I must confess to being a little daunted this morning on looking at my ephemeris. I had thought I’d quickly blog, then write some Christmas cards and wrap some presents for the rest of the day. But it looks as though I am going to be here all day, with SO many aspects to write about this week (and those who know me know I don’t use capitals lightly). In fact, I have counted no less than 4 sign changes this week, which alone would make a normal-sized blog. So get yourself a cup of tea, before you settle down to read. Today’s aspect is a square between Venus and Chiron, which can give rise to a mini-healing crisis, such as losing something, realizing how much it meant to you, then finding it and being more overjoyed than you would have thought. The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius tomorrow (Monday 17th). If you are returning to the Office after a break, bearing perhaps cream cakes, your powers of perception and concentration will be top notch, despite having forgotten to take your ginkgo biloba and ginseng during the weekend’s celebrations. During your moments of clarity, you may sense that a sea-change is going on karmically. This is because over 17/18th the True North Node moves from Pisces to Aquarius (a mini-dawning of the Age of Aquarius) and on 19/20th the Mean North Node does the same. They are actually the same characters, just different calculations, but karmically it means a change of mode from old ways or victim-consciousness to new deals and brother/sisterhood, and it may be easier to shift things karmically. Certainly the middle of the week is a good time to see what needs to be done in that respect. Going back to Tuesday (18th) we have a dynamic day on our hands, with Venus trine Uranus and then Jupiter entering Capricorn. If it’s the Office Christmas meal or party, people may surprise you or you them, in a naughty but nice way. You may just pluck up the courage to say to the waiter, as you have been longing to do for the last 5 years: “Has anyone ever told you that you look like the actor Art Malik?” And it will prove the right time to ask him, as he has mellowed over those 5 years to be receptive to such bold comments. If you are not going to a Christmas party, then such encounters can happen anywhere else. Jupiter’s entrance into Capricorn of course has much more gravitas. In fact, it could stop those cheeky Sagittarians in their tracks. They’ve been on such a roll, and now suddenly, the mood has changed and they are out of synch. What has happened? Their ruling planet just got more aware of responsibility, commitment, the fact that life is not a bowl of cherries for everyone all the time. Conversely, what’s happening to Capricorns is that they might suddenly be full of Christmas cheer, and lighten up, and taste the cherries. For the rest of the Zodiac it’ll be a combination of those depending on whether your chart is more Jupiterian or Saturnian ~ an interesting moment. Ploughing on, Wednesday (19th) sees Saturn go stationary, prior to retrograding. It is well into the first decanate of Virgo now, and those born in early Virgo who thought they had got things under their belts in recent weeks, may have to do some revision. If you are at College studying, say, homeopathy, and you thought you’d done enough to get by, you may need to look over some of the finer detail of the course again, which should be fine because detail is your middle name. If you take noon Wednesday as the mid-point of the week we are half-way there now, and in the afternoon Mercury is conjunct with Pluto. This is a serious aspect for looking at fine detail, plus the meaning behind the fine detail. Everything in the Universe has a purpose, even the finest of details. Moving swiftly on to Thursday (20th) and remembering that we are still in this karmic sea-change (time to refresh your cuppa) we encounter another planet/sign change in the form of Mercury now entering Capricorn. One planet by one is moving from the fun-loving, joy-bringing sign of Sagittarius to the more purposeful and applied sign of Capricorn. They are paving the way for the big entry of Pluto to Capricorn in January, so these minor events are heralds and mood adjustments for us. More practicality, application and focus, then. We may be preparing for the festivities and celebrations of Christmas, but also preparing our year ahead on a higher level. In the evening Mercury catches up with Jupiter, and travel will be on many of our minds, whether it is re-locating for the Christmas period to be with elderly relatives, or flying out for ski holidays or seeking out hotspots in the globe. Some of you may be toying with holiday websites, and may just click the “add to cart” button for some far-flung destination. If you prefer to travel mentally or spiritually, then it’s a great time for a group meditation, or any other mind-broadening activity. The Sun conjuncts Pluto at midnight or the early hours of Friday (21st) U.K. time, so all that mental or physical travelling gets you to a meaningful place, e.g. those mental Mount Everests or more appropriately deep-sea diving in the ocean beds of the subconscious. Only one more day to go (serial tea-drinkers fill up again): Saturday 22nd starts at daybreak with the entry of the Sun into Capricorn (Happy Winter Solstice to you). Try to rise early and take a trip to the bottom of the garden, and give thanks for the returning of the light. Mid-morning Venus squares Neptune, and something arouses compassion, perhaps the contemplation of the nativity story, a Big Issue seller with fingerless gloves, or an elderly neighbour who needs some Christmas provisions. And late afternoon/early evening we have our final aspect of the week (bear in mind I don’t choose them) which is Mercury opposite Mars – very appropriate to last minute rushing round frazzled in the newly-refurbished centre of Cambridge buying that last-minute present for Aunty Dorothy. They’ve opened a new kitchenware shop, and there are some handy new can openers for arthritic hands. This has been a bit of a marathon, but hope there’s something in it for you. I’m on my fourth cup of tea, and third pair of glasses.