In Part 2 of this abridged astrological analysis of baby Florence Cameron (new daughter of our Prime Minister), I look at her Planetary Aspects.  The Aspects are one of the most fascinating facets of Astrology.  These are the relationships between the planets, being the inner harmonies and tensions, and shown by the geometric angles between them.  I have selected certain aspects, including some of those collective aspects shared by all babies born this summer and autumn, including Jamie Oliver’s new son Buddy, born this week:

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron b. 24/8/10 midday Truro

SUN opposite Moon (a Full Moon baby!) – Being born on a Full Moon emphasizes this area of the cycle in terms of changing moods.  The New Moon is a good time to start afresh, having cleared out the issues from the last Moon Cycle and from the last Full Moon.  People born under a full moon can bring out strong feelings in others, so maybe a study of some popular psychology in relation to emotions may be helpful.

SUN opposite closely Chiron – There may be a painful empathy with the father, or problems to solve possibly stemming from previous lives.  Health conditions will be connected with the Virgoan digestive area.

MOON closely conjunct Neptune/Chiron – There is a talent for emotional sensitivity and capacity for healing, inherited probably through the female side of the family, which may be helpful if Florence decides to go into the caring professions.  Neither of the parental charts show this inclination, so it may be further back genetically.  But genetic it is, because the triple conjunction of Neptune/Moon/Chiron occurs at the end of the 4th House of Home and Family.  This may show in Samantha in her prolific child-rearing (four children) and care of their eldest child Ivan who died after severe health problems in February 2009.

MOON closely trine Ascendant (from the end of the 4th House and on the cusp of the 5th) – This is a good sign for the establishing of a life structure, e.g. in early years the connections with the family, and in later years the establishing of a creative path in life.

VENUS conjunct Mars – Florence’s conjunction is in Libra.  This conjunction is all about the enjoyment of life and taking pleasure from life and relationships.  It also indicates that in her evolution she is balancing the male and female sides of her nature.  There is a strong streak of sensuality here, and she may have a marked talent for massage.  She should be very demonstrative with those she loves, although she may be reserved with strangers (Sun in Virgo).

There may also be marked musical and artistic talents with this conjunction in Libra, and an interest in Humanities.  Past-life wise, the name Florence may connect her with the Italian Renaissance period.

VENUS square the Nodal Axis – Possessing as much charisma as she has, she must learn to be aware of its effect on others and be ethical about the use of these assets.  The Nodal Axis represents past life habits and present karmic mission.  With Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all square to the Nodal Axis, she will be shaping karma for her Soul Group, which is likely to include her family members!  Prime Minister David Cameron could find her a distraction.

MARS square the Nodal Axis – This aspect of the past life karma (as well as her Scorpio Ascendant) indicates some lifetimes spent on battlefields developing her Inner Warrior.  This lifetime she needs to balance it with the current spiritual trend of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  Samantha needs to take him in a baby sling to a demo outside a Tony Blair book signing, for instance, sometime soon!

JUPITER closely opposite Saturn – She can sometimes be caught between two opposite ways of thinking, e.g. optimism and pessimism at the same time.  She needs to find a balance, in order to avoid chasing her own tail!  It can be a steady but good influence.

JUPITER conjunct Uranus – *This is one of Florence’s best aspects, and an aspect that is shared by many of the peers in her year group.  It gives enterprise and dynamism and a sense of capricious fun.

JUPITER closely square Pluto – This is the first component of the Cardinal T-square which built up to a climax in early August.  It is composed of Jupiter/Uranus opposite Saturn and square Pluto.  This is another aspect which would be shared by many in Florence’s year group.  It is an aspect the energies of which denote a power struggle or power struggles, such that are taking place this year in the world.  It is a struggle between the Light of the divine nature and the Shadow side in psychology, as well as possible power struggles in say work arenas in adulthood.  There is nothing new on this planet, and it is just highlighting one of the issues of Human Nature from ancient times, which she may or may not have the power to engage with if she so chooses.

SATURN opposite Uranus – This aspect will be shared by all the babies born in the last two years.  It is about bringing in a new world order, dismantling old structures which no longer serve us, and rebuilding structures which will serve the new energies in the 21st Century.  She will understand and be in tune with that.  Her interaction with you or others of an older generation will challenge them to let go of outworn beliefs and habits, such as false social veneers or structures which are unsustainable ecologically.

The economic and ecological events of the last two years are a result of the T-Square in which Saturn opposite Uranus has played a major part.  When this generation who were born with it come into their prime years (20 – 30) and are the movers and shakers of the world, particularly when they experience their Saturn Returns around 28 – 30, we will see a manifestation of their purpose in working with this opposition and T-square.

SATURN square exactly Pluto – This is another aspect shared by many children born in the same year as Florence.  Addressing the parent, your little one for no apparent reason could seem grumpy at times.  The reasons for this may be deeper and wiser than you suspect, e.g. she may be influenced by the news on the television and other people’s reaction to it.  As it is a collective aspect, when she gets together with another baby/toddler/child/young adult/teenager who has the same placing and they are in a particular mood, you will see a “double grump”!  Hope Sam’s reading this.

URANUS square Pluto – This is yet another collective aspect for the year peer group, which is to do with the economic and climate changes of their era.  There may be a rebellious streak arising from time to time, and it may be due to sensitivity to environmental factors or factors in society.  This may highlight your attention as to what is needed.

NEPTUNE trine Ascendant – A sensitive body and personality, but in a constructive way, e.g. her skin may yell with an allergy quickly alerting to the fact that some substance is not good for her, but mostly her bodily sensitivity and personality sensitivity will be used in a good way, e.g. to warn her of things that are not good for her, or for her to receive subtle impressions of the things that are good for her and the pathways she needs to follow.

NEPTUNE conjunct Chiron (with the Moon sandwiched between) – This aspect again is shared by all Florence’s peers and indicates a huge healing potential, not just in terms of personal physical healing, but for the transformation of our planet.  I have high hopes for the awareness of planetary needs from this group.  awareness of planetary needs from this group.  I have described it as a healing crucible or a healing cauldron.  It is an alliance between spirituality and healing.  As a child, she is likely to start out that way, and providing it is not shut down this will ripple out strongly to those around and in her life.  She will be particularly sensitive to women’s issues, with the Moon sandwiched between these two planets, and may be acutely sensitized to her mother’s processes until she finds her own level, needs and requirements, and her own way of expressing this deeply sensitive aspect.

PLUTO conjunct North Node – The North Node represents the karmic mission, and Pluto (though only loosely) connected denotes a meaningful karmic mission.  Some of the great contributors to our psychological culture have had this conjunction.

CHIRON trine closely Ascendant – One of her true aims is that of healing, but first she has to grow big and strong on her spinach and caviar.  Her arena for healing is the home and family as Chiron falls at the end of the 4th House, so she will articulate the emotional needs of her family very specifically, such as ongoing emotional healing from the life and death of Ivan.