33 gold and copper miners were miraculously rescued a few days ago, with Jupiter transiting the Chilean natal Pluto, and the profile status of their country Chile was also raised.   This last week has been a neutral or even creative space without major astrological aspects, the first since I started blogging in early 2007.  What an amazing achievement by the Chileans, and how heartwarming a story!  I felt that with the bringing up of the miners, we watchers were all undergoing the resurfacing of deeply buried emotions.  The astrological story is that the disaster occurred at the peak of the Cardinal Climax or T-square on 5 August this year, when Saturn was square to Chile’s Ascendant, and that all the preparatory work in the last few weeks paid off this week in a perfectly-executed rescue, as though the Chileans were showing us how it should be done, emotionally as well as practically.  Sadly champion of the underdog Aquarian Claire Rayner lost her battle for life during that period, but had prepared well her last words: “Tell David Cameron that if he screws up my beloved NHS I’ll come back and bloody haunt him.”  You may have had a complex project to negotiate the last few weeks, and may have experienced the right space or perspective to tie it up this week.  For myself, I have been struggling with my first Self-Assessment Tax form, and found that the challenging aspects between the Sun/Mercury and Pluto square Saturn in the last few weeks both pinned me down to tackling it, and brought me through my blocks, so that I completed it this last week.  Someone was asking me why people had such difficulty filling in forms, and I observed that 20 years ago a form was about 1 page and now it is several pages long, with an accompanying manual or two of notes, of even greater thickness, to “enable” you to fill it in, if you can stay awake and aware long enough when reading it, and digest and memorize its contents.  When you have filled in a form, you also need a degree or training to work out postage on packets now.  Even the experts in the Post Office seem to need complex equipment for the job, much deliberation, eyebrow gymnastics and pursing of the lips. Not so long ago, you were able to just put a stamp on an envelope with confidence, swish your hair and go.  These are the rantings of a pensioner, bear in mind, and perhaps the youth of today find it easier.  So we are back to normal aspect services from the planets this coming week, but have learned how valuable such a space can be.  On Sunday 17th Sun conjuncts Mercury at 24 degrees Libra, perfect for concentration on legal forms, or equal exchanges of information such as through conversation.  Monday 18th brings a trine between Neptune and Mercury and inspiration may flow, plus it’s a good day for dance training (take note contestants of Strictly Come Dancing).  Neptune is still in a tight conjunction with Chiron, and therefore there is also a trine between Mercury and Chiron, making it easy to access information about alternative healing, and bringing together different types of healing.  On Tuesday 19th the Sun trines Neptune, and inspiration allies with creativity.  Perhaps the inspiration which occurred earlier translates into a creative project.  Following on, the Sun also trines Chiron, enabling more healing to come through from whatever source. I am currently reading about “Theta Healing” subtitled “An Introduction to an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality” by Vianna Stibal.  I am finding it an enjoyable, though slow read, worth looking into.  There are 3 Chiron aspects altogether in this week, so such explorations may be assisted and enhanced.  Mercury enters Scorpio on Wednesday 20th, and the day sees an intensification of mental processes.  Another are of cosmic activity is provided by Green Comet Hartley that day.  The Guardian reports: “It is only a small comet and lacks any appreciable tail.  Instead, a small knot of greenish luminosity surrounding its icy nucleus is set within an extensive circular glow.  The latter is hard to see unless the sky is free of light pollution and moonlight.”  Comets were always regarded with awe and wonder in previous centuries, and to some extent still are, and if you experience a state of awe and wonder that day you may possibly re-trace it to comet Hartley.  On Thursday 21st Mars trines Jupiter, a wholeheartedly positive aspect, especially if you need energy to get things going.  If you have been trying to get a project off the ground, or wonder why good quality sleep is eluding you, you may wake up on that day raring to go and finding others also bubbling with energy (Mars) + enthusiasm (Jupiter) = the green light.  Mars squares Neptune on Friday 22nd, and it is “hold on there is something not quite right here, we need to investigate”.  A red light in some cultures, or maybe amber, or blue.  Not a day to continue rushing ahead, but a day to sensitively feel your way through and take account of any interpersonal complexities, or even any extraterrestrial information which may be coming through your antennae.  Mars also squares Chiron, so healing initiatives may also be problematic temporarily, and energies will be awkward.  However, later that day assistance is provided by Mercury sextile Pluto, important information coming through and important conversations, real communication being exchanged.  A Full Moon on the border of Aries and Taurus occurs in the early hours of Saturday 23rd (and the evening of Friday 22nd for the U.S.).  This may provide understanding about the intensity and complexity of the build-up in energies of the last few days, and you may feel a sense of relief like a cool gentle shower of rain after mugginess.  The Sun then enters Scorpio and we feel that we are on track, what we are doing is important and has meaning, and that more people are singing from the same hymn sheet.  Just refer back to the Chilean miners if you need perspective.