Seems like only 1 out of 3 of my blog readers can feel this great conjunction coming on, or half if you count myself. Anyway, I am hoping to answer some of your questions here now. First of all, it takes place at 28 degrees Sagittarius on Tuesday 11 December. The last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was on 2 December 1994, 13 years ago. Again I am appealing (like a voice in the wilderness) to the diarists amongst you to look at what you were doing then. But if like me your 1994 diary is buried under mounds of more recent diaries, you may need to catalogue and index your diary system. This aspect magnifies and expands what you are creating to its limits. Thus for instance structures and businesses may expand to their potential, but if there has not been enough thought put into issues such as sustainability, the meteoric glow could be temporary. Make an effort to find out what House in your chart this takes place in, so that you can better work with these forces. For example, if your Ascendant is Leo and the conjunction occurs in your 5th House, it may be the culmination or a defining moment in a creative venture. Jupiter-Pluto is not just there for the fear-based images, there can be magnificent breakthroughs if the energy has been handled properly. The best outcomes are about the responsible use of power. On a world level you may find a spectacular bid for power in some corner. In “The Astrological History of the World” by Marjorie Orr she says for December 1994: “Expansive Jupiter crosses power-hungry Pluto in December as Russian troops invade Chechnya.” So whether in your own life or on a wider screen, it is about taking responsibility. If you believe that you create your own reality, then remember that the Universe always says yes to us, especially to our subconscious beliefs. So root out those beliefs, transform them if necessary, and also put out a prayer for what you feel the world needs. Try this Meditational Exercise at home: Hold a question in your mind, centre yourself, then place your centred consciousness within the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Expand your consciousness from that centre to its furthest limits. You may receive an answer to the question.