Wimbledon 2024 – Week 2

 Wimbledon coverage was vying with Election Coverage and Euros coverage for most of last week, but hoping we can settle down to some serious tennis viewing this week!  We said an emotional farewell to Andy Murray after his doubles match with his brother Jamie.  As promised, I am looking at the next four Seeds for the Women and Men.

Women’s Seeds

No. 7 Jasmine Paolini

The next Women’s Seed on the list is Jasmine Paolini.  She is due to play at 1 pm today.

.I wrote earlier this year: 

“She is a real Capricorn, ambitious and persevering, with Jupiter, the Sun, Neptune/Mars and Uranus all in that sign.”

Her current transits involve a Saturn Return (a decisive time), Uranus trine her natal Mars (the power of surprise and speed), Neptune square natal Jupiter (some self-delusion),

Neptune sextile natal Uranus (grasping complexity) and Pluto sextile natal (self-empowerment).  Generally good transits.

Transits for the Final: Saturn Return still operating but waning, Uranus still trine natal Mars but getting closer, Neptune still square natal Jupiter, Neptune sextile natal Uranus getting closer and Mars  trine natal Neptune (spiritual fire).

She could do very well…

No. 12 Madison Keys

Paolini plays Madison Keys today, at 1 p.m.  Way back in 2016, I wrote of her:

Venus from Capricorn sextiles Saturn in her chart, so she keeps her cards close to her chest, which may make it difficult for her opponents to read her game.  She has a difficult exact square between Jupiter and Saturn, which could make her game patchy or swing to extremes, e.g. between caution and abandon.”

Today, she has Mars square her natal Mars (dangerous!), Chiron square her natal Neptune (spiritually painful), Neptune trine her natal Pluto  (that is more helpful, in terms of overcoming challenges) and Pluto sextile her natal Pluto (self-empowerment). I think Paolini will win this match.

Transits for Final should she go through: Chiron still square her natal Neptune,  Neptune still trine her natal Pluto, and Pluto sextile her natal Pluto closer; but I don’t thin enough to see her at the final.

No. 13 Jelena Ostapenko

Jelena will play Putinseva, who memorably knocked out the No. 1 Seed Swiatek yesterday.

In 2018, I wrote:

“With Sun exactly sextile Saturn, Jelena can be very precise.  Mercury trine Mars gives her good co-ordination, and quick reflexes.  Mars trine her Neptune means she is capable of inspired strokes.  She also has a very spiritual mind, with Mercury exactly trine Neptune.”

She currently has:  Neptune sextile her natal Mercury (bringing out her spiritual side, and inspiration), Uranus trine her natal Mars (the power of surprise and speed), Mars square her natal Jupiter (slight tendency to unforced errors just now), and Neptune sextile her natal Neptune (spiritually at peace with herself).

Not bad transits, she stands a chance of going through in the next round.

At the final: she would still have Neptune sextile her natal Mercury, Mars trine her natal Mars exact to the day (speed and energy), Uranus trine her natal Mars (able to surprise with her speed) and Neptune will still be sextile her natal Neptune.  Though still good, I don’t think these are winning transits.

No. 17 Anna Kalinskaya 

This is the first time I have looked at her chart.  She is an outright Sagittarian, sporty and expansive, with Neptune, Mercury, the Sun and Venus in that sign.

Her transits now include: Jupiter opposite her natal Sun, Saturn on her natal Jupiter (damping down some enthusiasm but bringing more self-discipline) and  Jupiter trine her natal Uranus (the power of surprise and enterprise).  She will be playing at her best.

At the end of Wimbledon: she will have the North Node trine natal Sun in addition (a karmic boost),  Saturn square her natal Venus (some personal disappointment), Saturn still on her natal Jupiter getting closer, the North Node sextile natal her Uranus (ability to cope with complexity; a second karmic transit), Neptune sextile natal Neptune (spiritually at peace with herself) and Pluto on natal Neptune (perhaps out of her depth).  If she gets to the final, which she might, it will be a momentous time for her, but she would not be likely to win).

Of these four, the woman with the best transits is Paolini, but I still pick Rybakina (last week’s tip as the overall winner.

 Men’s Seeds

No. 5 Daniil Medvedev

Daniil Plays at 16.15 today versus No. 10 Seed Dimitrov, which should be an interesting match.

I wrote in 2019:

“What makes him an absolute high flyer?  He is a leader (Sun conjunct Mars trine his North Node).  Mercury conjunct Uranus gives him a brilliant brain, and Mercury exactly conjunct Neptune gives him the ability to channel inspiration.”

His transits Now: Uranus trine his natal Mercury exact to the day (an excellent transit which could alone get him through, but he has Uranus square his natal Mars (a touch injury-prone) and Pluto on his natal Uranus (painful!).  Uranus trine his natal Neptune adds the ability to cope well with complexity.

For the end of Wimbledon, he has Mars trine his natal Mercury (quick mental reactions and good co-ordination), Mars trine his natal Neptune (spiritual fire), Uranus still exactly trine his natal Mercury but waning, Uranus still square his natal Mars but closer, Pluto still on his natal Uranus but waning, and Uranus still trine his natal Neptune but closer.

A reasonable mix of transits.

No. 9 Alex de Minaur

Tomorrow he plays Arthur Fils.  I have written about Alex de Minaur:

De Minaur is an Aquarian, with the speed and agility of a close trine between Mercury and Mars, and the unpredictability of Mars square Uranus.  He has no Earth planets, which may make him ungrounded at times.”

Tomorrow he has Jupiter square his natal Mercury (mental enthusiasm but may sometimes overreach himself; this can produce unforced errors), Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter (that is powerful, and good for self-belief), but with Jupiter opposite his natal Pluto again he could over-reach himself, and produce drama; finally the North Node trine his natal Pluto gives him a strong karmic brief to stand or fall by.

Transits for the End of Wimbledon: Mars will be sextile his natal Venus (personally heartwarming, but that may be in another aspect of his life), Pluto still sextile his natal Jupiter but closer and more powerful; Jupiter still opposite his natal Pluto but waning, and the North Node trine his natal Pluto but closer.

There is a lot of intensity in his Wimbledon journey, but room for pitfalls.  Therefore I would not think he will be at the final.

No. 10 Grigor Dimitrov

As mentioned, Dimitrov will be playing Medvedev.  Way back, I wrote of him:

He has …interesting conjunctions in his chart: one is the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of the early 1990s, which at the time I dubbed “the winds of change”. It enables him to deal with complexity and strong energies.”

His transits now show: Chiron square his natal Mars (prone to injury), and Saturn trine his natal Pluto (at the same time, great strength!).  Not a remarkable set of transits.

His transits for the end of Wimbledon: Mars on his natal Sun (fresh energy), Chiron still square his natal Mars but closer and Saturn trine his natal Pluto also closer.

Not an impressive array of transits, therefore I think Medvedev will win today.

No. 12 Tommy Paul

Tommy Paul is another player whose chart I haven’t looked at before. A Taurean, he has half his planets in Earth signs (so is very grounded) and 0 planets in Air signs, so plays more instinctively than mentally.  He plays Bautista today.

He currently has: Uranus on his natal Sun (he’s having the time of his life), and Neptune sextile his natal Neptune exact to the day (spiritually at peace with himself).  But he has two tricky transits to deal with: Saturn opposite his natal Mars (heavy going at times) and Mars square his natal Jupiter (a tendency to unforced errors).  Not the best line up of transits.  But I think he will beat Bautista today.

The end of Wimbledon finds him with: Uranus still on his natal Sun even closer (he could still pull off a surprise), Saturn still opposite his natal Mars even closer, and Neptune still sextile his natal.  I wouldn’t completely rule him out.

Of these four, I think Medvedev has the best prospects to win, but again will go with last week’s suggestion that Alcaraz will win.


Friday’s election results truly did constitute a new beginning.  With the New Moon in Cancer (the sign of the divine feminine) – we were presented with a new cabinet dominated by women, the chance for women to have a voice.

Tomorrow (Monday 8th) we have a sextile between Venus and Uranus.  There may be a social sparkle somewhere in your life, even if only on social media.  It’s a good day, for the most part, for socializing and meeting new people.  Meetings are significant with the combination of Venus and Uranus, and sometimes they can be strange and spooky with an air of serendipity.  And in the context of the new cabinet, it is a chance for females to innovate.

Two more aspects to go, for tomorrow: Mercury sextiles Jupiter, indicating a high note!  Some good news may be possible. This aspect favours communication, sales and travel.  Higher learning is also a benefit –  this may be encouraging to students anticipating upcoming exam results.  It’s a good time to practice any new language skills, too.  In the context of the new government, it is a time to forge good connections with business.  It will also benefit small businesses.

A more karmic aspect also takes place tomorrow: that of Mercury trine the North Node.  This ensures that information and communication are accurate and karmically relevant.  If you have something important to say, do it.

Skipping to Wednesday (9th) we are greeted with another sextile, that between Jupiter and the North Node.  If you feel it’s time your ship came in karmically, you could indeed reap some rewards.  Unless you have really stretched  the rules of the Universe, you should experience the positive end of karma.  There may even be some good news on the international scene (for a change).

Thursday (11th) brings us a trine between the Sun and Saturn.  This enables the re-establishment of a foothold on reality, if that is what you might need.  It is a solid and productive aspect.  If you are engaged in creativity, it can help ensure that it works on a practical level.  It is also a good aspect for making plans and laying foundations, and counting your chickens.

By late lunchtime, Venus trines Neptune, which is a beautiful aspect from a social point of view, enabling spiritual links with people.  Artistically or musically, you can achieve inspirational heights.

Early tea time Venus enters Leo), which is a summery vibe.   You can afford to be bold in seeking entertainment today, e.g. in a summer break.  Alternatively express some rich creativity, dine out, or polish up your performance skills…just a few suggestions!

Friday (12th) has an altogether more sober aspect: that of Pluto opposing Venus.  You’ll have to be patient if you are holidaying, for that summery vibe to fully manifest.  All Venusian matters (love, relationships, art, music, gardening and money) are put under a thorough psychological searchlight.  You could hear (or utter) phrases such as “Are you absolutely sure?”, “Is it Art?”, “Can we go on like this?”, “Climate change is playing havoc with my gardening” and “Money’s too tight to mention”.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – social sparkle; good for business; good information karma
  • Wednesday – good karma
  • Thursday – establishing foundations; artistic inspiration; here comes summer!
  • Friday – where has summer gone?; dig deep psychologically (to find your inner summer)