Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

I have written about the love triangle between Pattie Boyd, George Harrison and Eric Clapton, and the entanglements of the various members of Fleetwood Mac…but it was pointed out this week that I haven’t written about the “love triangle” between Ferry, Jagger and Hall.  In the Daily Telegraph on 26th February, James Hall wrote about love triangles, and included this one.  He wrote: “Mick Jagger’s infatuation for Jerry Hall while she was with Bryan Ferry – he famously chased her around the ping-pong table at the couple’s home trying to kiss her – was said to be the inspiration behind both Miss You* (The Rolling Stones) and, later, the significantly harsher Kiss and Tell** (Ferry).”  As is well known, all three went on to develop other relationships, but it is interesting to look at this triad.

Bryan Ferry

I will start with Bryan Ferry, that fascinating Libran charmer, frontman of “Roxy Music”.  Bryan has a charismatic Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Libra.  With all his planets above the horizon in his birth chart, he was born to be high profile.  His Ascendant is Scorpio, and the astrological website Astrodatabank informs us:

“On the other hand, Ferry has a wit as dry as bone and a subtle graciousness. Unusually, for a man, he’s unafraid to admit shortcomings or vulnerability. He’ll even happily discuss his star sign (Libra with Scorpio rising: ‘There’s a bit of both in me’).”  You can really see that combination in his performance.  He has a quadruple conjunction, or stellium in Libra in his 11th House (of Bands).

He began dating Jerry Hall in 1975, when his Progressed Sun was sextile his natal Venus, a sign of a significant relationship, and they got engaged after she appeared as a model on one of his album covers.  The relationship lasted two years, until she linked up with Mick Jagger.  At that stage, her Progressed Sun had reached her natal Uranus, signifying a new attraction and excitement.

All three have karmic links, in terms of interaspects to the Nodes, and between Jerry and Bryan there are three exact such aspects: her South Node on his Moon, her North Node sextile his Jupiter, and her North Node sextile his Neptune. Also in their synastry are: her Sun exactly conjunct his natal Mars (a considerable spark), and her Chiron opposite his Pluto (some strain which may have contributed to the relationship not ending well; or maybe she saw Mick Jagger as a better prospect).

1977 may have been the right time for Bryan Ferry to move on, too.  For his Progressed Sun was trine his natal North Node.  He has married twice since.  He began dating Lucy Helmore, a model, after his relationship with Jerry Hall broke up, and they had four sons together.  They were married for 21 years.  The karmic ties between them were his North Node trine her Neptune, and his North Node sextile her Pluto.  Tragically, she died in 2018 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, having battled depression for many years.  As mother of his sons, Bryan will have been impacted at the time, as shown in his transits by Saturn transiting his South Node.  He is on record as saying he was “saddened and shocked”.

Bryan has dated many high profile women, and had a brief marriage to Amanda Sheppard, but is currently unattached.

**”She wanna live that Rockstar life

So I’ma take her to a different world (nah)

No we don’t kiss and tell (nah)”

 ~ from “Kiss and Tell”, Bryan Ferry

Mick Jagger

Well, where do you start with Mick Jagger? –  multiple partners (not so much marriages), and eight children (on a par with Rod Stewart’s record).  At the last count, he has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Prior to his relationship with Jerry, he had had a child with Marsha Hunt, and married Bianca with whom he had a daughter, Jade.  Bianca filed for divorce on account of his adultery with Jerry.

Mick and Jerry had a wedding type of ritual in Bali, which was later declared null and void, but not before they spent twenty two years together and had four children.  Jerry herself endured his many infidelities – up to a point.  Their karmic astrological links are her North Node trine his Jupiter, her North Node trine his Pluto, and her South Node closely conjunct his Uranus.  There is a strong Uranian theme between them – as has already been mentioned, when they got together ” her Progressed Sun had reached her natal Uranus, signifying a new attraction and excitement”.  And in her synastry with Mick, her Uranus is closely conjunct his Sun, and as also mentioned  her South Node is conjunct his Uranus.  The relationship will have been kept alive by keeping each other on their toes!  Mick’s Chiron on Jerry’s Jupiter will also have provided chemistry.

A notable relationship he had later was that with L-Wren Scott, from 2001, whose suicide in 2014 was a shock.  Though they were together for several years, the relationship does not look easy from an astrological point of view: His Pluto squared her Mercury, and his Saturn was on her Venus.  His Nodal Axis squared her Neptune (karmically adverse) and though his Mars trined her Pluto, that interaspect can be exhausting.  At the time of her death, Saturn was opposite his Moon and Pluto was trine his natal Venus, both showing the impact on a female relationship in his life.

He began a relationship with Melanie Hamrick in 2014 and is still with her.  We do not have a birth date for her, so cannot assess what works successfully for him now.

Mick Jagger and Bryan Ferry have very strong links in their charts, which will have brought themselves into each other’s orbit all those years ago, but the most telling in terms of their rivalry over Jerry Hall, is the combative nature of Mick’s Mars squaring Bryan”s Pluto.

* “I guess I’m lying to myselfIt’s just you and no one elseLord, I won’t miss you, childYou’ve just been blottin’ out my mindFoolin’ on my time”

~ from “Miss You”, the Rolling Stones

Jerry Hall

I wrote in 2016:

“Statuesque blonde Jerry has  the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries.  She has 0 Earth Planets in her chart.  She has a very powerful Pluto, positioned exactly trine the Galactic Centre.  Jupiter conjuncts this Pluto, and Venus sextiles the conjunction, drawing her to powerful men, but she also has her own power.  Her Venus sextiles Jupiter, which brings up the Socialite Archetype.  In addition, she has Venus trine Neptune, associated with beauty and modelling (a Supermodel, no less).  She has Jupiter sextile closely her Neptune, so would be confident of her own spirituality and connection with the Universe.”

With Jerry and Mick both having Jupiter conjunct Pluto (expansive power), it is no wonder they became a power couple.  We do not have a birth time for Jerry, but Mick’s power conjunction is in his 2nd House of Financial Earnings.

At their “wedding” in Bali, Mars was transiting Jerry’s South Node, which was not a peaceful vibe.  That Uranian spark was there for him, in the shape of the activation of Mars on his Uranus.  Mars was also prominent for him, in a a trine to his Midheaven (boosting his profile) and Neptune trine his natal Mars.

In their 22 years together, Jerry put up with a lot of Mick’s philandering.  When their relationship ended in 1999 she took her time in choosing her next partner, but chose another symbol of power, Rupert Murdock the news magnate. She was much younger than both Brian Ferry and Mick Jagger, but of course the age gap between her and Rupert Murdoch (25 years) was much more of a talking point, and he was by then in his eighties and one of the wealthiest men in the world.  She would be his fourth wife.  His Jupiter was exactly conjunct her natal Sun, so she may have considered herself lucky and expanding her prospects.  They married on 4th March 2016, with Mars bringing enthusiasm in a square to Jerry’s Jupiter.  With Jupiter sextile Rupert’s Pluto at the time, it represented an increase of his power.  She may have brought him some happiness for a time, as Neptune was trine his natal Jupiter.  Jerry was reportedly shocked (“blindsided”) when he ended their relationship with an 11-word email in 2022, and there were 7 transits from Saturn to points in her chart.  She filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”.  However, there was also an element of liberation, in a trine of Jupiter to her North Node.

So, a strange triangle, that of Jerry, Bryan and Mick, and all of them going on to explore other relationships.  Would Jerry have stayed with Bryan, if Mick hadn’t come along?  Well there are no reports of them getting back together now they are both single.  Mick seems settled in his most recent relationship.  Jerry seemed to get bolder with each chosen partner, but you can’t get much bolder than a liaison with the much older Rupert Murdoch.  She would have a long way to go to find a progression on that, from her previous pattern, but may settle for less in the future.


A Lunar Eclipse this week, but not a lot going on in the aspects otherwise.  This afternoon we have a sextile between Venus and Jupiter, a sociable and romantic aspect, suited to writing about love triangles.  This aspect is one of the high spots of the year aspectwise.  The day could bring hope and happiness, socially or romantically.  Engagements, celebrations and virtual parties could be on the agenda.  This sextile combines luck and love.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow morning (Monday 25th) we have a Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) at 5 degrees of Venus-ruled Libra – sleep may be fitful tonight!  This Full Moon is emotionally dedicated to relating, while the Sun which opposes it in Aries wants its own way.  Thus a delicate balance operates, which may be resolved in common aims, e.g. in a united effort.  As an eclipse, it represents a turning point.  Change may benefit some, and be discomforting for others.

The last aspect of the week (I promised you it was a short list) is Venus sextile Uranus, which occurs on Thursday 28th.  Venus sextile Uranus is, like today’s sextile, very social and may produce some interesting outward manifestations.  For example, a chance meeting on a walk in the park or while out shopping is not out of the question, and may result in an impromptu coffee interlude.  Sometimes Venus-Uranus meetings can be strange or seem random.  Venus sextile Uranus is on the pleasantly uplifting side of the equation, and can bring reunions.  The three S’s come to mind: spontaneity, synchronicity and serendipity.

So, an interesting sandwich, or triangle, of aspects this week, to match the love triangle blog, and involving more than a smattering of love energy from Venus.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – love and luck
  • Tomorrow – turning point
  • Thursday – love and surprise