I have been working on a number of baby charts recently – there seems to have been a crop of births.  Since the crescendo of the Cardinal Climax T-square in early August, there has been a flurry of new babies.  In intensively comparing and contrasting the nuances of these late summer births, I have been able to look at the fine differences and the striking similarities between them, which has been an interesting study for me.  I therefore post an abridged chart of Florence Rose Endellion Cameron, daughter of our new Prime Minister, under my Archive category, so that you can observe her character emerging as it is reported.  I am posting it in three parts:

1.  Planets in Signs

2.  Planetary Aspects

3.  House Positions

If you have had a baby around now, you may recognize some characteristics.  At the same time it is a sample chart for those considering having a baby chart individually made.  A chart would include a guide to the year ahead (which is not included in this sample).  Prices appear on my Astrology page.  Remember to put your expected delivery on my waiting list about 3 months before birth!

The birth time given out was midday.  If a slightly adjusted time is given later, I will amend this reading accordingly.

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron b. 24/8/10 midday Truro


Once upon a time, there was a Harvest Mouse born close to a Full Moon at the end of the summer, living with her parents and siblings in a swish part of London.  She was born on their holiday in Cornwall (a deliberate intent on her part as she has karmic links with Cornwall) and this gave them a chance to assess the local National Health Service which proved to be up to scratch.  Virgoans are intensely interested in all health matters, and indeed Florence wanted to make a plea for our treasured national institution and to keep it in her father’s mind.  She was born at a crucial stage of his government as he was about to make some hard changes… The rest of the family soon found out that they had to mind their ps and qs, as she had perfect standards for parenting: everything had to be just so.  Every piece of corn had to bend at exactly the same angle, ripened at precisely the same moment, not a whisker out of place.  As she grew, they found her to be an industrious helper in their labours and in their conservative endeavours, and indeed brought added skills and tiny details of genius to their enterprises. 


The Ascendant represents Florence’s outward personality and physical body, and to have Ascendant in Scorpio may be to have an outwardly deep and brooding personality, very much the strong, silent type.  There is a power and magnetism which is challenging but rewarding, and can bring considerable physical presence and even charisma.  Emotions are intense, and psychological perceptions acute.  There is an interest in the mysteries of life and death, more in a psychological than in a philosophical sense.  There is a great deal of instinct and intuition and understanding of the shadow side of human nature, e.g. this is a good sign for a Psychologist or Psychotherapist! The animal totems of this sign are dragons, scorpions, bats and such creatures, not popular with everyone but full of meaning.  She won’t do anything without a sense of meaning, and will take up challenges – rarely would she take the easy way.  The colours of this sign are maroon (for depth of emotion), indigo (for healing) and black (which can be negative in certain contexts, but Scorpio females usually like their “little black dress” – a possibility for the dressing up chest?).  Astrologers say that where there is a Sun or Ascendant in Scorpio there may be a passing in the family close to the birth, and sadly David Cameron lost his father on 8 September.


Florence has a very sensitive Moon which conjuncts Chiron and Neptune in her chart, and more of that later.  The Moon represents the emotions, and this placement makes for a friendly disposition but also an ability to be detached when necessary, e.g. in a therapeutic situation.  It’s a light and friendly moon.  Like Virgo, Aquarius doesn’t like to make people too intimate and would find that draining, but also like Virgo there is a tremendous desire to help and be of service.


Mercury represents the mind, and placed in Virgo it gives application to detail.  It also increases the concentration and interest in study.


Venus in Libra is the ultimate in charming sociable designer babies.  Perfect for that political photo opportunity, with proud Libra dad David giving her a peck on the nose…


Mars represents the energies, and with this placing there is a capacity for diplomacy and negotiation because Mars (the god of war) is in Libra (the sign of peace).  So she would understand the emotions behind war but have the desire for peace (rather like John Lennon, who had Sun in Libra and Ascendant in Mars-ruled Aries).  Mars also represents the men (and boys) in her life, of which Sunsign Libra dad David is one, and his father her grandfather Ian Cameron is another.


Chiron in Aquarius is about healing through the collective, and through group consciousness.  It is common to all babies born in this year, so they like to check out to see what their peer group is doing and thinking and feeling!


Florence has been born towards the beginning of the Pluto in Capricorn generation!  Pluto in Capricorn children mean business, they are here for a serious purpose, to heal the world at a deeper level than hitherto.  Do you think she can make our Prime Minister, David, see sense?