It is the day to seize the moment.

“These are days you’ll remember
never before and never since, I promise
will the whole world be warm as this
and as you feel it, you’ll know it’s true
that you are blessed and lucky
it’s true, that you are touched by something
that will grow and bloom in you…”

~ lyrics from “These are the Days” song by Natalie Merchant

Whether you are starting to write a book, or taking part in the Great North Run, the aspects today are the best you will see for a while: Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Mars sextile Pluto.  And the earlier you start the better:  Don’t wait until your mind revisions and dilutes that first chapter, don’t be late for the starting line. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is in a different sign from the first two transits which occurred at 0 degrees Aries.  The planets are conjunct at the end of Pisces, so there is a different, more spiritual and idealistic tone, than the brash introduction we had to this conjunction at the beginning of June.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus gives us the enthusiasm today, and Mars sextile Pluto gives us the physical and emotional energy, to do those things that we envisaged with a passion before we got bogged down with the more difficult components of the Cardinal T-square.  Talking of which, The Pope has swept into Britain this week, in a bid to reclaim our Souls.  As I wrote in my blog (21st July) on the Jupiter-Pluto square (a square which is still current, two transits down, one to go) the issue is religion and atheism, and the Pope’s herald Cardinal Walter Kasper coined a new (to me) phrase of “aggressive new atheism” to describe our society. It turned out that he meant Nazism and not Richard Dawkins, in using the phrase.  The visit has certainly has stimulated passions both way, from the devout Roman Catholics to those who feel that some of the doctrines have caused damage (Sinead O’Connor’s passion as only she can do, on behalf of the abused, expressing a good bit of Sagittarian hypberbole: “What we want is an admission of the present attempts to cover-up the cover-up.”).  The Pope’s aura in the country certainly has made an impact, with 28 years since the last Papal visit, and stimulated thought here. Even if we are not Catholic in this lifetime, the chances are that we had at least one Catholic past life, and his visit invites us to look at our inner Catholic.  His Mercury (travel) is currently being transited by the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (pomp and controversy).  The visit truly embodies the dialogue of Jupiter square Pluto.  On Tuesday (21st) the Sun opposes Jupiter, then Uranus.  If you set up something today, you may see opposition to it on Tuesday.  That is the day to consider the opposite point of view after the flush of action, and the Full Moon later in the week continues that theme.  For instance if you have written a pantomime today (yes it is pantomime-writing season, and only a few months to go before dress rehearsals then actual performance) you may be challenged about what you have written, if you gave your imagination full rein.  And today will be about going all the way.  In my own script, for instance, I made wild claims about the Alkaline Diet, under the poetic licence of being a Sagittarian, and it being a pantomime script.  So on Tuesday everything has to be brought into a wholeness, because there are other viewpoints to consider.  The Pope has mentioned other religions while he has been here, and that is a step forward.  Tuesday has to be inclusive and holistic in order for the results of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction today to be validated.  There needs to be dialogue and there needs to be higher vision, and in creative terms holistic art forms (such as mandalas).  More consideration of the other viewpoint, and rising above the polarities, has to occur on Thursday (23rd) when the Sun arrives in the sign of Peace (Libra) at the Autumn Equinox to meet with emotional confrontation (Full Moon in Aries).  Of all the polarities, Aries/Libra has the most personal sense of self and other, and the need to blend or rise above differences.  And of all the degrees, this degree of the opposition (0 degrees Aries Moon and 0 degree Libra Sun) is the most basic and has the most potential for transforming our identities, and identifying our personal needs.  Who are we really?