The energies of this week are all set up by the planets at the beginning of the week and especially the opportunity for the expansion of consciousness brought about by today’s trine between Mercury and Uranus, so that we are then left to enjoy, or work with them.  As the beginning of next week (Monday 15th) brings a trine between the Sun and Jupiter we have a positive force field for this week between the two aspects, we do not have tension building, we can literally work with what has been set up, and possibly even have the luxury of living in the Now.  Our beginning standpoint is Mercury trine Uranus today.  The foggy clouds of yesterday (Mercury square Neptune) which may have lost you some of the day (e.g. through a hangover) are fading and we can step into the mental clarity that is Mercury trine Uranus.  This is a wonderful aspect to take through the week with us, and in fact is the only aspect, because tomorrow’s astrological features are changes of zodiac sign, and not inter-aspects between them.  So you can make the most of this and build on it throughout the week.  It’s a good week to cultivate mental acuity, and telepathic transmission, and to keep your higher antennae out for messages from the Universe.  If you have this aspect natally, you have an intuitional mind, which can sometimes by-pass logic, and cut through it to the real truth.  So we can all have flashes of intuition under this aspect, and it’s a good week to hone the connection between the lower mind and the higher self.  If you want to work with the Fixed Stars*, Uranus is connecting with the position of Scheat in Pegasus, and Mercury is connecting with the position of Alpha Centaurus.  This will expand the power of your work with today’s trine.  Alpha Centaurus can enhance conscious meditation or guided visualization for the mind, while Scheat working with the transiting Uranus can enable the transfer of energy to the Crown Chakra.  Regarding Scheat, Rubenfeld and Smulkis offer the following information: “Those who are having a little bit of trouble with this time of great change on Earth and wish to see the larger picture by attuning with cycles to see how things unfold appropriately will do well here.”  Remember in your meditations to project for the whole week.  So today is a launchpad for the week, and tomorrow is a reorientation possibly as a result of utilizing today’s trine.  Neptune and its confusions are standing still today, prior to moving forwards.  You may have a moment of “Oh I see where I have been going wrong, and now I see where or how to go!” on a subtle level.  The rest of the week will be able to respond to this moment of clarity, and a subtle new light can fall on everything.  Today is like turning on a switch, a lot can be sorted out today, to enable the rest of the week to fall into place.  Tomorrow’s events (Monday 8th) are a change of sign for Venus and Mercury.  Venus retrogrades back to Libra from Scorpio, a chance for her to regain her equilibrium after the arduous challenges of being in Scorpio.  She can waltz a little after her Paso Doble…For all of us there will be a little re-tracing of steps in relationship.  And the last stage setting for the week is Mercury entering Sagittarius, also tomorrow.  Mercury leaves the more exacting rigours of Scorpio and is allowed freer rein in the wider fields of Sagittarius.  This allows even more expansion of the mind, and if nothing arrests this development we may all have an expanded outlook by next week, which will then be able to shift up yet another gear, provided you have been laying solid foundations this week.

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld