Julian Assange was demonstrating the power complex of his natal Jupiter/Pluto sextile this week in a remark he made about it being unlikely that David Cameron would allow his extradition to the U.S.  His whole position in relation to the leaks all along has shown a man who is 100% confident of his own power.  Another figure who made reference to his own power this week is Vince Cable, whose private comments about being able to bring the government down showed a confidence in his own power.  But he does not natally have a Pluto/Jupiter link, and the leak of his remarks is more likely to be connected with his natal Venus square Neptune, Venus being his ruling planet and Neptune ruling leaks.  I wonder, though, if there is an element of the Freudian slip in the remarks he made to the Daily Telegraph?  A year ago he was the darling of the media, because of his financial prescience.  His party, the Liberal Democrat Party, were doing reasonably well, though its leader Nick Clegg was reluctant to acknowledge his brilliance.  Then in the Spring of this year we had an election, and he was thrown into the nightmare coalition scenario of having to lay aside his own integrity and go against the judgements and policies which he had believed in.  Something was bound to give, and this current crisis may have been a scream for help. Sometimes a Freudian slip is the loophole to enable a karmic event.  If he is unable to express himself in his current political role, his soul may be seeking alternative avenues.  So it was delightful to see how well he moved on the dance floor on Strictly Come Dancing on our TV screens last night.  Euan Ferguson in the Observer describes his moves as a “graceful, happy, dominating perfect lead with Erin (Boag)” and even Craig Revel Horwood was impressed.  In the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 27th) we have the opportunity to ponder the issues which Christmas has brought up for us in the bosom of our families, or in solitary confinement, as the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 5 degrees Capricorn.  This is serious thinking, and we can come to a serious assessment of our lives, our restrictions and our blessings and the way ahead.  For many this last week has been a roller coaster of emotion, with the eclipse, the solstice and the Mercury/Jupiter square contributing to it.  On Wednesday (29th) Mars squares Saturn, so we will be focusing on the blockages, restrictions and practicalities of our situations – whether they need to be there and which ones can be dealt with and which ones need a coming to terms.  Then on Thursday (30th) Mercury is stationary prior to turning direct, and we will feel that we can start to move on our various projects, and see a way ahead.  In my last New Year blog I mentioned “remember to make one (resolution) for the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, to express and bring on the lighter side of your life.”  Well it worked for me, so it bears repeating…Happy New Year!