Whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time”

~ Carl Jung

With a New Moon in Sagittarius today, we may adopt a new philosophical outlook for the day, the week, the month or the year.  Where will we find the inspiration, is the question.  Whether we will find it in our own minds or in role models or thought-provoking events?  Stacey Solomon won the Jungle Crown on the strength of her Libran likeability last night.  Elsewhere, eyes are looking out for Julian Assange , the enigmatic founder of Wikileaks, whose birth date first became available to Astrologers this week.  His first set of leaks, about U.S. military practices in Aghanistan, took place on the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in July, which has not yet run its course because Jupiter retrograded back into Pisces.  At the time of those leaks, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was trine his natal Neptune (which represents leaks, mystery, and enigma).  Though he has made information available, he himself is not available at the moment.  And this week, with the second (and more extensive) set of leaks, he has a  more challenging aspect of Uranus opposing his Pluto.  His karmic mission as an I.T. Warrior is shown in his natal chart as a conjunction of Mars and North Node  in the I.T. sign of Aquarius.  I suspect that in February 2011 when Jupiter again squares Pluto, another stage of the story will unfold, and some of the consequences will become more known.  Tomorrow (Monday 6th) Mercury will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 4 degrees, an area of the zodiac which is encountering intense activity these days, so if your birthday is on Christmas Day or thereabouts, life will be very intense at present.  Tomorrow’s conjunction is itself intense for most of us, with the North Node still close to this conjunction, forcing a karmic awareness even where we may not be disposed to such ideas. Thoughts and actions may be going round in a loop around this time, in order to be resolved.  You won’t be allowed to put a foot forward until you have solved the issue, and the stuck record may reverberate in days to come.  But its purpose is in order to solve the mental riddle.  Also tomorrow Uranus is stationary prior to going direct, and although Uranus has been in a challenging square to the Galactic Centre, its impending move forwards means that radical solutions may start to be found.  Tuesday (7th) brings a steadier state: that of Sun sextile Saturn, and one that may bring a temporary balance or respite to this intense process of finding out what we really think, believe and know (Mercury conjunct Pluto) and how our social structures should be operating (the conjunction in Capricorn).  We cannot act until we truly know, and we are being put on the spot at the moment in order to truly know from deep within.  Later on Tuesday, after our rebalancing and respite, Mars enters Capricorn, ushering the arrival of a new set of energies stirring this conundrum.  More pressure to find out, know and then to act according to that wisdom.  Even those of us who are disposed towards the Taoist way of life feel under pressure to do something under this Martian influence.  Try to resist action until you have as many facts at your disposal as possible.  Wednesday (8th) brings a sextile between Venus and Pluto, and some of the emotional components of your particular conundrum may fall into place.  You may be surer of your feelings and know the reasons for them.  Discomfort may be afoot for those who are not fans of Mercury Retrograde, for this is featured on Friday (10th).  This scenario, as many of you know, can (but does not always) feature delays and frustrations to travel and communication.  If you are not a lover of Mercury Retrograde, try starting an MR Log Book, and register your experience, feelings and solutions, to be updated in future vicissitudes.  The same day brings a sextile between Mercury and Venus, which favours starting a log book, of any kind.  Additionally, the conjunction of Mars and the North Node at the weekend in Capricorn helps us to sharpen our personal and collective karmic focus.

There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”

~ William Shakespeare