“So this is Christmas

And what have you done

Another year over

And a new one just begun”

~ John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Some have a “to do” list for the New Year, but I am resolved to have a “what not to have to do” list and simplify my life and doings.  Last year I went into meditation to prepare my New Year’s resolutions, and was given just one resolution – to bring fun into my life.  I don’t know what will happen this time around, but I enjoyed that.  Someone asked me last week what the character of this New Year will be.  This last year has been one of complexity due to the T-square between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus.  This year will be less intense, though we come close to a square between Pluto and Uranus in July and need to prepare for the actual square.  But we still have the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and it assists us this week in ushering in our year.  But first on Sunday 2nd January Jupiter is semi-sextile Neptune, which requires us to sort out what we truly believe in, what we have faith in, and what we currently hold as truth.  It is good to have this meditation before actually making your resolutions, which you might want to postpone until Big Tuesday (4th), so that you are starting from your highest truth.  Big Tuesday holds a treasure chest of goodies to work with, including a double helping of fresh starts working from two different “houses” or areas of your life.

Schedule as per UK time:

8.27 a.m.: Venus square Neptune – Confused?  You may still be.  Trust is an important issue, especially in personal relationships.

9.03 a.m.: Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 13 degrees Capricorn – Fresh Start No. 1.  If you know which house this appears in within your natal chart, you will have a greater idea of its potential in your life.  If you are working with Earth Healing or esoterically, this is an initiation as per the sign of Capricorn.  For all it indicates a turning point of some kind.

12.53 p.m.: Jupiter conjunct Uranus – Fresh Start No. 2, and the main event in my book, though others may feel that the eclipse takes precedence.  Again, if you know which house this appears in within your natal chart, you will be able to work more consciously with it.  To give an example of how it can work, Oprah Winfrey has this conjunction in her 3rd House of Media, and is starting her own TV network.  The New Moon/Eclipse is in her 1st House, so she is able to utilize her personality for this innovation in her life.  This is the culmination of a long-held vision for her.  Though we cannot all be Oprah, it would be good to connect with your own vision and to support your own dreams and endeavour to sustain them this year.  Jupiter and Uranus together are innovative, fast-moving and exciting, and this is the third pass of the conjunction which began last summer.  Even if you do not know your Ascendant, you may have a sense of what area of your life has been moving towards this event.  Identify it, and seize the moment!

13.33 Hrs: Venus trines Uranus – Venus adds a touch of artistry to the changes you are making in your life.  Uranus brings about unusual meetings and telepathic contacts.

13.39 Hrs: Venus trines Jupiter – Celebration of the Earth and Humanity is brought about by the contribution of this combo to the whole mix of the day.  Unity and the honouring of all relationships is included in its potential.

So you might want to enter these times into your new diary…Friday (7th) is another day of note, but not on the same scale.  Venus enters Sagittarius, which would be uplifting and sociable, if it were not followed by a square between the Sun and Saturn.  But some like a challenge, and though this aspect might be a dampener, there is always a purpose to each aspect under heaven.  The position of Venus opens our hearts, and the Capricorn Sun squaring Saturn shows us reality.  A day of balance perhaps, eyes and hearts fully open, as we set foot in the New Year.