Luke Littler

Young darts player Luke Littler turns 17 today, and has just won his first Professional Darts Corporation title at the Bahrain Masters.  He has broken all “youngest ever” records.  I thought I would take a look at what makes an outstanding player.  He began the year breaking records at the World Darts Championships, his Sun is at 1 degree of Aquarius, Pluto is just entering Aquarius, so this looks to be an important year for him. Very much a young man of the moment.

Birth Chart

Luke has half his planets (5) in the Fixed signs, so he is very strong willed.  With his Sun at the very beginning of Aquarius, Pluto will transit his Sun around 24th February, and although we don’t know his birth time, that should be an important transitional period for him.  He has an unaspected Sun, making him an extremely independent individual (Aquarius is very individual, anyway).  His Moon sextile Mars would give a competitive edge, and with Mercury closely sextile Jupiter, a winning mindset.  Mercury exactly conjunct Chiron confers a problem solving mentality, reinforced by a sextile from Jupiter.  This may be his magic ingredient, especially with it being exact  With it being in Aquarius, lightning fast reactions and the ability to assess a situation at speed are components of this.  However, this combo is not just conjunct within a degree, but almost closely exact at 10 degs 24 and 10 degs 25 Aquarius (Mercury to Mars) – it could hardly be any closer.  Venus in Aquarius closely opposes Saturn, which suggests an older partner, and he has come under fire for his relationship with his girlfriend Eloise Milburn for their five year age gap.  Mars in Capricorn gives him ambition, and Mars conjunct Pluto, a powerhouse of energy which can devastate opponents (therefore having the killer instinct of a top rate competitor).  Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius provides extra luck, and Jupiter exactly square Uranus points to the Chancer and Rebel Archetypes, willing to take a Risk.  Jupiter squaring the Nodal Axis suggests a karmic enjoyment of the luck and chance involved in a high level of sport.  Saturn trine Pluto brings up another Archetype – The Strategist.  I hope to write more about this Archetype some day.  Finally we have Uranus conjunct the North Node in Pisces – showing his ruling planet with his karmic mission in the sign of the genius = The Maverick.

Life and Career so far

In his young life (17 today!) he has become the youngest player to have won a match in the World Darts Championships, and the youngest at 16 to have reached the PDC World Darts Championship.  He was born in Runcorn and brought up in Warrington, and supports Manchester United football club.  He started out playing darts at the tender age of 18 months, from a magnetic dart board bought from a pound shop by his father.  At the time, his Progressed Sun was semi-sextile his natal Mars (which represents Darts), triggering his latent talent.  Uranus conjunct his North Node and Jupiter square his Nodal Axis support the idea that he had probably brought this talent forward from a previous life!  Darts has a long enough history…His childhood progress continued with scoring his first 180 at the age of six, joining  St Helen’s Darts Academy at 10, scoring a nine-dart finish at the age of thirteen.

Last year, he really came up in the ranks, winning in the MODUS Super Series in May and August, and winning in the PDC World Youth Championship in November.

And so we come to 2024, where he is making history.

Luke Humphries

On 3rd January Luke Littler was beaten in the final of the World Darts Championship by Luke Humphries.  Looking at Humphries’ chart, we find that he is also an Aquarian.  Could be that Darts will be upcoming in this new era of Pluto in Aquarius!  The nightly BBC news featured Luke’s progress at the beginning of the year eagerly, at the end of its broadcasts to sweeten the rest of the news.  And Luke Littler’s  meteoric rise prompted a huge spike of interest in the sport.

Luke Humphries has Mars exactly opposite his Sun, which may be a major factor in his success, with Mars representing Darts and combativeness.  This month, Humphries has had Pluto sextile his natal Pluto, a transit of Self-Empowerment for this now reigning champion.

Luke Littler didn’t quite make it to the top at the beginning of January, but making the final was a huge achievement.  His transits included Saturn sextile his natal Mars (discipline in handling his weapon!) and Uranus sextile his natal North Node (a Success).

Bahrain Win

In winning at the Bahrain Masters last week, Uranus was still sextile Luke Littler’s North Node (Success), but in addition he had a Solar Return (which can provide uplift), and Mars became sextile with his natal Uranus (making that extra difference).  In my longstanding Wimbledon and Strictly Come Dancing predictions, I have found this is a helpful push of a transit.  As runner up at the beginning of the year, he won £200,000.  There’s no doubt this is only the very beginning of a glittering career.


In the first hour of this morning, Pluto entered Aquarius. It has been hovering around the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius since it first entered this New Age sign last year, and re-enters Capricorn in September, before finally settling in Aquarius in November, so we are still very much on the cusp this year.  But Pluto will be in the sparkly sign of Aquarius for twenty years, so somehow today marks the start of a new Zeitgeist.

Pluto in Capricorn symbolized the breaking down of authoritarian institutions, which happened undeniably over the last twenty years, but institutions are still undergoing death throes (some have pointed to the Post Office scandal as one such manifestation).  Aquarius is not just the new sign for Pluto, but a sign that itself embodies newness.  I wrote last year:

“Look out for symbolic events as Pluto moves into Aquarius, even before it beds in for its long stay in Aquarius which lasts until March 2043.  One cannot imaging the amount of change which will take place during that time, but Pluto (itself an agent of deep change) is entering the sign of Aquarius (the sign of sudden change), so change and transformation will be a constant, and that means we will be having to evolve!  As the element of Air, Aquarius may bring an emphasis on solutions based on this element, e.g. a dramatic increase in wind farms, and space exploration.  Aquarius also rules networking, so the internet, social media, and global communications, will all increase exponentially.  The Big Society will be more possible under Pluto in Aquarius, and community links can grow closer and more efficient in helping the underdog, such as the schemes tackling food waste and redistribution and sharing of resources.  Green shoots of the Age of Aquarius will struggle through the tilled soil of Pluto in Capricorn, so we may have more of the brotherhood/sisterhood of man/woman.”

As you go about your day, today, notice the ebbing of the old, and the bringing in of the new.  It is not an overnight event, and Pluto is a slow moving planet, but today is a significant step.

Tuesday (23rd) sees another ingress, one that comes annually, that of Venus entering Capricorn.  This may see people being more serious and measured in their interactions.  Their expectations of others will be more realistic.  Venus now needs to bring her skill in human relations into the workplace, into administration and public institutions, and into politics.  The upside of Venus in Capricorn is more commitment and loyalty.

Emotional intensity increases up until the Full Moon at 5 degrees of Leo on Thursday (25th).  The Moon in Leo can be dramatic, and bring about power struggles, especially in groups, as it opposes the Sun in Aquarius.  But Leo is creative, and can write its own screenplay, so do your best to create your own reality your own way.

We have three astrological features on Saturday (27th) and so this may prove the most important day of the week.  Two of these occur at breakfast time, so the early bird could really catch a few worms.  First Jupiter squares the Sun , an aspect which exaggerates everything it comes into contact with.  There is also a joyful, humorous side of Sun square Jupiter, so some laughter-yoga from time to time during the day would not go amiss!  It could be a fun day, but be aware of carelessness or overreaching goals.  It could be a jolly scenario, with some over the top behaviour in the mode of “devil may care”.

Close in time, Uranus is Stationary, prior to turning Direct.  It is a good time to do all  you can to alleviate any collective, tribal, or social difficulties which you can see.  Closer to home, you may see what could be done in the family setting, or in the community.   Intuition will flow better, and future vision come into view.  Although the trickster element of Uranus may still be in evidence, glimmers of hope twinkle on the horizon.

At lunchtime on Saturday Mercury conjoins with Mars, which may assist you in getting things done.  It brings brisk action, mental and physical stimulation, and again can help movement in your projects.  Again, there is a small element of risk of being incident-prone, as in minor cuts and bruises.  So mindfulness is a key to successful outcomes.  It is mentally acute and favours critical thinking, if you are composing an analysis, a review or critique.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – beginning a new zeitgeist
  • Tuesday – cautious interaction
  • Thursday – emotional high tide
  • Saturday – busy day; high hopes and brisk action