This week is a creative space, and could be anything you make of it…There are no major aspects (I considered having the week off) and you may fall into a natural rhythm.   Meditations this week may be very spacey, light-filled but non-specific in their messages.  Today is Sun Day, for the number 10 is the number of the Sun, and may be a day of renewal, or at least transition into newness.  So, there being no substance to grasp in terms of interaction between the planets (aspects), I will follow the Moon’s aspects this week, the fluctuation of our emotions, plus some semi-sextiles.  Today the Moon is conjunct Mars (initiation, new energy) then trine Jupiter (hope for the future) then square to Neptune (possibility of delusion) and lastly trine Uranus (vivid imagination, hopefully not in combination with delusion).  All the while, the Moon is in Scorpio, providing a background of emotional intensity.  Before the evening is out, the Moon enters Sagittarius, lifting the mood again and keeping it buoyant for the next few days.  Mercury also forms a minor aspect, a semi-sextile, with Venus, so there may be some playful communication, a few lines of poetry written (but not likely a whole poem).  For the new working week sport Sagittarian colours: purples and turquoises, but not necessarily together unless you are very subtly able to combine different hues.  If you are working in an office, you might find that people turn up in the same colours on the same day, and this is often the colour associated with the Moon sign of the day.  Tomorrow the Moon is sextile Saturn (constructive emotional restraint) but the Sun is semi-sextile Mars, so male energy may be fiery.  Talking of the red planet, last week’s terrible ecological disaster in Hungary coincided with Mars transiting the natal Pluto for the 1989 chart of Hungary.  Saturn is also squaring Hungary’s Saturn (testing times) and the North Node transiting the Ascendant of this chart (a karmic element).  For the 1918 chart, the North Node is conjunct the natal Pluto (soul-searching).  However the Mars aspect for the later chart is more graphic for its destructive effects and the connection with the colour red, rendering the use of the 1989 chart perhaps to be more accurate.  On Tuesday 12th (still on Sagittarian colours) the Moon sextiles Mercury, the Sun and Neptune (mental alertness, harmony and emotional sensitivity) but squares Jupiter (exaggerated emotions).  On Wednesday you can wear your Sagittarian colours and cheerfulness up until  4.17 a.m. UK time (so that’s florid nightwear), then switch to a more sober mood and earthy colours for the next few days while the Moon is in Capricorn.  Wednesday also brings a square of Uranus to the Moon (unpredictable emotion) followed by a conjunction of Pluto to the Moon (emotional depth and seriousness) continuing by ending the day in a similar vein with the Moon squaring Saturn.  After a night’s sleep in your beige nightwear the mood is more congenial on Thursday morning with Moon sextile Venus (good for ladies who lunch), then the Moon squares Mercury (conflicting the imagination with the rational point of view).  Ladies may have agreed at lunch but at tea time their views may be more at variance with their companions at table.  Some fiery but harmonious debate (Moon sextile Mars) is later followed by disagreement (Moon square Sun) by bedtime (still wearing neutral nightwear, pale green at best).  Agreeing to differ would be the way to go, but the next morning there is a brighter outlook with the Moon sextile Jupiter (buoyant emotions) topped up with the Moon sextile Uranus (new tricks).  Another lunchtime, not just ladies, definitely divisive with Mercury semi-sextile Mars, with possibly memorable soundbites.  If you’re out, take a change of costume as early afternoon the Moon enters Aquarius and the colours and styles become more adventurous, a bit like Cheryl Cole’s contestants on the X-factor.  You’ll be very “current” and “relevant” and possibly sport amazing eye-catching futuristic headgear.  Clothing by the Moon can be quite exhausting…Even with Moon still in Aquarius you will be wanting to tone it down a little by Saturday (16th) and eyeshades might be appropriate with Moon trine Saturn and squaring Venus.  You might want to shop for a new batch of nightwear on Saturday, too.  You may also want to tune into a couple of prominent and bright Fixed Stars which are aligned with our Sun at the end of the week:  Spica (from the constellation of Virgo) and Arcturus (from Bootes).  According to Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld (authors of “Starlight Elixirs”) these two stars represent clarity (including lucid dreaming) and healing respectively.  For recommended reading Jose Arguelles wrote a book “The Arcturus Probe” in 1996 which contains a fascinating map for those who wish to explore such pathways.  In the nature of Arcturian healing there is a resonance with that of Chiron, and I would like to end this somewhat skittish account of the week with a look at a more spiritual representation of Arcturus from “Starlight Elixirs”:

“The Arcturians had discovered that a question and its answer being separate was an artificial condition.  For this reason they also influenced the way in which the Law of Help is modulated and worked out for humanity.  It is as if the angelic beings, many guide beings, and many non-physical  beings have studied and worked with Arcturians specifically to know this deeply so that when it is time to work with someone asking for help, these guides will be aware that a question and its answer are created together, and that this help will be given in great amounts”.