People come to this blog in all sorts of weathers and moods.  If it is raining and I am talking sunshine, that can grate.  If you are up and there’s a deflating aspect, you could resent reading it.  The weather forecasters have told us to expect rain, and it is a sunny morning…Predictions interact with expectations, and interpretations vary.  Sometimes I will write something, and in a reader’s mind it will mean something entirely different from what I intended.  In the past, sometimes, I have written or said something, and it has been replayed to me years later in a completely different form, mythologized and maybe passed on two or three different times in the manner of Chinese whispers, and taken on a life of its own.  And I am astonished to hear it.  I am not sure what I am going to write now, and whether it will make sense, but here goes.  There were floods all over the globe last week: in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka, creating unexpected devastation.  I wonder if this presages the entry of Neptune into its own water sign of Pisces in April this year. Neptune is linked with Pisces through a double semi-sextile today, composed of Neptune (the waters) at 27 degrees Aquarius conjunct Chiron at 28 (or 29, Ephemerides may vary) degrees Aquarius semi-sextile Uranus (the unexpected) at 27 degrees Pisces and Jupiter at 28 degrees Pisces.  So there is some underwater and airborne intercommunication going on of a high order.  Time to listen to the dolphins, whales and eagles.  It could be an extraordinary day, so take your camera out for a walk and commune with the elements, or visit a newborn baby or an elderly wise one and look into their eyes.  Tomorrow (Monday 17th) the Sun joins this complex, and semi-sextiles Neptune, and you may gain further information relating to the state of the Earth, or the state of the Soul, or Evolution in general.  Later in the day the Sun sextiles Uranus, and it’s a chance for all to become clear.  It’s after dark by then in the U.K. but there may be a symbolic parting of the clouds to let the sunshine in, or you can part the curtains and let the stars do the talking.  There is a deepening consciousness building to the middle of the week, and Tuesday (18th) brings us a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto.  Some issue is trying to grab our attention, and may succeed by then.  Watch out for the signs, a Freudian slip, a grey squirrel crossing your path, two or three synchronous messages, and by the time you wake on Tuesday morning you may just have the truth which has been trying to wing its way to you.  And once you have it, you can run with it, or at least mull it over during the course of Tuesday.  Another message, or a deeper continuation of the same message, will follow with the Full Moon in Cancer on Wednesday (19th).  It may be a message about water in relation to earth, or about your own family, or about the interconnectedness and sense of belonging of the human species.  In esoteric Astrology, the sign of Cancer is ruled by the planet Neptune.  The Full Moon tends to bring a flood of emotion, both individually and in a group, and this emotion can be harnessed through meditation and re-focussed for healing.  Later on 19th the Sun sextiles Jupiter, and if you enjoyed the four sextiles last week you may find benefit and buoyancy in this one.  If you were able to release emotion at the peak of the Full Moon, you may be able to look at your life with a fresh eye.  Even if you did not resolve things at the Full Moon, the Sun sextile Jupiter may help you re-charge your batteries until resolution is achieved.  Thursday (20th) affords another chance to start afresh if you haven’t already done so, for the Sun enters Aquarius, and also begins to come into alignment with the Fixed Star Altair.  If you would like to read more on that subject, I have written a separate blog.  It is a good day to renew and re-resolve your New Year Resolutions.  Now take a deep breath, for if that is not enough of a fresh start, Jupiter re-enters Aries on Saturday 22nd.  That is a major recharge of energy/energies, enthusiasm, initiation of projects, and change.  Whereas the emphasis up to the Full Moon was on water, the climate change after the Full Moon emphasizes fire, and spirit.  Aries lives for the moment, and Jupiter loves life.  Some of you may have initiated changes in your life since Jupiter conjoined Uranus in Aries last June, and may now be living them.  Later in the year, in March, Uranus also enters Aries, upping the excitement (and volatility).  But for now, play along with Jupiter in his new playground, and master this component of the new energies.