in Scorpio gives it an acerbic edge.  Her sharp enthusiasm, from Mars sextile Jupiter, comes across in the home renovation programme.  Uranus conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius suggests adventurous past lives.  I have greatly enjoyed her dancing, and still hope that she can wow the judges even more than she has done, although she did come top of the leaderboard one week, and her paso doble last night did wow the judges.  There was a bit of controversy about her legs – this week Craig said they weren’t supple enough, yet in an earlier week he praised her knees (Capricorn, her Sun sign, rules both the legs and the knees).  Her current transits show Sun/Mars on her Venus (sensuality heightened), Neptune square her Jupiter (feverishness, though her natal conjunctio of those two planets will help her balance the square) and Pluto trine Chiron (deep healing).  That all sounds good.  The end of the contest finds her with: Saturn trine Pluto and Neptune still square her Jupiter.  These are not brilliant transits, but I still hold out hope.  She is partnered with Carlos Gu.  I did not have his birth date last year, and it still doesn’t appear online.  Therefore I can’t analyse his transits, or their chemistry.

Layton Williams

At this stage, Layton Williams looks like a dead cert for the final.  At the age of twelve he appeared on stage as Billy Elliot.  However, his history of experience in dance has proved controversial, as against someone like Ellie Leach who has not danced before.  His birth chart is complex, and includes the early 90s conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.  He is high on emotion (5 Water planets), and his Sun is in Virgo sextile Mars (great energy).  More importantly, his Sun trines the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, and I believe this is his great power.  His chart speaks a lot of leadership and showmanship (5 Cardinal planets, Sun sextile North Node, Mars exactly trine the North Node).  The Sun conjunct Chiron suggests he tended to have felt himself to be an outsider, but indicates ability as a problem-solver.  With the Moon closely sextile Venus, he is at home with the female side of life, and is close to his mum (dedicating his dances to her).  Where his weaknesses lie may be through having 0 Fire planets (perhaps an underlying lack of confidence), but also Mercury square Mars (irritability).  Both those are counterbalanced by a Water trine of Mars and Jupiter, like Angela bestowing energy allied with enthusiasm.  Although Angela has Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is strong, her sextile between these two planets is a weaker force than the trine which Layton has.  An additional opposition of Uranus to Layton’s Mars gives an electrical quality to his energy, but may from time to time make him accident-prone (hopefully not during this season of Strictly).  His transits now show Uranus trine his natal Sun (a spectacular time), Jupiter sextile his Saturn (very balanced within himself), the Nodal Axis square his Uranus (capacity to surprise, or shock), Uranus trine his Neptune (heightened ability to command complexity), Mars on his Pluto (slight aspect of danger), and Neptune trine his natal Pluto (accessing the depths of his nature).  That’s a lot!  At the final he will still have Uranus trine his Sun (a great asset), Nodal Axis square his Uranus, Uranus trine his Neptune and Neptune trine his Pluto.  A strong set of transits.

He is partnered with Nikita Kuzmin.  In 2021 I wrote of him: “He has an unaspected Sun in Capricorn, which may mean he is a free spirit.  His Moon is in musical Libra, and he has a dynamic conjunction of Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aquarius.”  Their chemistry shows up Nikita’s Mars square Layton’s Venus (magnetism) and Nikita’s Saturn opposite Layton’s Mercury (Nikita conferring mental discipline on Layton) it is true that Layton has trained exceptionally hard (and he is a Virgoan perfectionist).  Nikita’s current transits show Uranus square his Jupiter (accentuating the power to surprise and pushing the boundaries) and Pluto on his Neptune (a psychological stretching), which seems a fair portrayal of what is going on.  At the end of the series, he will have Saturn sextile his Sun (a controlled success), Uranus still square his Jupiter, but also a double whammy because Jupiter will in addition be squaring his Uranus (this could betoken something exceptional, for a gay dance couple to win would be a first) plus Pluto still on his Neptune.  Strong transits for both of them.

Sorry this blog is so short this week, but hopefully sweet.  Astrologically, the three for the final would be Ellie, Layton and Bobby.  But Bobby seems to be on the middle ground consistently.  I would love Nigel and Angela S to be up there, too.  Keep watching!


Tomorrow gifts us with a sextile between the Sun and Pluto.  This can bring powerful help.  If you dig deep, you can find the treasure you need.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.  This sextile can bring a profound air of quiet contemplation.  Use the opportunity of this aspect to strengthen your situation…

Mercury trines Chiron on Tuesday (21st), so the day has real healing potential.  This aspect is all about finding solutions, especially in health matters.  Mercury trine Chiron describes healing on a mental level (positive thinking, writing and affirmations), and helps to combine conventional and alternative or complementary healing approaches.

On Wednesday (22nd) we have a sextile between Mars and Pluto so  you may have the energy to push through a pet project.  It is a dynamic and active aspect, and you may find yourself spontaneously clearing clutter.  That aspect occurs in the early hours, so you could have lively dreams!

Late lunchtime sees the Sun enter Sagittarius. This event ushers in the general festive pre-Christmas season of Sagittarius. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, at least in the preparation and anticipation of Christmas.  Christmas itself comes under the sobriety of Sun in Capricorn.  Your enthusiasm and preparations now can help create and inject warmth into the big day, in advance.  Sagittarius also represents philosophy, working out your ethics, values and how you feel about the meaning of life, and religion.

Later in the day Chiron opposes Venus, so that may bring up issues which need healing.  It may be a case of “Now I am nice and settled, what is next for me to deal with?”.  The issues may be connected with one’s inner female, or one’s relationships.  It may be an artistic conundrum.

We have a square on Thursday (23rd), that between the Sun and Saturn.  This may bring disappointing or deflating news,  delay or frustration.  There is no shortage of such material on our news programmes, certainly.  The Sun-Saturn square is an opportunity to think through what you are doing, and your strategies.  If you are making economies, are they the right ones, based on your optimum values?

Friday (24th) brings another ingress, that of Mars into Sagittarius.  This is quite a bright note.  Mars tends to be intense and combative in Scorpio, so in Sagittarius it can use its energy differently; it has permission to be an Adventurer!  A new fitness regime would have added gusto at this time, or the mental gymnastics of a new philosophical study.  Mars is in Sagittarius until 4th January, so for the rest of the year you have permission to challenge yourself, in a good way.

There could be a glitch in this strategy however at the outset, for on Saturday (25th) Saturn squares Mars.  This can bring awkwardness – for example, physically you may want to push an issue, but that approach may not work.  Think before you act, to avoid clumsiness.  It may be difficult to obtain co-operation (e.g. on worldwide climate agreements).  An example of this energy is that a friend of mine got stuck in a car park on this aspect, when it occurred two years ago.  You may experience fatigue, including compassion fatigue, discouragement, and a feeling of not having accomplished all you set out to do in the day.  But, tomorrow is another day…

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – a profound start to the week
  • Tuesday – healing potential
  • Wednesday – pushy energy; ’tis the season to be jolly; healing needed in relationships
  • Thursday – need to consolidate what you value
  • Friday – allow the Inner Adventurer
  • Saturday – disallow the Inner Adventurer; risk of stuckness