Q:  Any first thoughts on the Cancer-Capricorn engagement?


Prince William

Prince William is a New Mooner (born on an eclipse) and therefore also has the Part of Fortune on the Ascendant (see previous postbag question).  He therefore has the ability to start anew when he needs to.  As well as having the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer (his mother’s sign) he also has the North Node (his karmic mission) in that sign.  They are in his 7th House of relationship, so emotionally he is very attuned to family life and marriage.  His Air Force career is shown by Mars in his 10th House of Career in the sign of Libra (often associated with the Air Force).  He also has Jupiter on his Midheaven (Careerpoint) ensuring good fortune in this area of his life, or certainly the opportunity to do what he wants in career terms.  He has a conjunction of Venus and Chiron in Taurus at the end of his 5th House, which somehow conveys the wounding and poignancy of losing his mother and his relationship with her.  The Cancerian planets emphasize her role in his life.  It is possible that these wounds later in life will be translated into creative and artistic or musical talents, in which he can express what he feels about her.  He may well have a strong paternal urge to create a family of his own.

Kate Middleton

Kate’s Sun Sign Capricorn is the opposite of William’s, and together they create the Cancer-Capricorn polarity which is one of parenting.  As a Capricorn she has administrative skills, and likes to uphold tradition.  Iain Duncan Smith might like to note that she is capable of work in this capacity, and in fact also has Venus conjunct Mercury so may have writing talent, and could write books in the future.  Her Part of Fortune is in the 6th House of work, in fact, too.  Although born 6 months apart, William and Kate have their Mars’ conjunct, which denotes sexual compatibility and the ability to work together and to pull together in the same direction on a project.  Additionally, she has the Sun trine Chiron and may be a healer in some respects which she is not yet aware of, e.g. she may take an interest in the Homeopathic tendencies of the family she is marrying into.  She and William also have shared Moon signs (Cancer) and that may be a resonance which brought his mother’s engagement ring to her, but possibly even more significantly her Moon is exactly conjunct with William’s North Node, which denotes a karmic connection of the mothering kind.  This may indicate that one of the primary purposes of the union is in order to bring in the next generation.  Karmically too, her Sun is conjunct her South Node indicating past life connections with Royality, possibly in Egypt or Russia.

The Synastry

In addition to the Cancerian connections, and the Mars link described above, the couple have trined Mercuries which indicates good mental compatibility.  William’s Mercury is in Gemini so he likes to chat and exchange factual information, while Kate is also communicative with Mercury in another air sign Aquarius, but perhaps more forward thinking.  But it will be a good combination when they are in discussion over a project or a family matter.  His Mercury trines her Venus, so Art History (which they both studied at St. Andrew’s University) would provide a good topic of conversation, and he may provide ideas if she does embark on writing – she would be able to use him as a sounding board.  His Mars also trines her Venus, a romantic bond between them to be sure.  Her Mars trines his Mercury, so she can encourage him in work and thought.  Her Jupiter trines his Moon, providing emotional uplift.  And her Pluto sextiles his Ascendant (we don’t have a birth time or Ascendant for her) so she is capable of providing solid psychological backing for him, for example in any future role in the Monarchy.  In an anecdote shown over and over on the news last Tuesday  told by the writer Kathy Lette it was intimated that Kate described herself as being allergic to horses, one of the animal totems of the family she is marrying into.  This may be depicted in her chart by the square of Jupiter (horses) to her Mercury/Venus conjunction.  Something to write about.

The Engagement

The chart of the engagement on Tuesday 16th November 2010 shows the Part of Fortune on the cusp of the 5th House and trine the Ascendant.  I would see the 5th House as the Engagement, to the 7th House as Marriage.  So that is a happy event, with Venus (Romance) at the top of the chart, eliciting a collective “Aaah!” across the nation, or across the section which is not anti-Monarchy.  The Moon is conjunct Jupiter,  promoting good news and buoyancy.   Venus trines the Chiron and Neptune conjunction which occurs in the 2nd House of Finance, bringing attention to the complex issue of how much to spend on a Royal Wedding in a time of austerity, and conveying sensitivity towards this.