Fine-tuning of the Royal Wedding plans occurred this week, with the announcement of a time of day – 11 a.m. on 29th April.  This changes slightly earlier comments I have made about the wedding day.  Jupiter conjuncts Mars on the Midheaven of that chart now, denoting a public event backed by a good level of enthusiasm.  The Ascendant (previously calculated for Noon) is still Leo, and therefore Sun-ruled adding to the regal flavour, pomp and circumstance – no holds barred on this.  And the Venus/Mercury conjunction trines the Ascendant – a field day for the media!  The Moon squares the North Node at the Galactic Centre – highlighting emotionally the fact that the North Node will be at the Galactic Centre, which will give the event more karmic significance than might seem on the surface – definitely one for the history books!  The Imum Coelum (astronomically the Nadir of the sky) conjuncts William’s Pluto at that time, which is important for his personal psychological foundations.  He would benefit from the collective well-wishing.  All obvious observations really –  not much surprise there or depth of thought, just a holiday atmosphere, and an excuse for a knees up!  If you have been in a spiritual tiswas lately, tomorrow’s sextile between Mercury and Neptune may soothe your Soul, or enable your Soul to soothe you.  Conversations could be uplifting and surprisingly sensitive in nature.  Among the most delicate and poignant issues of the day is the attempt by impoverished and wartorn Southern Sudan to gain its independence and give birth to a new nation.  The chart of today, when voting starts in a referendum to determine independence, shows Mars conjunct the 12th House Mercury of the original Sudanese chart, a decisive aspect.  The Moon squares its Nodal Axis, possibly showing power (of choice) to the people, or forcing an acknowledgement of karmic needs.  Here’s hoping this leads to a more peaceful era in this region, and an easier time for its inhabitants and aid work.  As with the original chart, the Sun is now in Capricorn, and in the original chart Chiron is on the Ascendant in Aquarius, which may indicate the internal wound which has led to the need for a new state.  On Tuesday (11th) Mercury squares Uranus, which leads to a different mindset and a different conclusion from the start of the week.  People may begin to reassess the earlier ideas, and even change their minds.  Some may adopt controversial attitudes, maybe even just for the sake of it.  Not a good time to speak without thinking, because you don’t know if your words will stand up to scrutiny even a day later.  You need to balance the ideas of the head (Uranus) and the heart (Neptune).  Mercury also squares Jupiter on Tuesday creating further imbalance:  your mental horizons may have broadened or expanded, but your judgement may be out of kilter as other parts of you may not have caught up, or may be exaggerated, e.g. your emotional body.  Again, refrain from making judgements at least until Wednesday (12th) when Mercury sextiles Chiron and a healing balance may be enabled.  Mars also sextiles Uranus on Wednesday, so there are two helpful sextiles.  Mars sextile Uranus does not support restraint, so if you are a man or woman of action you will be disposed to act.  If you are a thinker rather than a doer, you could be fired up with inventive ideas.  If mere being is your thing, you will really be!  On Thursday 13th Mercury enters Capricorn, and thought becomes more structured and less idealistic, therefore more practical.  It is a good time to take the first steps in putting New Year plans into action, slowly and surely.  The next day, Friday (14th) favours action in a more dynamic, full-swing way, with Mars sextile Jupiter.  You can really get going on a project, and motivate yourself and others.  It’s an interesting window of action, with Mars being at the very end of practical Capricorn.  For on Saturday (15th) Mars moves into Aquarius, and there is a new atmosphere of working together and helping each other, and if you are on the same project, it will feel as though it has new energy and its significance has widened socially.  A good day therefore for team work at its best, focussed on love for a common cause.