Once again Julian Assange headlines on this blog it seems.  But Astrologer Dharmaruci of Astrotabletalk in “Wikileaks and Uranus-Pluto: America’s New Public Enemy No. 1”  on December 10th http://astrotabletalk.blogspot.com/2010/12/wikileaks-and-uranus-pluto-americas-new.html has taken the thoughts directly from my head on the matter.  What I find interesting is that Julian Assange is manifesting or acting as an agent for some of the dramatic major aspects of the day.  His first wikileaking took place on the Jupiter-Pluto square, and the results of his work are manifesting the difficulties promised by Saturn in Libra, i.e. that diplomacy would become more tricky.  As I wrote in “Saturn in Libra – Karmic Dilemmas” (18th October 2009)  “Such proceedings during Saturn in Libra need the utmost patience from diplomats, and the strength and resolve to keep going.”  Strangely Julian Assange is now in my county of Norfolk, ensconced at Ellingham Hall after being released on bail.  I cannot say I am feeling the presence, though Catherine Bennett in the Observer this morning refers to his great charisma.  Tomorrow (today in the U.S.) the Sun conjuncts Mercury  at 27 degrees Sagittarius, close to the Galactic Centre.  This may enable an insight directly into the heart of the Universe, for those of us who are able to take time out of the seasonal rush hour.  Mercury will be sextile Chiron, making it possible to focus mentally on healing ways and means.  However, later on Mercury squares Uranus, so there will be another twist requiring us to look at a problem from a different angle, on the road to wholeness.  It is not a good move to travel in treacherous or snowy conditions but especially so on Monday evening.  I would stay put, Julian.  An important day dawns on Tuesday 21st, and whether you are out Earth Healing or having drinks with the neighbours, the day may make a lasting impression on you.  The day starts with Mercury sextile Neptune, so it would be good to start with a meditation even if it is not your routine, as valuable insights could begin to filter through and carry you through the day.  A lunar eclipse (and Full Moon) in Gemini follows, aligned with the Fixed Star Betelgeuse (popularly known as “Beetlejuice”).  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld states: “This star provides substantial increase in communication with energies of a physical nature,  particularly with the Earth energies…Betelgeuse can significantly enhance the ability to perceive the difference between survival connected energies and true spiritual awareness.  As a result,  fears are lessened and insight into the source of the fears is strengthened.  An awareness of the purpose of such fears in one’s own life path is enhanced.”  We are now in end of the Mayan Calendar territory, exactly two years off from the much-heralded date of 21st December 2012.  In the last couple of days two altered times have come to my attention:  Astrologer Victoria Peltz apparently has said that due to a mix-up in our western calendars it may be this winter solstice 2010 and not 2012 that is the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Then I read in “Serpent of Light Beyond 2012” by Drunvalo Melchizedek that it might be 19 February 2013!  Well I don’t understand enough about the Mayan Calendar, and in fact have twice attempted to set up an interview for this website and blog on the subject, and it has not yet come to pass.  So if any expert on the subject would like to be interviewed, please contact me.  What is certain is that this eclipse will have some resonance with the end of the Mayan Calendar, at least in human consciousness and anticipation, if not on a cosmic level.  Wednesday (22nd) [21st in the U.S.] brings a square between Mercury and Jupiter, which is good for astral travelling (a good way to do a reccy for Christmas shopping) or on a higher level, taking your Light Body vehicle (Mer-ka-bah) for a cosmic trip to an overview of where you need to go in your life or where the planet is in its evolution.  However, Mercury square Jupiter can overdo the travelling, leaving you feeling overstretched.  I don’t do it myself, but it would seem online shopping may be the answer at this stage.  If you are getting married on Friday 24th, you have chosen a quite, creative space in which to do so, and a link from transiting Jupiter to your natal Venus may well be revealed… The rest of us will be worn out, sipping a non-alcoholic sherry with our feet up, as we can do no more.  A toast to you all!