As we bask in the significance to the world of Rentaghost veteran and Panto star Christopher Biggins being crowned King of the Jungle (as Jupiter transits his jovial Sun/Mercury in Sagittarius), and we continue to build our understanding of the forthcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (don’t we?) we have two aspects to contemplate this Sunday. First the easy one: Venus is sextile Jupiter which favours reunions and parties and get-togethers. Then the more difficult: Mercury squaring the Moon’s Nodal Axis which encourages us to mentally explore the concepts and ramifications of karma, and possibly put something into words to express that understanding. Tomorrow (3rd) brings a welcome couple of sextiles: first Venus sextile Pluto, a deeper experience than Venus sextile Jupiter (“Now that we have connected on a superficial basis, what do we have to say to each other which will reveal our deeper true relationship?”). Secondly, Sun sextile Chiron which speaks of the potential for the healing of the Soul, so grab some for yourself while it is on special offer. Venus and the Moon create a double act on Wednesday (5th) and so there could be an emphasis on ancient goddesses or modern girl power. It’s a good day for deep massage, tenderly spoken thoughts and gentle gestures. Venus enters Scorpio at 13.29 Hrs (UK time) enabling us to “voice the bodymind” (see the work of esteemed Felicity Cook from my Contact page) or at least to think about voicing the bodymind. At 18.31 Hrs the Moon joins her (Venus, not Felicity) in Scorpio, piling on the emotion and edging us closer to this experience. And then at 19.04 Hrs the two combine in Scorpio, so that is the precise time to down tools and actually voice your bodymind. Any queries, over to Felicity. It would also be a good evening for a girl’s night out or any cultural activities celebrating female composers, authors, playwrights or artists. Thursday (6th) is a different kettle of fish, bringing Mercury square to Saturn. O.K. maybe you overdid it yesterday and now you are suffering for it physically, e.g. hangover, mild headache, stiffness in the joints or all three. Time to pay attention to the physical body in a more mechanistic way than yesterday’s emotional work. So that’s egg nog, paracetamol and glucosamine sulphate. I know, I know – you don’t really like to take such things, but it is a day to bring yourself back to equilibrium the best way you know how, even if it is lying in bed all day or meditating all day. Unless you want to prolong the suffering…or unless you can see that it will lead to greater insight if you do prolong the suffering. More disruption on Friday (7th) with Sun square Uranus, proving it’s really that disrupted time of year when your days are punctuated with Christmas do’s (apologies to Lynne Truss if I’ve got the apostrophe wrong) and Christmas shopping, all causing fraction in our normal routines, and making it more likely that we will lose our keys, mislay our deeper selves even. It can happen at this time of year. So keep an undercurrent of the knowledge of who you really are going at some level: meditate regularly, carry icons, write poetry at the crack of dawn…You’re doing well, you’ve got a handle on the forthcoming Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (haven’t you?), you’ve got a new wish ready for Sunday’s New Moon, and to grace the end of the week with a delicate flourish Mercury sextiles Chiron on Saturday (8th), some icing on the cake providing the means for balancing your health in this run-up to the Christmas period with all its excesses, and helping to keep you sane.