With Jupiter jumping ship from Pisces and into the fire of Aries, it is off with the old (3 U.K. resignations – Alan Johnson, Andy Coulson and Brian Cowen) and on with the new:  Ed Balls (with his Venus at the beginning of Aries) and gloriously clutzy Sagittarian Miranda Hart who received 3 trophies at the British Comedy Awards.  Three is the number for Jupiter in numerology, so maybe these patterns are his calling card.  Minor skirmishes before tea today, with Mars semi-sextile Pluto, but shortly afterwards diplomacy may reign with Venus sextile Saturn, enough to be able to sit at table and digest your meal.  Any lessons of diplomacy learned to day can be profitably retained for use later in the week, namely on Wednesday (26th) as Saturn is stationary prior to turning retrograde, then square to Mercury bringing different lessons, but lessons equally about restraint and limitation.  So soon after trying out our Jupiter in Aries wings?  We have hardly got them off the ground.  Saturn turning retrograde signals that we have reached a certain point in our learnings, and need to do some revision.  We are being pinned down on something to define our truth, and have reached the point where we need to go back and review.   The square with Mercury reflects the need to draw up documents, contracts, plans and schedules, but this may not be an easy time to put that into practice.  Communicating your ideas may be equally fruitless.  It is a good time to make notes, in preparation.  It is a good time to observe what is going on, and to keep your counsel.  Identify your fears, so that you can work with them.  The next day, Jupiter squares the Mean Nodal Axis, and the urge for expression may become irrepressible.  Where a planet squares the North and South Nodes, there is more likely to be karmic interaction on a wider scale than the personal, in that it affects members of a soul group for instance.  So you have Ed Milliband’s hand being forced to allow back into the fold Ed Balls, undoubtedly a force in the current Labour Soul Group, who is already firing his opening salvos at the government economic policy.  With Pluto now sextile his Sun, the regeneration of power is returning to Ed Balls.  He also has Jupiter transiting his Saturn, the overcoming of a personal obstacle.  The duel we have this week between Saturn and Jupiter plays out in our psyche as the duel between fear and courage.  Jupiter in Aries is the courage of our spirit, and Saturn represents our fear and sense of lack and limitation.  You need the enthusiasm and inspiration and illumination of Jupiter in Aries to take you through the experience of your fear and beyond it, recognizing the lessons as speedily as possible, and being at peace with them.  Curiosity is one of the motivators you can use:  the openness and willingness to understand what you need to understand, in order to let life play through you and take out the fear.