I became a grandmother for the first time this week, and so I now have an interest outside blogging. You may catch me being distracted and accidentally and randomly inserting the word grandchild, so besotted am I.  Today is a good day for looking at and assessing what needs healing, and what doesn’t, with Venus trine Chiron.  You may conclude that overall things don’t need as much fixing as you originally thought, that wholesome organic processes are taking place.  The motto for the day might be “Leave well alone” and although mindfulness and awareness are always needed to monitor when to intervene, at this moment the issues pass inspection.  In looking back over the last week, where there were few aspects, one non-event strikes me as worth mentioning, and that is the U.S. pulling out of Iraq.  The war which was started in 2003 now comes to an “end” 7 years later.  Tony Blair even felt it was safe enough to come out of the woodwork with his book, and re-assert his justifications for entering the war.  Where you see a 7-year cycle at work, it is normally the work of Uranus entering a sign cusp or house cusp.  In this case, Uranus was exactly at 0 degrees Pisces when Iraq was invaded on 20 March 2003, and now it stands at 29 degrees Pisces, having hovered recently at the 0 degree Aries point.  What could be more precise than that?  The nature of the fact that Uranus was in Pisces indicates that on some level it was a spiritual or religious war, and certainly the zealousness of Messrs. Bush and Blair had that moralizing and righteous quality about it.  When Uranus returns to 0 degrees Aries, we humans might start something new, something which may already be in motion.  On Wednesday (8th) there is a New Moon right in the middle of Virgo at 15 degrees.  Until Wednesday we shall still be operating in a quiet manner, before we take an emotional outbreath which traditionally is connected with the gratitude of the bounty of the world, and nature’s harvest.  With it will inevitably come more observations about climate change and ecological imbalance. The focus for this New Moon will therefore be initiatives along these lines, and in your personal life new health and fitness ideals and regimes.  By the way, the new Alkaline Diet is going great…Later the same day, Venus enters Scorpio.  So she is done with the pleasant social dalliances of her stay in Libra and now she is looking for a deeper more meaningful quality of relationship and intimacy.  Apart from a brief return to Libra, she will remain a hostage of Scorpio until the end of the first week of January.  So this is an opportunity to really get to grips with the meaning of relationships, take off the gloves and gauntlets and really be involved in what it means to be human and interact with other humans.  This may take you down the byways of wondering why we are here, and whether we have had past lives and if so what were they.  Judy Hall’s latest book “The Book of Why” investigates these subjects, and if you have not read any of her books it is a good beginning place.  My regression room has lacked proper curtaining for a year and a half (we are not good at curtains in our house) so hats off to the brave souls who have been regressed with half open curtains and in some cases no curtains at all.  The good news is that we are having experts round to fit new curtains at the end of next week.  On Thursday (9th) Jupiter retrograding re-enters Pisces, rejoining Uranus at the end of that sign.  The burst of fire which was Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries at the beginning of June will be temporarily felt to be missing, as old issues are re-visited, such as old religious ideologies and re-establishing spiritual practices.  Aries represents faith in man and Pisces represents faith in God, so it was interesting last Thursday to find Stephen Hawking making a stand on the subject.  In the Guardian, Paul Davies wrote: “In his new book, Stephen Hawking reiterates that there is no big gap in the scientific account of the big bang. The laws of physics can explain, he says, how a universe of space, time and matter could emerge spontaneously, without the need for God.”  As we have this dynamic conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus around the cusp of these two signs, the debate is very much in our consciousness.  When the two planets re-enter Aries, the Arien side of the debate will come back into force again (with the Ariens Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens raring to go).  This issue is very much a personal one for everybody, being a question of their individual and innermost relationship to the Divine (or not, as the case may be).  Finally on Friday (10th) we have a beautiful trine between Mars (ruler of Aries) and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) so that is a superb coming together on the subject, and one where in a “don’t know world” you may have an “Aha!” moment where you see where you truly stand.