Diane Abbott

“It’s like trying not to be racist but you see Diane Abbott on the TV and you’re just like, I hate, you just want to hate all black women because she’s there”

~ Frank Hester

A shocking statement reported this week from Frank Hester a few years ago had a wave of sympathy sent Diane Abbott’s way, and political reverberations which are still ongoing.  Diane was already the MP receiving the most abuse, but this was a dangerous attack.  I have always had a certain amount of sympathy for her, based on the loyalty of her constituents, but she has received criticism of some of her statements in the past (even this morning from Theo Paphitis on Laura Kuenssberg’s programme).  And her loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn has also marginalized her politically since the purge of anti-semitism under Keir Starmer.  One of her statements was deemed to be anti-semitic and caused her to lose the whip last year, and she is still under investigation for it.

Birth Chart

Diane has 6 Air planets (mentally focussed) and 5 Cardinal planets (enterprising).  She has the Sun in Libra exactly trine the Moon if she were born at Noon (we do not have a birth time for her).  The Sun in her chart is trine the North Node, so she has a strong sense of destiny.  Mercury trine Jupiter increases her open-mindedness and intellect (she was Cambridge educated).  But Mercury is squared by Uranus, so she is not afraid to be controversial, and does not feel she has to toe the party line.  Mercury conjunct Neptune means that when under stress, she can get confused.  A few years ago, she made some confused statements, and claimed it was because her type 2 diabetes had got out of control.  She also has Saturn conjunct her Mercury and Chiron square to her Mercury, complicating her mental outlook.  Jupiter closely trine Saturn gives her some degree of  balanced judgement, to compensate for this.  Jupiter trine Neptune confers a good relationship between religion and spirituality, contributing to decent moral values.

Life and Career

Diane was born in Paddington and studied History at Cambridge University, under the tutelage of Simon Schama.

She herself made history in 1987 when she was elected as MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, the first black female MP.  That general election was held on 11th June 1987, so we can look at her transits at the time: Jupiter square her natal Uranus in Cancer, a surprise; Uranus trine her natal Pluto, groundbreaking and life-changing; and Pluto sextile her natal Mars – all power to her elbow.

In 2003 she prided herself on speaking out and voting against the Iraq War. But it was also in that year that she was criticised for sending her son to a private school, against political principles.  Her son stated that he had insisted.  That year was her Chiron Return in Capricorn (difficult issues of conscience).

She saw herself as leadership material (5 Cardinal planets and the Sun trine the North Node) and stood in the 2010 Labour leadership election, which was won by Ed Milliband.  He appointed her as Shadow Minister for Public Health.  She also took a shot at the London Mayoral election in 2016, unsuccessfully.

Under the Labour leadership of old friend Jeremy Corbyn in October 2016 she was appointed as Shadow Home Secretary.  In the run-up to the 2017 election, she went through a phase of what might be called brain fog, giving poor interviews.  This she attributed to type 2 diabetes affecting her performance.

Last April (2023) she lost the whip, from her writing that Jewish people, Irish people and Travellers are not always subject to racism.  She claimed it was a draft letter which had accidentally got published.

The transits for this event are heavy, and will have made a huge impact on her: Mars opposed her Chiron, a dangerous mistake; Jupiter trine her natal Pluto, overstepped the mark in expressing her truth and power; Saturn opposed her natal Venus in Virgo in 10th House, loss of reputation and standing politically; Neptune square her natal Jupiter, a delusion exposed; Pluto on her North Node in Capricorn in 3rd House, karmic drama.

Though a strange concept, there was a similar statement by Whoopi Goldberg in 2022, for which she was suspended for a while from a television programme, “Let’s be truthful about it because Holocaust isn’t about race.”

Keir Starmer

The synastry between Keir Starmer and Diane Abbott is mixed, and if she is allowed back in the fold there is potential for them to work together (their Marses closely sextile).  The volatility is her Mars close to his Sun/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, and her Mars opposite his Jupiter.  His transits when she lost the whip were Jupiter opposite his Venus, some contention with a female; and Mars possibly opposite his Moon (we do not have his birth time), in which case, again, conflict with a female.  Although he defended her rigorously at PMQs this week, she crtiticized the Labour as well as the Tory party in later comments.  Keir Starmer also has a dilemma: her comments last year were not personal, and do not endanger someone’s life in the way that Hester’s have, but the ongoing investigation probably involves evaluating whether they go against the rigorous purge of anti-semitism Keir has set out.  Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner has said she would like the whip restored to Diane.  The Independent has reported that the delay in her investigation is due to her refusing to attend an anti-semitism course of training.

Frank Hester

We neither have a birth date or time for Frank Hester, only a birth month (April 1966).  Hester owns The Phoenix Partnership, founded in 1997, specializing in healthcare technology.  Rowena Mason writing in the Guardian yesterday (16/3/24) says:  “Frank will be the biggest Conservative donor in history, contributing £10m towards Rishi Sunak’s election and potentially another £5 on top of that – if the party keeps his money”.

He absurdly claimed his remarks, seen at the top of this blog, were nothing to do with race or gender.  He was defended for at least 24 hours, while the Conservative party decided what to do, bearing in mind they had accepted a £10 million donation for him towards their election campaign.  Various Tory MPs defended Hester, but eventually Rishi Sunak went as far as saying the remarks were racist and wrong, but could not say the money should be returned.  Hester only apologised for making “rude comments”.  If a birth date becomes available, I can fill in this picture.

Diane’s response to Hester’s remarks is recorded as: “Reading his remarks I was upset but not surprised.  This is partly because I am hardened to racist abuse  I receive hundreds of abusive emails, phone calls and  letters monthly, and the numbers shoot up whenever I am in the media.”

This chimes with her transits, which are milder than for the original event which cast her out.

Lindsay Hoyle

I wrote sympathetically of Lindsay Hoyle as recently as 25th February, but he still seems to be in a sticky patch.  He had tried to be low key since the controversy over “the Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, against protocol allowed an extra amendment to be put forward by the Labour Party for voting, a new stance for them, stealing thunder from the SNP” and calls for his resignation.  He was suitably chastened, but found himself in further trouble on Wednesday, when Diane Abbott got up from her seat in the Commons 46 times to speak on her ordeal, only to be snubbed by Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, claiming there wasn’t enough time.  On that occasion, Mars was trine her natal Neptune, a wave of public sympathy towards her.  For Lindsay, Neptune was sextile his natal Mercury, and he seems to have succumbed to the negative side of Neptune, confusion/indecision/deception.

Rishi Sunak

This week’s controversy was considerably complicated by Rishi Sunak’s purported new drive to tackle extremism and hatred in society.  This was triggered by the election of George Galloway at the end of February.  He made an unexpected speech outside No. 10 the next day.  In this precipitous and fearful speech he appeared to be fervent in his sentiments. However, this week it was pointed out that these ideas did not square with him keeping Hester’s donations, a further £5 million of which is in the pipeline.

At the time of the speech, Uranus was conjunct his Sun by 2 degrees (sudden action);  Uranus was trine his Saturn (trying a new way to cope); the South Node was on his Pluto in Libra (a sensed danger); Chiron was closely opposite his natal Pluto (a headache); and in the general chart of the day Chiron was close to the North Node (people trying to fix things).

Michael Gove

As part of the efforts to tackle extremism, Michael Gove launched a new initiative this week, raising a new definition of the word.  His efforts were adversely timed, astrologically: Mars from Aquarius closely squared his natal Mars in Scorpio (swimming against the tide); Mars squared his Neptune in Scorpio (sowing confusion).  He has Mars closely conjunct Neptune in Scorpio natally and tends to fight with deception.

In addition, Uranus was trine his Pluto (he wants Change at the moment); Uranus opposes his natal Mars/Neptune (he was sailing into another row); Uranus in Taurus was square his natal Jupiter in Leo (taking a gamble); and Pluto is square to his Nodal Axis (an obfuscation too far, karmically).

On Question Time in Liverpool on Thursday evening, not one audience member raised their hand in support of his scheme

My own feeling is that Hester’s money needs to go to an anti-racism charity, or a permanent bodyguard for Diane Abbott.


Are there any future prospects of happier times for her in the near future?

There could be an upswing in her affairs over the coming year, depending on where her Moon is situated (we do not have a birth time for her) as Jupiter transits late Taurus and early Gemini.  A more predictable upturn in her affairs would occur at her Jupiter Return in Gemini around 22nd/23rd May 2025, a liberating time for her – better status, or even retirement.  There may also be more surprises in store over the next year, if Uranus transits her natal Moon (depending on the latter’s position).


Late this morning, the Sun was conjunct Neptune at 27 degrees Pisces, characterized by mystery and enigma.  We may wonder where we are, struggling to get our bearings.  If we can establish where we are, we may be able to access higher inspiration for whatever we are engaged upon.  It is a day when progress can be made on subtle and spiritual issues, with memorable ethereal experiences.

Tomorrow (Monday 18th) Mercury conjoins with the True North Node, bringing the karma of thought and speech to our attention. Choose your words wisely.  Much can be taught and learned under this aspect, and ideas exchanged.

This influence is extended to Tuesday (19th) for the Mean North Node reading of the Mercury conjunction, so extra nuance to the above may be added over the two day period.

A new outlook breezes in with the Spring Equinox on Wednesday (20th), with the Sun entering Aries.  It’s the beginning of the astrological year.  There are definite signs that Spring has sprung in the U.K.: the camelias in our garden have been out for a while, and the magnolias trees are shining brightly. For the population generally, if your energy has been a little low lately, you may feel yourself reviving.  It may be time to sprinkle that packet of wildflowers you have been saving for this moment, if you trust this slightly warmer spell…

There is also another conjunction with Mercury on Wednesday, one with Chiron.  This is a day you can focus on problem-solving.  If you don’t have a problem pre-prepared, the Universe will kindly oblige by alerting you.  There may also be a high degree of mental tension or anxiety in the air.  But use what comes up to find solutions, at whatever depth you need to engage with them.  One area which is especially suited to this conjunction in Aries is finance and economy.  Chancellor Jeremy Hunt may have an important announcement, or better still, Martin Lewis (our spiritual Chancellor!).

On to Thursday (21st) and a constructive sextile between the Sun and Pluto towards the evening. This can bring powerful help.  If you dig deep, you can find the treasure you need.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.  This sextile can bring a profound air of quiet contemplation.  It is a valuable time of assessment.

In the very late evening (past the bedtime for some people) Venus will be conjunct Saturn at 12 degrees Pisces.  This is not an easy prospect in terms of relationships or economics.  You will be looking more seriously at your close relationships, and evaluating what is important to you.  The care of the elderly may be a particular preoccupation.  The optimum condition for this conjunction would be loyalty and commitment, but there may need to be some letting go before that can be arrived at.  Finance too may be a cause for concern.  Preoccupations may lead to a restless sleep.

Another change of emphasis comes on Friday (22nd) with the ingress of Mars into Pisces, again late at night, but this time more conducive to sleep.  While its placement in Aquarius was humanitarian, and looked after the underdog, Pisces is even more compassionate, and very empathetic.  Pisces is also a very charitable sign, so we will see more appeals in that respect, and more people attempting feats which stretch them, e.g. in order to support the NHS and other worthwhile causes coming to light.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mystery and enigma
  • Tomorrow – karma of thought and speech
  • Tuesday – further nuances of karmic thought and speech
  • Wednesday – Spring springing; problem-solving
  • Thursday – powerful thought; letting go
  • Friday – compassionate activity