There’s an interesting three-way interplay between the Sun, Mars and Chiron today. I say interesting, but another Astrologer might use a more descriptive and revealing word if he or she had time to think about it. If you early-birds catch the blog before lunchtime you will find out that it’s a good time to start a jogging routine or any other physically active project, such as catching up with a backlog of jobs. You can put the fire and enthusiasm on to stoke and the momentum will take you through the day, so you could end up feeling you’ve been quite productive, especially if you are a long-distance runner. However, Chiron is also in the mix, squaring the Sun and quincunx Mars (sounds worse than it is), so there may be a hidden healing agenda orchestrated at Soul level. This may manifest as a healing crisis, e.g. half-way round the half-marathon you’ve set yourself (do the maths) you could sprain something. How you deal with that will teach you something handy, like a miracle natural solution, finding the right herb in the right place. Deep-outs await on Tuesday (6th) for relationships come under pressure with Venus squaring Pluto. It’s a pressure to be real, a deeper questioning when close up. If you’re not ready to communicate that honestly, some distance could be created between you while each person retires to their own inner process. Artistically or musically there could be blockages, or discord at band practice (especially if it’s newly formed and hasn’t weathered a few Venus-Pluto squares). If you are an artist starving in a garret, it’s a toss up between buying salad leaves or that cobalt blue pastel. After all that, you should find Wednesday (7th) refreshing as it will allow you to give vent to all your originality and inventiveness and create a fresh take on stale problems. Sun trines Uranus that day and out of the blue your intuition can present new choices to you. Suddenly you realize you got out of the right side of bed and can finish that painting using aquamarine instead of cobalt blue, and eat the cress which sprung up on your window sill overnight instead of a supermarket bag of salad. In fact the cress may have even fewer calories, as there is more prana between them stalks. Thursday (8th) holds even more possibilities: Venus enters Libra and Mercury sextiles Pluto. So more harmonious conditions for the aspiring artist, and perhaps more commissions. More importantly, there is profound communication and dialogue going on which could help clear up some of the personal issues from earlier in the week, but is more likely to be applied outside of relationship issues. If you are undertaking a course of study for instance, you may find that you are inspired in your essay to give the tutor more than they bargained for in terms of psychological insight in say a sociological question. The answer may go further than the question. And all this builds up to a New Moon in Scorpio on Friday (9th) which favours starting new regimes generally, but in particular forgeing deeper relationship connections and understanding more deeply the body-mind connection. So faites vos jeux for the next roll of the moon dice.