Shapers of finance last week in the UK were George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Wayne Rooney who obtained a pay rise from Alex Ferguson, the Manager of Manchester United Football Club.  Under the harmless sounding title of “Spending Review” last Wednesday, Osborne outlined the most savage programme of cuts to hit the poorest members of our society possibly ever.  This came on the day of the appearance of green Comet Hartley, which hardly enhances the reputation of comets.  Mercury also entered Scorpio that day which intensifies cutting speech.  What is it in George Osborne’s natal chart which enables him to be so ruthless?  It may be his Mars square Mercury (also cutting speech), or it may be his Moon square (difficult relationship with the public) North Node (karmic consequences).  On the day of the cutting speech Saturn was transiting his Uranus (bringing out his capacity to shock), and Uranus was opposing his Pluto (extreme action and psychology). …Wayne Rooney has innate talent as a football player (the precision of Mars in Virgo exactly sextile his Saturn) but in estimating his value to the world there may be a touch of arrogance (a T-square between Jupiter, his Sun/Pluto, and his North Node).  In his dialogue with Alex Ferguson he was taking on a shrewd man (who has been called the greatest football manager in the world).  Alex’s natal chart has a close trine between his Mercury and North Node (karmic mission as a Teacher) and Moon conjunct Jupiter (a motivator).  The astrological story is that Rooney was expressing his negative feminine side, in that Saturn was transiting his Venus (his feminine side, and money) and Venus currently in Scorpio (financial desire) was transiting his South Node (karmic habits).  These negative feminine wiles (manifesting last week as a sulk) may have come through from past life patterns therefore.  In calling in his cash karma, he is also creating cash karma for the future.  Alex Ferguson has karma with Wayne Rooney as a benefactor (his Sun trines Rooney’s North Node).  For both scenarios, Osborne’s and Rooney’s, time will tell the consequences.  Today Mars trines Uranus, a go-ahead, sparky day.  If you are meeting a friend, conversation will be lively.  If you are kicking a football around, you could make some surprise success moves.  Tomorrow Mercury conjuncts Venus at 7 degrees Scorpio, which is good for communication, negotiation, and rich descriptive writing.  Conversation will flourish in terms of mutual understanding.  On Tuesday (26th) the Sun sextiles Pluto, another positive aspect but one which doesn’t pull any punches.  Everyone will have an agenda, and progress can be achieved, but in making your bid you will have to justify your cause.  A minor aspect is worthy of mention for Wednesday (27th) and that is Mercury semi-sextile Saturn.  Dialogue on Wednesday has to be realistic, and if it is, minor gains can be achieved.  However, some could use avoidance tactics under this aspect.  Mars enters Sagittarius on Thursday (28th) which is another highlight of go-ahead energy.  You might sense an energy shift from ruthless (as in Osborne and Rooney) to beneficent, or at least more straightforward and upfront.  You will feel, in engaging in a group for instance, that you know where you are much more easily, and that hidden agendas are not lurking in the background so much.  In a week where all the aspects are pretty friendly, we end on Friday (29th) with a lovely conjunction between Venus and the Sun at 5 degrees Scorpio.  If it is your birthday, your cup runneth over.  If it is not your birthday, it is a good day for marriage proposals, engagements and romantic dinners.  You might also try your luck sulking for a pay rise…unless your karmic status has risen above this level, in which case it’s a good day to create your own wealth authentically and with integrity, from the heart.