Euros 2024

I thought I would take a look at the Captains of the top four team favorites in the Euros football contest.  France is first, with the odds of 4/1; England is second, also with the odds of 4/1; Germany is third, with the odds of 5/1; and Portugal is 4th, with the odds of 13/2.

France. 4/1

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe is the Captain for the French team, and currently one of the most admired players in the world.  We have his birth time, because on the continent these things are recorded at birth.

He has the Sun in Sagittarius  (a sporty sign) loosely square Jupiter (a sporty planet).  He also has the Sun closely trine Saturn, so he has a good measure of control, to counteract the Jupiterian over-enthusiasm.  His Sun trines the North Node, which is one sign of a Leader, especially in terms of  a karmic mission.  The North Node is in Leo, another sporty sign.  Mars (football) is rising, only three degrees away from his Ascendant.  Mars, the planet of football, also squares his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint) emphasizing the nature of his career.  So all that is a sound basis for a successful sportsman of itself.

Sadly, on Monday 17th, he suffered a broken nose in the match against Austria.  At time of writing, it is uncertain whether he will return to the tournament immediately or at all, but he is hopeful that a mask is being built for him, so that he can return to the fray.  The transit which indicated that injury was Uranus (the planet of accidents) exactly squaring his Nodal Axis, showing disruption and possible karmic implications.

At the time of the final on 14th July, there are mixed transits for him: Mars square his Nodal Axis (possible repercussions from injury),  Jupiter trine his natal Uranus (he could surprise everyone), Neptune sextile his Neptune (at one with himself spiritually), Neptune trine his Chiron (healing on a spiritual level) and Pluto on his natal Neptune (deep growth, but not easy in nature).

England. 4/1

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is our Captain, but I will also look at the transits for our Manager, Gareth Southgate.  I wrote a blog about Harry Kane when he moved to Bayern Munich:

“Harry has the Sun in Leo, a good placing for a star sportsman, with the limelight of being a striker.  His Sun sextiles Jupiter, a sporting planet which may at times have brought him luck.  He would certainly be regarded as a lucky mascot.  The Sun trines the North Node, which gives him a karmic mission of leadership.  He has Mercury sextile Mars, acute co-ordination and quick reflexes.  This is beginning to sound like a textbook sportsman!  The early 1990s conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, which gives a capacity to work with complexity, is exact in his chart, at 19 degrees.  This conjunction opposes his Mercury, so he would always have a lot going on mentally, and will have learned to process complex scenarios.  His Mercury also has a powerful trine with Pluto, making him a master psychologist and a deep thinker.  Venus trines Saturn in his chart, a sign of great loyalty – well he has stayed with Spurs for 14 years.  Venus also sextiles Chiron, which gives a special skill in handling people wounded physically or emotionally.  Mars is closely trine Uranus, showing an electrical quality to his energy.  Mars also closely trines Neptune (sensitive action) and sextiles Pluto (a powerhouse of energy).  Jupiter sextile his North Node is a favourable sign of karmic rewards.  If this sounds like the absolute perfect chart for a human, let alone a footballer, he does have a problematic Fixed T-square between Pluto and an opposition of Saturn and Chiron.  Negotiating that in his life, may have helped him negotiate the high pressure life of premier league football, but when the larger planets transit those points he may get caught up in wider controversies.”

He currently has Jupiter sextile his natal Sun (having a good tournament), with Saturn  trine his natal Mercury and Uranus/Neptune. So far so good.

At the time of the final, Kane will have Mars square his natal Chiron, Saturn still trine his natal Mercury and Saturn sextile his natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction.  These are transits necessitating care.

Are Gareth Southgate’s transits more definitive?  He will have Jupiter exactly square his natal Sun (joyful), and Uranus trine his natal Mercury and Pluto (upbeat).

Germany. 5/1  

Ilkay Gündogan

The Captain for Germany, Ilkay Gundogan, has the Sun in Scorpio. with an amiable triple conjunction of the Sun with Mercury and Venus.  He would make a good negotiator.  He has Mars sextile Jupiter (energy harmoniously aligned with enthusiasm) and Jupiter square Pluto (a love of power, so happy in a commanding role).  He is known for his vision, athleticism and leadership.

Germany, of course, have got off to a flying start.  His current transits include Pluto squaring his natal Sun (enormous pressure), the Nodal Axis trine his natal Jupiter (karmic rewards), Saturn sextile his Saturn (steadiness) and the Nodal Axis square his Neptune (some confusion).

For the Final, he will have the South Node on his Venus (karmic relationships), Jupiter sextile his natal Jupiter (continued good luck), Saturn still sextile his Saturn (steadiness), Uranus sextile his natal Chiron (surprising resilience), but Pluto still square his natal Sun.  That looks pretty good for him and his team.

Portugal. 13/2

Cristiano Ronaldo

I have also written a blog about Ronaldo in the past, so can say about his birth chart:

“Ronaldo was born on a Full Moon, and characters born under this placing tend to elicit strong feelings from others.  He has the Sun in Aquarius exactly sextile Uranus, giving him mental brilliance and a strong essence of Aquarius.  With the Moon in Leo, he has flair, but wants to dominate emotionally.  In his chart Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, giving him mental success and a very positive mental attitude.  He also has a problem-solving Mercury trine Chiron.  Venus squares the Ascendant exactly, which can demonstrate vanity.  Mars in Aries sextiles Jupiter, which is a driven energy combined with enthusiasm: his special talent is goal scoring.  The Mars trine Saturn he has is useful for precision in activity.  His Jupiter square Pluto loves (and sometimes misuses) power.  There is a strong generally evasive streak, with Neptune exactly conjunct the Ascendant, plus Venus/Mars exactly square to Neptune.  Venus exactly square Neptune would exactly describe tax evasion, although he has denied evading tax.”

His current astrological form shows: Jupiter trine his Mercury (good co-ordination), Pluto sextile his natal Mars (has a powerhouse of energy at his disposal) and Neptune sextile his natal Jupiter (keeping up the faith).  These are very favourable transits.

At the final, he still has two of those excellent transits: Neptune sextile his natal Jupiter, and Pluto sextile his natal Mars.  He should do well.

Of the four, Ronaldo for Portugal has the most unequivocably favourable transits, for both now and the Final.  But there is a limited amount which can be told from just the  Captains (so many other factors to consider), so I may return to look at more later in the contest.


Slim pickings this week in terms of aspects, with only three features (two aspects and a retrograde), so savour each one…!

Both the aspects are favourable ones, however, so you may be able to gain ground this week.    The first occurs on Wednesday 26th, in the shape of Mercury trine Saturn, which combines mental work with practicality, and brings focus and realism to the mental activities.  So it is a good day for making plans.  Serious conversations can also safely take place under this aspect.  Be clear and methodical.  Apply your mind to exacting tasks and documentation which may be outstanding.  It favours list-making, planning, and productivity.

The second aspect takes place on Saturday (29th), and it is a sextile between Venus and Mars.  This aspect is given over to pleasure and  indulgence, and maybe romance is also on the cards.  Art will have vigour, and movement will have artistry or elegance under this influence.  Social plans should flourish. This is an altogether relaxing and indulgent prospect.

Saturday evening sees Saturn Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde, so the planet will be grinding to a halt, before reorienting itself.  Turning inward for contemplation is one of the requirements of a retrograde period.  That entails going through a period of revision: often with Saturn, it is a lesson all about patience and timing, and one of those lessons is that you can’t rush things.  Saturn is the Lord of Time, who reminds us that All Things Must Pass.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – mental practicality
  • Saturday – sensuality; introspection