We are in the throes of the Pleiadian Full Moon at the end of Taurus today, the Sun is also at the end of Scorpio, and it may seem like the end of a cycle.  You may be able to make sense of a cycle which started a month ago, or two weeks ago.  It is an emotional high tide for that particular cycle now.  In the middle of unrest about Student University fees, and benefits, and how many of our troops are being killed in Afghanistan and why are we there…Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged, with Princess Diana’s engagement ring, a huge karmic statement.  Sapphire is a strong carrier of telepathy, so they will be conversing constantly with Diana.  I have written separately about the engagement, so as not to clog up this blog.  Today is about emotionally processing the last two or four weeks, and the benefits conundrum is still very much in our minds.  John Bird, founder of Big Issue, writes an open letter to Iain Duncan Smith in this week’s issue, pointing out that “The Big Issue has steadfastly tried to get people back into work with the support of our readers.  By getting people away from dependency we have inspired people to believe in change.  The Big Issue has helped get people off long-term unemployment.  By supporting businesses that take on long-term unemployed people, we have demonstrated it is possible to inspire change.  There are hundreds of social enterprises like us who help the unemployed into work…Your single benefit payment may have legs.  If it is seen to be addressing one of the greatest ironies in social delivery – that is, the fact the vast bulk of social security costs are not in the money the recipients receive but the cost of giving people the money, that is the most costly part.”  That is his contribution to the debate, but frustratingly we do not have his birth date, let alone his time of birth.  Use the Pleiadian connection today to fully explore any emotional or spiritual issues or conundrums.  If you receive higher guidance today, it may be sourced from the Pleiades, especially if it is bringing solutions based on group and community co-operation.  The Sun enters Sagittarius tomorrow (Monday 22nd), and hopefully today’s wranglings have ended in some resolution, so that you can cheerfully move ahead into a new phase.  This may be signalled by a change of routine, new horizons, a new social scene or even a new philosophy based on a broader perspective (the broader the better, unless you’re Virgoan in which case you will uphold the need for scrutiny of detail – it’s a good trick if you can do both).  The tension between seeing the wood and seeing the trees is a theme for this week, so it is a good week for eye exercises, for example as under the Bates Method.  For as you start to examine the bigger picture tomorrow, you then become aware of its opposite, the smaller picture.  This is because a square is building up between Mercury (detail) and Jupiter (expansion), and this square peaks on Thursday (25th).  So if you have a tendency to one extreme or the other, it is worth examining the opposite pole and bringing the two together or filling in the gap.  You could find that it is a good game, very satisfying and worthwhile, as the information from one end will inform the other eventually.  So that by the time you get to Thursday, you could be adept and begin to experience life holographically.  If you wish to work with animal totems, you can use the ant for detail and the whale for the bigger picture.  Light worker and animal communicator Teresa Wagner has a superb website dedicated to the whale experience http://swimandcommunicatewithwhales.com/ and her animal communication website link is on my Contact page.  If you have not been working on your communication and vision, you may feel mentally overstretched on Thursday.  Saturday (27th) is a day pregnant with possibility and meaning.  Mercury is sextile with the conjunction of Neptune and Chiron.  It is a day when mind, spirituality and healing combine, and you can realize the meaning of health in all its multilevel connections: the conventional medicine, the alternative medicine; the psyche and the soma.  In meditation you will sense that It is All One and Everything is Connected.  The Universe is going out for All Unity on Saturday, because the Mean North Node will be conjunct with Pluto, so on an individual level our destiny and our psychology are seeking to synchronize, and on a global or society level our collective karmic mission seeks to unite with objectives for healing the disaffected sections of society.  It is a tall order, both individually and collectively, and could be very difficult if it merely exposes the gap between how we want life to be or our lives to be, and how they are.  So it is a good week to make time for meditation in order to bring together the gaps in our lives and in society, in our minds and in reality.