Lindsay Hoyle

“Just when you hoped you’d reached rock bottom, parliament finds a way of going still lower…Everyone wanted a ceasefire.  Only they wanted their own ceasefire, not anyone else’s ceasefire.”

~ John Crace

You will have seen the chaos in Parliament this week, specifically Wednesday evening.  It was to have been the day for the Scottish National Parliament to put forward their amendment on the situation in Gaza.  Instead, the Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, against protocol allowed an extra amendment to be put forward by the Labour Party for voting, a new stance for them, stealing thunder from the SNP.  And the Tories threw their toys out of their pram and left the chamber.  Sir Lindsay apologised, but there have been calls for him to resign, and that may come to pass after the posting of this blog, though I am hoping it won’t.

Birth Chart

Lindsay Hoyle as Speaker of the House of Commons has been regarded as a decent man and a safe pair of hands for this role, especially after the controversies surrounding his predecessor John Bercow (who has gone on to take part in reality TV, for example The Traitors US).  Lindsay has half his planets (5) in the Fixed signs, indicating a strong will, although his Sun sign Gemini is itself adaptable.  We do not have a birth time for him.  His natal Sun trines Chiron, so he is fundamentally a healer.  The theme for Gemini is Communication, therefore “The Speaker” is almost an Archetype for this sign!  And having Mercury sextile Mars heightens communication in Lindsay’s chart, making him straight talking.  Mercury is his ruling planet and with Mercury trine Jupiter, he is an intelligent and broad-minded being, with deep thinking born of Mercury closely square Pluto.  Venus trine Neptune means he likes the finer things in life – he formerly ran a textile and screen printing business.  Mars exactly sextile Jupiter shows an extravert, energy which is well coordinated with enthusiasm.  He has Mars trine the North Node, so is a warrior in respect of his karmic mission.  Saturn also trines Uranus in his chart, which is a balance between the old and the new – perhaps he thought there should be a new way of doing things, in that moment…

Life and Career

Lindsay was born in Adlington, Lancashire.  His father was Labour MP Doug Hoyle.  He became Labour MP for Chorley in 1997.  During Tony Blair’s premiership he clashed with him on certain issues (e.g. Gibraltar and tuition fees).  He stated:

“I’m not anti-Tony; he made us electable and won three times. But there are principles and promises you don’t break”.

Lindsay took over as Speaker from John Bercow on 4th November 2019, with the transits of Mars trine his natal Sun in Gemini (activating his Speaker Archetype), Uranus sextile his natal Venus (new social vistas) and Uranus square his Uranus (big Change in his life, bearing in mind the Speaker’s official residence is at Speaker’s House, in a corner of the Palace of Westminster).  Hubby and I watch Prime Minister’s Question Time regularly on a Wednesday lunchtime, and I sympathize with Lindsay Hoyle’s constant battle to subdue the hubbub in the Commons.

Tensions are high over the issue of Gaza, and Lindsay said he was worried about threats to his MPs, and so was putting safety concerns foremost.  Explaining the reasons for his self-confessed “mistake” this week, he stated:

“I never ever want to go through a situation where I pick up a phone to find a friend, of whatever side, has been murdered by terrorists”.

His transits this week revealed Neptune sextile his natal Mercury (a finely tuned decision to make) and Pluto square his natal Neptune (a deep and tricky dilemma).

Keir Starmer

Although the broad consensus in the chamber was the desire for a ceasefire in Gaza, the devil resided in the detail being fought over, a province of Keir Starmer’s Sun sign Virgo.  His Sun’s natal forensic conjunction with Pluto being a quality which saw him successful in his earlier role at the head of the CPS.

For Labour, it was an issue of the party being split, and the new amendment was an attempt at unity.  Keir is of the opinion that the SNP try to divide the Labour Party at every turn, but the Gaza issue is one of the utmost seriousness, and it was to be the day the SNP wanted to drive their amendment home.  Keir was accused of leaning heavily on Lindsay, who has to be impartial and keep to the conventions of the House.  Looking at his transits, you can see that while he may not have intended to lean too heavily on Lindsay or be seen to do so, he had a strong hand in Jupiter trine his Sun (luck on his side) and Jupiter trine his natal Pluto (power on his side) which he may even have unconsciously overplayed.  Where the result was harshly experienced, was the trigger of Mars transiting his Saturn, so the result was not congenial all round.

Stephen Flynn

Leader of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons, Libran Stephen Flynn cuts an elegant figure on Wednesday lunchtimes, sometimes reaching the parts Keir Starmer doesn’t get round to.  His fascinatingly crisp thought and speech, which he delivers in a suave manner, usually with one hand in his pocket, at PMQs, is always worth hearing.  He has the strength of Saturn exactly conjunct his natal Uranus, Pluto exactly trine his North Node in Pisces (his interventions are often poignant); but the steeliness of his delivery sometimes owes much to his square between Mars and Saturn.

This week he turned very angry on Wednesday night, with Pluto sextile his natal Mars (a righteous anger perhaps?).  He has been trying to nail his point about Gaza for weeks.  And although he does get to pose two questions at PMQs, I do tend to think the SNP get a short straw in Parliament.

Penny Mordant

“Penny was all ice.  The theatrical fury of the intellectually compromised. Unable to see that putting all the blame on to Labour and exonerating Lindsay Hoyle was an untenable position…The rights of the SNP.  Mordant has never cared about the SNP.”

~ John Crace

Penny Mordaunt, Leader of the House of Commons, seems to have had a more prominent role in the chaos than PM Rishi Sunak.  She was heroic, carrying the sword at the coronation, but she always looks glum, sitting next to Rishi at PMQs.  The day after the debacle this week, she read the riot act to the assembled parliamentarians, without acknowledging that every section had contributed to the mess.  Her transits paint a picture of her exercising her power, with Pluto on her Jupiter, and Mars sextile her natal Neptune.

Rishi Sunak

“A Tory amendment whose only function was to knock out Labour’s, as there was hardly a cigarette paper between them.”

~ John Crace

Rishi got off relatively lightly compared to the above four participants in the drama.  He later stated that Sir Lindsay’s decision was “very concerning because the usual ways in which Parliament works were changed”.  Rishi’s main transit was Uranus trine his natal Saturn, a strengthening influence.

With the level of discord and uncertainty which accompanied proceedings in parliament this week, it is no wonder that the U.K. is not a great force in solving the situation in the Middle East at this time, though it was reported that we dropped in some aid into the North of Gaza this week by air for the first time, for the relatively few Gazans still living amongst the destroyed buildings.

“Sir Lindsay has made a genuine mistake for the best of reasons…being obsessed with the safety of MPs and their staff”.

~ Sir Charles Walker


There are three distinct phases to this week, broadly improving as we go on:

Two squares – stresses (Sunday to Tuesday)

Three conjunctions – intensity (Wednesday to

Three sextiles – ease (Thursday and Friday)

We start the week with a square between Venus and Jupiter in the early hours of Sunday morning (25th).  As squares go, it is relatively harmless, being composed of the two benefic planets.  This is a very social and sociable aspect, but can be gauche, awkward, or inappropriate.  Social non-conformists won’t care, but conformists may lament the lack of sticking to the rules.

Mars squares Jupiter on Tuesday (27th), which is sheer over-the-top enthusiasm allied with energy. This aspect can bring spirited exchanges or sporting achievements, but there is a possible hint of damage through lack of control.

We then go on to the three conjunctions occurring on Wednesday (28th) which are in effect a triple conjunction.  At breakfast time the Sun conjoins with Mercury at 9 degrees Pisces and you may become aware of deeper issues, such as the compassionate implications of things.  The Sun and Mercury together may come up with some insightful solutions, rekindling hope and allowing glimpses of light at the end of tunnels.

The following two conjunctions are not so easy in their components, although as I say they are part of a triple conjunction.  Next up is Mercury conjunct Saturn in the afternoon.  This is likely to prompt communications of a serious nature.  You may have found yourself attending to minute detail, or scrutinizing something, perhaps with a view to solving a problem.

The evening conjunction, that of the Sun with Saturn, is also serious in nature.  It’s a cautionary note.  Take note of the area/House the triple conjunction falls in your birth chart, if you know it, as that will help you to ascertain the purpose of this event.  There is a great sense of concentration about this conjunction, focussed on practicalities  such as “what can we do about the situation?”  The Saturn part of the equation demands responsibility, commitment, and common sense.

Significant challenges over or dealt with, you can relax more with the next phase of the week.  Three sextiles ensure more ease and harmony.  Firstly, on Thursday (29th), just after breakfast, Mercury sextiles Jupiter.  This sextile encourages mental development and learning (if you are on a course of study, for instance), and is helpful to businesses in need of a lift.  If you are learning a new language, you may experience a shift and take off with it!  It will also be favourable for the teaching profession.  If you are travelling, remember St. Christopher is with you.

Also on that day, Venus sextiles the North Node.  A softer side is brought into our karma, if we need to luxuriate a little or justify a little indulgence.  Expressing more love too, is easier under this aspect.  It’s good for re-establishing warmth in a relationship.

Finally, on Friday (1st March), a splendid sextile is brought to us in the form of the Sun sextile Jupiter.   One to be savoured.  It can bring new hope and joy!  It is one of the brightest  aspects of the year.  Focus on what makes you happy, and make more of that.  It may bring the return of an enjoyable leisure pursuit.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – awkward social situations
  • Tuesday – over the top energy
  • Wednesday – intense: precision, cautious thinking and feeling
  • Thursday – expansive minds; karmic social rewards
  • Friday – luck, hope and joy