A team of Psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire have come to the conclusion that it may be best, especially for women, to make your New Year’s resolutions early. Certainly today’s aspects would be conducive to making an early start on re-setting your moral compass. Mercury is sextile Uranus, favouring the quirky or unusual, so if you’ve got any whacky New Year’s resolutions it’s a good day to affirm them. The Sun is trine with Saturn today, which favours laying down long-term (e.g. annual) plans. Additionally, Venus enters Sagittarius, which supports the emotion of hope, without which a New Year’s resolution cannot survive more than a day. Tomorrow (31 December) Mars enters Gemini, in retrograde motion from the sign of Cancer. Some of you have been reporting to me difficulties with Mars being retrograde lately – it’s like a rampant toddler you have to keep an eye on, or a loose cannon you need to keep track of. The best way of dealing with it is to consciously develop your inner and outer vision and grow eyes in the back of your head, so it does have its uses in helping us to sharpen our senses and faculties. Another aspect prevalent as we end this year, is Venus squaring the Nodal Axis. This asks us to examine the karma of our relationships, and see if there is anything we can do to bring about more peace and harmony in our individual and outer worlds, so be still and then ripple outwards…Ready with your checklist as we enter 2008? 1. New Year’s resolutions done. 2. Watch that toddler. 3. Achieve Inner Peace…Here’s to 2008, and it’s a Happy New Year from me, but there’s no actual aspect on New Year’s Day itself. There’ll be time to sleep it off then, consolidate your New Year’s resolutions, keep working on your vision issues, and wonder how world peace can be achieved. Actually, the latter would be a very apt focus, because the first aspect of the New Year, which occurs on the evening of Wednesday 2nd January (UK time), is Mars opposite Pluto. This is an aspect which builds tension to the max, and the peacemakers need to be on hand to de-fuse or diffuse the tensions. Of course, they will have been prepared, having read this blog. There is then a period of digestion and assimilation for the rest of the week. Those Psychologists from the University of Hertfordshire also said that New Year’s resolutions work better if you proclaim them to the world, so I hereby declare that I will live on salad in 2008. The dilemma is what to do with the chocolate mountain I seem to have accumulated over the Christmas holidays….