Another baby was born to a celebrity this week, as Choirmaster and TV personality Gareth Malone became a father for the first time, to baby Esther, part of a flurry of newborns coming after a peak of the Cardinal T-square.  He writes on his home page: “We are thrilled but exhausted. It’s great to be a parent.”

In Part 3 of this abridged astrological analysis of baby Florence Cameron, I look at the placings of her planets within the Houses.  The planets in their spheres of activity form a basic life pattern.  This may or may not be thought of as having originated from past lives.  What is true though is that this pattern can be changed, whether by will power, spiritual growth, or rising above any unwanted tendencies. All part of the ongoing Soul evolution, and the birthchart reflects the starting point for this lifetime. Not all houses are occupied, and some are heavily emphasized.

Florence Rose Endellion Cameron b. 24/8/10 midday Truro

3rd House – Communication and Education – (Pluto/North Node) – As well as having a controversial streak in speech (obviously this will take time to come out!) she also has a depth of expression so that she speaks in order to express something she considers important and truthful, or to express deep feelings and emotions, sometimes with a desire for dramatic effect!  This could be combined with her words having real effect and consequence, due to the North Node being combined.  A possible Shakespearean wit.

4th House – Home and Family – (Neptune/Moon/Chiron) – The home is an area of sensitivity and spiritual awareness.  A strong spiritual link with the parents which is subtle and beautiful.  Emotion and healing are also strong elements in this family ambience.

5th House – Creativity and Leisure – (Uranus) – She may have some unusual hobbies, and especially like water sports (as Uranus is in Pisces).  Creatively, she will be able to receive inspiration, which will mark her out as especially talented and inventive in her creativity.  Her creations will be truly original.

6th House – Health and Working Conditions – (Jupiter and Part of Fortune) – The 6th House is only one indicator of health, but generally speaking Chiron trine her Ascendant and Jupiter in her 6th House are very hopeful in terms of health matters.  Part of Fortune also brings good conditions for this area of life.  In terms of working conditions, she will do work that she enjoys, as these placements could bring traditional luck to her working conditions.  She may well set up as a businesswoman like her mother, but training as a Counsellor would also be a good route to achieving her potential.

11th House – Friendships and Groups – (Sun and Mercury) – Sun and Mercury in 11th House denotes a networker.  This ensures that friendships and groups are a main focus in life, and a successful one at that.  Mother and baby groups initially (or a Westminster crèche?!), then working her way up.  Owing to her family situation, the fulfillment of this social side may be hampered by the need for privacy, but she may catch up later in life.

12th House – Unconscious – (Saturn and Mars/Venus) – When Florence has a block, she would work diligently away at solving it.  There may be blocks in the unconscious mind, e.g. she may find it difficult to remember or express her dreams.  Adults around her need to go gently with this, probe very subtly and encourage expression very gently so that the blocks dissolve easily.  Mars/Venus here connected to and just behind the Ascendant, indicates artistic and musical talents just below the surface, which can be coaxed in a similar way.