It’s Capricorn’s year, but to clear confusion straight away, under the Chinese system we are on the cusp of the Fire Pig and Earth Rat years. Back to confusion: It should be a good year for you Capricorns out there! Yes, you read that right. Jupiter is moving through your sign, and it is time for you to move forward. Last year was the Year of the Centaur, and famous Sagittarians who made good were Christopher Biggins and Marco Pierre White. To be fair, it has not been such a good year for Centauress Britney Spears, although she did receive some good reviews for her album…Anyway, back to my thesis for Capricorn. Dividing the sign into the three decanates, those born between 22 December and 1 January will have their moment or moments in January (Jupiter started to transit your sector over Christmas and New Year). Actor Jude Law’s birthday is 29 December, and his high spot is coming up soon on 22 January. Those born between 2 January and 12 January will have something to smile about in February/March, and July to November. This will include politician Nick Clegg, who celebrates his birthday next week on 7 January, and whose favoured times to win over the voters would be 6 March, 16 July and 11 October. And those born in the third decanate between 13 and 20 January will be enjoying the fruits of their good karma April to June, and then December. Supermodel Kate Moss celebrates her birthday on 16 January, and may be able to turn things round on 18/19 December. If Capricorn is your Ascendant, and you know the degree, you can work it out. Those born around 22 December will have the extra challenges of Pluto transiting their Sun, and I would recommend reading “Healing Pluto Problems” by Donna Cunningham. For those who are interested in the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rat, I recommend “Animals and the Afterlife” by Kim Sheridan who channels these much misunderstood creatures.