One of the themes of last week was inflammation and conflagration: there was an explosion and conflagration at San Bruno in California, and the threat of religious books being burned in the name of religion.  You may have also noticed people’s feelings being touchy, including your own.  This is still the background effect of the aspect Jupiter square Pluto. In some psyches incendiary matters may have been touched off by Mars trine Neptune last week, but by and large this is the larger transit going on.  Brian Dowling, winner of Big Brother 2001, was crowned Ultimate Big Brother 2010 on Friday night.  Like all the old-time housemates, he had mellowed, but he deserved the crown for the number of hours listening and quantity of tears shed on his shoulder by the poor distressed Chantelle at the loss of the love of Preston.  Another Mars trine Neptune manifestation, where Mars = a male win and Neptune = his compassionate qualities.  I am no mathematician but I did used to like algebraic equations.  And while I am on that theme, it seems to me that the following just doesn’t add up:-

UK Government cuts to the disabled in order to get them back to work

+ cutting jobs in the public sector

= enough jobs for the disabled

Before I leave the past behind and look to the week ahead, a friend brought to my notice last night that there had been a UFO hovering over my home town, earlier this year.  A green object was apparently photographed above Denver windmill, near Downham Market, Norfolk.  It may have been a spacecraft from Mars says Benjamin Creme’s Master, according to Share International who monitors these things, and is an organization dedicated to the coming of Maitreya.  I was sorry to have missed it.  Now today we have a sextile between Venus and Pluto, as I write.  Venus is in Scorpio and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, so it is a good time to feel into your deepest emotions and to discover what lies in that region of your psyche and possibly also beyond.  I am reading “The Future in the Stars” by Alison Chester-Lambert which is about Pluto and the asteroids.  She reports: “Interestingly, in 2008, a report in New Scientist suggested that the planets Ceres and Pluto were once one body, or at least originated from the same place, in spite of the fact that there is a distance of up to four billion kilometers and four planets in between them.”  She urges those (like me) who have never got over the demotion of Pluto to a dwarf planet to – well – get over it.  There is life after Pluto’s death, and it is all written in the asteroids and in the Kuiper Belt.  Watch this space.  Excuse me while I dab my tears, once again.  Tonight, Mercury is stationary, prior to turning direct, and those who have been plagued by encounters of the retrograde kind lately will be relieved as their path runs smoother in the realms of communication.  On Tuesday (14th), Pluto himself turns stationary, prior to turning direct (where’s that hanky…) and psychological issues may start to drive into healthier waters, whatever methods you choose: cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamics, spiritual systems, or for some exercise-induced ecstasy at the gym.  The same evening, and driving home the psychological theme, Mars enters Scorpio.  If you haven’t been honing your Inner Warrior during recent inflammations and conflagrations, you need to have him or her ready to stand up for yourself and state your authentic truth.  Mars will be in Scorpio until 27 October and as Venus is also in that territory, no one will be able to evade their deepest self during that time.  Everyone will be richer for that self-knowledge by the end of October.  It is time for self-awareness, and these are personal planets so these are personal issues.  With everyone wondering how Colleen is feeling after Wayne Rooney’s deceptions, and Gavin Hanson declaring on Strictly Come Dancing that his personal life is in turmoil, it is balancing our own personal lives and our male and female issues which we are now under pressure to understand.  Limber up for next Sunday, which has a dynamic energy, including the return of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.  There has been a plea for more news of my grandson.  All I can say is that he’s still gorgeous (reportedly)…and I have been working on multiple baby charts in the last few weeks.  So I decided to post an abridged version of Florence Cameron’s astrological analysis in three parts – hope you enjoy it.