Bit of a hair-raising week last week, and I’m glad to have my usual font back. Today’s a good day to extract all the possibilities from the healing vibes of Venus sextile Chiron which are still available to us. If you are a practitioner, then it’s time to heal thyself. Tomorrow (Monday 14th) Pluto sextiles the North Node, and pay attention to the karmic signs strewn upon your path, which may help you understand the meaning and import of the forthcoming event of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn next week. There are huge changes coming, both personally and on the wider scale, and the Pluto-North Node connection will help you start to understand what these are about. A little light relief from navel-gazing comes on Wednesday (16th) with the interlude of Venus sextile Neptune: sublime art, romance, idealistic love. Put on a Chopin nocturne and get into the old world charm of this aspect. You might re-live one of your old lifetimes in the Age of Chivalry and courtly love. In fact, you could treat this whole week as an interlude, because next week is an important week astrologically and you’ll be busy. Keeping this brief, because I’ll be doing double time next week!