Sunday lunch is the focus of today (UK time) with two very different aspects jostling for expression. Perhaps you are catering for meat-eaters and rawfoodists at one meal, but the first aspect, Sun sextile Uranus, could bring the unexpected, such as a surprise birthday party. It introduces new elements, new ways of eating and new ways of expressing creativity. The lunchtime conversation could bring new ideas about how to prolong your resolutions, how to look further than what is in front of you, and how to inject more life into your lives. Perhaps you are dining with new friends or old friends with a new outlook. The other aspect, Venus square Saturn, could also bring some sad reflections to the table, nostalgia for instance about the past or people who have passed on to other dimensions. It’s not an aspect to entrust a fledgeling romance to, so make an excuse that you are washing your hair until there’s a more favourable vibe to nurture a blossoming relationship. Mercury enters Aquarius on Tuesday (8th) and if there’s been any sluggishness about your communications lately, they should perk up. Make that call and let him or her know that your hair is now washed and you are ready to make a new date, or at least discuss making a new date. For you still need to take things slowly, there’s another tricky aspect to negotiate coming up, and you need to stay centred. Tuesday however offers another opportunity for a fresh start with the New Moon in Capricorn, and for those who have made New Year’s resolutions, you can renew your vows. For those who haven’t you can re-affirm your right not to. The New Moon in Capricorn is about assessing your overall direction in life from one year to another. Perhaps you remember what your position was this time last year, and can review past, present and future in this moment. If your memory isn’t playing along, just ask yourself if this is where you want to be in your life direction, and whether you need to take a step or two in a different direction. On Thursday (10th) Venus sextiles Chiron, good for any therapies undertaken now, and you could see some healing possibilities in that new relationship but you still need to stay centred. For the tricky Venus square Uranus aspect on Saturday (12th) could throw a spanner in the works, relationship-wise. You may find out that there is a distance between you that can’t at the moment be bridged, and need to be glad that you’re still you. You can still make yourself laugh, you can still dream, and there’s always an alternative.