The sign of Sagittarius is choc-a-block this morning with planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. So one area of your life is going to be reeling with activities and possibilities for new activities, while others may have gone quiet. Whoever you are, whatever Sun sign you are, you’ll be sensing that there’s something important in the offing, with varying degrees of awareness. That is not to say that those who are more evolutionarily evolved will have the edge: it may simply be a question of what has been karmically revealed to you about the future. The Universe likes to surprise you, from time to time. I mean, take a look at last week’s aspects – who would have thought it would be a week of miracles? You may still be marvelling at one, as the Mercury sextile Chiron is still operational this morning. There’s time to get another miracle in before lunch. Also, while you were sleeping, Mars was sextile Saturn, so your unconscious at least was busy making plans. For it’s a New Moon day, and it’s time to breathe, and wish, and then breathe again. Wishes can be particularly global in a Sagittarian New Moon. And you have two more days to practise your Jupiter-Pluto meditations (see my “Jupiter-Pluto Extravaganza” blog). For Tuesday is the focus of the week, or even the month. And Tuesday (11th, for those who haven’t already noted it in their diaries) starts with a square between Mercury and Uranus, possibly even before you’ve retired on the Monday night. Unexpected news, controversial views, freak weather are all contenders for your attention and may even contribute to a sleepless night. Just when you wanted all your faculties about you to concentrate on the main astrological event you’ve prepared diligently for. The actual conjunction occurs in the evening, though it will colour the whole day. If you are doing something important that day, such as chairing a conference in Washington, or attending a funeral in King’s Lynn, then it could be a grand co-operation between the forces of Heaven and Earth if you keep your mind and heart fully open. If you’ve got nothing planned that day, going into inner space could be a phantasmagorical experience. If going into inner space is not your thing, then stay glued to the news and current affairs broadcasts, which could be fascinating that day. And before the end of the day, supporting Jupiter and Pluto in their attempt to add meaning to your life, Venus and Mars form a trine. This could be a big romance story for you or those celebs (watch the newspaper headlines the next morning). But it helps to ground the global energies of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction into something more personal to our lives. So we’ve reached the morning after…the morning after the Jupiter-Pluto big event, the morning after the romantic leanings of Venus trine Mars…and it’s now Wednesday 12th…time to get your bearings and assess and digest the impact of yesterday, and a good time to take the morning off work. You need to savour the afterglow, pick up the pieces, or finish the washing up. And you’ll be helped by two sextiles today: Sun sextile Neptune (dreams can come true – it’s Panto season, oh yes they can) and Venus sextile Saturn (can you really believe what you see is true? Maybe you can). Don’t be in denial about the importance of events this week. Friday (14th) follows with another sextile, between Mercury and Neptune, another chance to integrate any changed views of reality, and perhaps write or record in some way any experiences you had, spiritual or worldly. It seems heartening and stabilizing that those sextiles turned up when they did. Like the calm turning up after the storm.