The effects of the Full Moon are now ebbing, and also the fall-out from the square between Mercury and Neptune. There may be a state of confusion this morning, question marks around health issues for instance, and things mislaid. I know that because this blog is delayed this morning for those very reasons (I lost my ephemeris on the way to the blog). Today is for collecting yourselves, and for keeping a careful eye on loved ones…There’s a more serene aspect coming our way tomorrow (Monday 26th) for Venus trines Neptune, and love takes on a spiritual hue: the ethereal and the heartwarming colours of compassion come into play, and some of us take a step towards unconditional love. So keep your heart open today, it will need to stay open to receive those vibes tomorrow. Another aspect occurring today is the Sun squaring the Moon’s Nodal Axis, and therefore the forces of karma too will make themselves known today. Make sure that your concept of karma is a benign, loving one. The Lords and the laws of karma are as just, approachable and merciful as you imagine them to be. They know the blueprints of our sacred contracts. And this week is about spiritual healing and making peace with our lives and the characters that populate them. So a quincunx between Mars and Chiron follows on Tuesday (27th), continuing the theme of healing crises. You will need that heart to still be open (why ever shut it?) and if you received the healing balm of Venus trine Neptune you will also need that lift to do what you need to do mid-week. There needs to be a continuous flow of sensitivity and compassion, and though it can be exhausting, your spiritual sources can feed and replenish the energy, like a figure eight. What else is going on? Well there’s still the large matter of the build up to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction mentioned last week, and if you want to know more click on my Jupiter-Pluto special. Friday (30th) brings a flat note of Sun square Saturn, with more letting go (acceptance if you look on the bright side, resignation if not). If you are an Oxbridge undergraduate, you’ll just have to prepare to wave goodbye to your new mates for the next 6 weeks and prepare to be received back into the bosom of the family. I’m afraid that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Finally, on Saturday (1st December) Mercury enters Sagittarius, and there is a lot to talk about. You’ve felt the feelings, now it’s time to talk about them. It’s safe to call from your parents’ land line.