…Can you feel it? The gradual pulling together of those two mighty forces of Jupiter and Pluto. It’s an inexorable union due to take place 23 days from now, and deserves its own advent calendar. More of that later and nearer the time, but it’s a grand backdrop to the more minor astrological events of this week and even the build up of the tension to the Full Moon at the end of the week is incomparable. But it’s good to compare, and contrast, and distinguish that influence from the Full Moon build-up. So see if you can keep the difference between those two events clear in your mind and your psyche as the week progresses, then as the Full Moon ebbs away next week you may be able to see that what is left is the continuing build of those two planets awesomely coming together. Unless they fall on one of your House cusps, they will be creating a huge inflation of one area of your life at this time, and the outcome will be spectacular one way or another (whether it’s a gunpowder plot or a chocolate fountain), especially for you Jupiterians and Plutonians out there. If you have strong elements of Scorpio and Sagittarius in your birthchart, then your own sense of your individuality will be strengthened. Mercury makes the most noise this week – yes, that’s Mercury of verbal chatter fame. Those of you with strongly Mercurial tendencies just won’t be able to stop talking this week. Perhaps you’ll be the commentators for the Full Moon and Jupiter-Pluto builds in the grand design of the week. Babies born this week, incidentally, will be high on intelligence and trying to babble coherently from the outset. If you like silence on the other hand, you may have to silently intone your favourite chant if you are so inclined, or go more powerfully and directly into your own inner stillness so that even someone else’s interepretations of the current energies will not deflect you from your own spiritual pathway. Tuesday (20th) brings the first of these Mercurial mumblings or rumblings, with Mercury trine Mars occurring virtually at the same time as a square between Venus and Mars. It’s a triangle really, with Mercury semi-sextile Venus. Mars and Martians will not be able to rain on Mercury’s parade for although Chiron squares Mercury, Mars is still quincunx Chiron and it’s quite definitely Mercury’s week. Those who are accustomed to solving problems with playfighting or fisticuffs need to hone their verbal fencing skills and get with Mercury this week for a spot of witty repartee. Geminis and Virgos on the other hand, will re-affirm that the pen is mightier than the sword and be empowered to tell everyone about it…”Hey you guys, did I ever tell you about the -” “Yes”…Cue for the silence-lovers to start chanting or withdraw within to that place where inner chatter does not shatter…What of the Venus-Mars element? The Martians may try the touchy-feely line instead of going straight to the mental plane, but may find that the touchy-feely is misinterpreted or not appropriate. Then they will have to progress to the mental plane (there’s nowhere else to hide this week, except for the depths of your being). Now take note Aries Lynne Franks, who tried to introduce meditation to the jungle and is being mercilessly ridiculed for her New Age habits on I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. Having set the scene for this week more meticulously than usual, I will try to zip through the rest, knowing that the attention span will be getting edgy. Wednesday (21st) sees communication at its most brilliant due to Mercury trining Uranus. Thursday (22nd) sees Sun enter Sagittarius, and on the Scorpio cusp it will give you a chance to sense the combination of energies between the rulers Jupiter and Pluto. Again, can you feel it? Saturday (24th) is a crescendo bringing a stationary Uranus prior to turning direct (the element of the unexpected begins to show its more constructive hand), the Full Moon in Gemini opposing the Sun in Sagittarius (again the emotional power will be with the narrators of life), and finally towards the end of the day a square between Mercury and Neptune. It’s the final choosing meltdown between the chatter and the silence, the inner and outer experience of both. And thrice I say, can you feel it…?