For Astrologers there is a sequel to last week’s story on Julian Assange in that a birth time has been obtained, though not definitive.  If true, it puts the Nodal Axis in square to the Ascendant/Descendant axis in his natal chart, which is karmically provocative – sounds true.  Watch this space for any further updates on his chart.  The day to watch this week is Tuesday 14th in the U.K. (Monday 13th for the U.S.)… busy day >busy day>busy day…  You may have 3 engagements or more on the one day, and/or there may be a defining moment that day.  There are 3 aspects to note in rapid succession, the first being Mercury conjunct Pluto.  As Mercury is now busy retracing his steps, you may remember this aspect as recently occurring on Monday 6th (quickly consulting your Mercury retrograde log book which should be well under way and backdated by now).  Looking back at my log book, it seems to have been a day when people were having to act quickly to retrieve objects or data.  Be one step ahead, and take preventative steps such as updating your computer anti-virus.  Next Mercury conjuncts Mars and words fly swiftly across the dinner table, and memorable quotations may be rapidly transferred to your diary.  If it’s not worth putting in your diary, don’t say it.  Lastly, and by no means least, Mars conjuncts Pluto.  This could mean extreme action, and again if you wouldn’t want it to appear in your diary, don’t do it.  You may have restless dreams overnight Monday/Tuesday containing dramatic symbolism.  With Mercury conjunct North Node on Wednesday 15th (retrace this to Saturday 4th) check crucial detail and facts and you may achieve or retrieve something worthwhile.  Again, prevention may be more effective than cure.  If it is your birthday for instance and you have a special outing, check your rail network website before leaving the house.  This could save you freezing on a cold platform for an hour after a cancelled train.  On Thursday (16th) the Sun squares Jupiter, and here is another reminder to check detail, because you could so easily go overboard with an idea and miss the obvious loophole.  Enthusiasm abounds, but could be misdirected so try to look at other angles of the picture and not just those which hold special interest for you.  Saturday (18th) has a mixture of influences: firstly the Sun sextiles the Neptune/Chiron conjunction, so there are possibilities for healing and spiritual attunement.  Try to get in the flow or in the zone, as it may help you with the more difficult aspect of Sun square Uranus which gives the advantage to the unexpected.  You may be able to anticipate the unexpected if you are in the spiritual flow, and use it to your advantage.  Mercury also retrogrades back to Sagittarius on Saturday,  and there may be a mind shift towards optimism, so switch on those Christmas lights, and whistle a happy tune.  And don’t forget to log it!