Wimbledon 2024

Here we are again, Wimbledon season!  I am looking at the top four women’s and men’s Seeds, while fully aware that my attempts to cover Roland Garros were unsuccessful.  I tended to pick the underdog players, but that tournament went with the top Seeds.  However, I learned a lot from that, and am getting back on the horse so to speak.  In contrast, at Queens, later in the month, Seeds were capable of being ousted, as often happens at Wimbledon.

Women’s Seeds

No 1. Iga Swiatek

Geminian Iga Swiatek beat Jasmine Paolini in the final at Roland Garros earlier this month.  With less than convincing final transits, and with Paolini’s sparkling transits, that illustrated to me that a seasoned winner has more astrological muscle to overcome difficult aspects. Uranus was square to Swiatek’s Uranus, while Neptune squared her natal Mercury. For Paolini, her transits were sparkling because it was a career high for her.  I will bear this lesson in mind, going forward.

A fun fact: after winning at Roland Garros in the intervening time, Swiatek attended a Taylor Swift concert.  She reported that afterwards “Three days after [the concert] I was so excited I couldn’t sleep”.  A warning note for insomniacs.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Swiatek has Jupiter trine her natal Neptune (faith in herself), Saturn square her natal Jupiter (slightly muted enthusiasm) and still has Uranus square her natal Uranus (which, though unpredictable, is a transit under which she won a major tournament).

By the end of Wimbledon, she will have Mars square her natal Uranus exact on the day (a possibility of injury) and Neptune square her natal Mercury.  Not a wonderful set of transits, but she is having a good year so far.

No 2. Coco Gauff

Piscean Coco Gauff was one of those eliminated in the first round of Wimbledon last year.  She seems to have a particular problem in regard to Swiatek, in that Swiatek has beaten her in 11 out of 12 matches.  This is because in their synastry, Swiatek pulls rank (literally) in astrological terms: Swiatek’s Neptune squares Gauff’s Venus, Swiatek’s Uranus squares Gauff’s Mars, and Swiatek’s Pluto sextiles Gauff’s Neptune.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Gauff has Pluto sextile her natal Mercury (powerful mind) and Uranus on her Mars (electrifying, or prone to injury).  She plays Virgoan Caroline Dolehide, and I think she will have an easy win.

However, by the end of Wimbledon, her main transit is a Mars Return, which, although energizing, does not look like a cup winning transit.

No 3. Aryna Sabalenka

I wrote about Taurean Sabalenka (born 5 May 1998) back in 2021:Mars exactly opposite Chiron forming a square with Uranus may make her prone to injury.”  She has declared that this Wimbledon she is not 100% match fit, and in the Observer this morning Simon Camber has written:

“What might help Swiatek is that her two biggest rivals over the past year, Aryna Sabalenka and Rybakina, have serious doubts regarding their health and fitness.  Sabalenka, the Australian Open champion, pulled out of the warm-up event in Berlin with a “teres major” shoulder injury that she says is causing her pain when serving.”

She has two major transits from Pluto at the beginning of Wimbledon: Pluto sextile her natal Venus (deep personal meaning) and Pluto on her natal Neptune (deep psychological challenges).  These can be triumphant if overcome, but the tennis court may not be the best arena to work through them.  That said, her astrological showing at the end of Wimbledon is even less impactful tenniswise (Venus trine Venus – some satisfaction in her private life).

No. 4.  Elena Rybakina

Another Geminian, Rybakina has in her birth chart a triple conjunction opposed to Uranus, so there tends to be a great deal of disruption in her life.  Simon Camber reports:

“Rybakina has pulled out of several events in the past few months because of illness and goes into the event cold, having withdrawn from Eastbourne last week”, and this does not sound promising.

Her transits at the beginning of Wimbledon show North Node trine natal Venus (some gentle karma) but Mars square natal Uranus (at the same time a possibly injury prone start.  However, should she overcome the Mars transit, she has a splendid transit at the end of Wimbledon in the shape of Jupiter exactly sextile Venus to the day, with that supportive North Node transit still in place.  That could be a clincher.  She could be one to watch if she survives the first week.

Of these four women, I think Iga Swiatek will do well, but the astrology favours Rybakina if she has the stamina.

Men’s Seeds

No. 1 Jannik Sinner

The highest-ranked Italian singles player in history, Leonian Jannik Sinner follows a healthy diet, lives in Monaco, and is a Formula 1 fan.

He did not make the final of Roland Garros, despite reasonable transits from Chiron and Pluto.  However, his astrological support at the Wimbledon tournament is sparse: Saturn square his Mars both at the beginning and at the end, which could be disappointing.  But I have just found his birth time which gives a little more information.  He has a Gemini Ascendant, with Mars/Pluto opposite his Ascendant, giving rise to his red hair colour.  For the beginning, he has a Venus Return, which is more encouraging, plus two transits to his Ascendant (a square from Jupiter, which may not be a bad thing) and Neptune trine his Ascendant exact to the day (spiritually encouraging).  However, by the end there is just the square from Saturn left.  On this information, I would say he probably would not make the final.

No. 2 Novak Djokovic

As I noted during Roland Garros, Djokovic injured his knee, with a transit of Saturn forming a T-square to his natal opposition of Saturn and Chiron, tearing his medial meniscus.  Knees are represented by Saturn, and Chiron represents injury or wounding.  The astrology was clear on that!

Andy Murray was born within a week of Djokovic in the same year (1987),  either side of the Taurus/Gemini cusp (Andy/Novak).  Saturn has been squaring that opposition they have between Chiron and Saturn, giving injuries necessitating recent operations.  The positions of the planets occur in different House positions in their charts, and they have different injuries.  But though they have both had recent surgery, as I go to press they are both willing to risk another throw of the Wimbledon dice.

At the beginning of Wimbledon, Djokovic has: Neptune sextile his natal Sun (being more sensitive to his own needs),  Pluto trine natal Sun (making a renaissance) and Saturn square his Saturn (still having a weakness there in the knees).

At the end of Wimbledon, he has Mercury sextile his natal Mercury (mental acuity).  But he will still have Neptune sextile his natal Sun and  Pluto trine natal Sun; Saturn still squares his Saturn (strain still on his knee) and Neptune squares his Mars.  This suggests his knee may prevent him from winning Wimbledon, even if he makes it to the final.

No. 3 Carlos Alcaraz

Taurean Carlos Alcaraz (born 5 May 2003) notably won Roland Garros, so is on good form this summer.  His winning transits were:- Jupiter square his natal Uranus, Saturn square his natal Pluto, Saturn sextile his natal Chiron and  Neptune sextile his North Node – a respectable set of transits.

Lookin at his transits now, at the beginning of Wimbledon, he has Jupiter trine his natal Mars (an enthusiastic beginning), but Saturn is still square his natal Pluto and although he won under that transit, it is closer or tighter than it was.

By the end of Wimbledon, Mercury will be square his Mercury (he may be slightly mentaly rattled by something), Jupiter will be close to a sextile with natal Jupiter (that is favourable to success), the North Node will be closely trine Jupiter (karma will be helpful), and Saturn will still be square Pluto, but waning.  So he could finish Wimbledon stronger than at the beginning or in the middle (in other words, there may be some notable challenges and challengers along the way).

No. 4 Alexander Zverev

Taurean Alexander Zverev came second at Roland Garros, so should be a contender for the Wimbledon title.  I did think he might win there.  At the final, he had Mars on his natal Sun and square his Neptune, and mars opposite his natal Chiron, with Neptune sextile his Neptune (in tune with himself spiritually)..

How have the planets moved on for him for the start of Wimbledon?  Pluto squares his natal  Sun (a huge challenge),  Mars trine his Mars (good energy), Jupiter trine his Uranus (luck and surprise on his side) and Neptune still exactly sextile his Neptune, and exact to the day.  He loses some of that get up and go by the end of Wimbledon, but still retains Pluto square his Sun (even closer and tighter for the enormity of challenge) and Neptune still exactly sextile his Neptune.

I wouldn’t rule him out as a winner on this basis, and think he could at least reach the semi-finals.

So of the four men, the strongest seems likely to be Alcaraz.

My two picks therefore at this time, are Rybakina and Alcaraz.

Fun fact: of these 8 top seeds, three are Gemini and three Taurus (of which two were born on 5th May).

I will try and post material under comments during the week, and write about the next eight Seeds next Sunday.

Those of you who enjoy Wimbledon, have a good time.  Remember strawberries are a recommended fruit for diabetics!


In the early hours of this morning, Mercury was sextile with Uranus.  This is a is a sparky way to begin the week, and  may feel like a breath of fresh air. Telepathy, intuition and the power of surprise are benefits of this aspect.  This aspect can amaze you and help you find that “wow” factor, or unusual ways of articulating your message.

On to Tuesday (2nd July already), where we have Neptune Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde,  and representing some retracing of steps on our spiritual path.  It has been direct since December last year, so you may have been inspired at that time by a new spiritual area opening up. Now is the time to consolidate on what you have learned, put it into practice, and walk your talk.  Neptune goes direct again this December.  This retrograde turn may re-emphasize issues related to the ocean, and ongoing mysteries.

Also on Tuesday, and just before Noon, Mercury will be trine Neptune, and things may fall into place spiritually, with some higher insight. This may result in an increased readiness to talk about a sensitive subject.  This trine brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys.  A kind astrological note.

At lunchtime, Mercury will enter Leo.  This placement favours applying the mind to ways of finding leisure and enjoyment in this holiday season.   Find novel ways to do so.  Take up a new hobby!

As if that was not enough for one day,  the Sun also squares the Nodal Axis on Tuesday, which may bring power issues within groups to the fore.  The positioning of the Nodal Axis will ensure karmic justice within the structure of projects and power balances, though there may be a few personality clashes.  You may need to glimpse a more multi-dimensional picture than just the here and now.

Mid-week Wednesday gives us an early hours of the morning trine between Venus and Saturn.  This brings hope, of people coming together with more commitment and loyalty, on the brink of the UK General Election.  Venus can provide a softening role to a hard line stance.  It is conciliatory, which may be just what is needed.  Relationships may need serious resolving, and this aspect can help, whether on a personal level, or between nations.

But at breakfast-time jitters re-surface, represented by Pluto opposing Mercury.  This means there may be a real danger involved in travelling if you don’t have to.  Watch your mental processes carefully, and be mindful in conversation.  Something could appear to be a minor snag on the surface, but may give you pause for deeper thought, leading to more psychological awareness.  Don’t skirt over it.  Examine the issue carefully, and the resulting insight could be a gift.

Friday (5th) of course brings the result of the election, and Mars sextile Saturn would be wholly fitting for the need of careful change.  This aspect enables us to harness energy constructively, and feel our way with any new energy that arises.  Mars sextile Saturn is a useful aspect on a practical level, and you may feel you have achieved something by the end of the day.  It helps to stabilize and firm up any plans, foundations or active projects you are currently undertaking.

Late evening affords us a New Moon at 14 degrees Cancer.  Could that be the new beginning we are looking for?  Do remember your New Moon intentions.  It’s a pure and simple chance to get back to basics with our home, family, roots, locality, emotions and ancestry.  Where it falls in your chart can give you extra clues about placing your intentionality, your hopes and wishes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mental sparks
  • Tuesday – spiritual reorientation; higher insight; mental delight; karmic power issues
  • Wednesday – loyalty; mental strain
  • Friday – careful change; new beginning