And the event of the week goes to – Egypt.   But the unravelling started in Tunisia when Mars moved into Aquarius, and just before Jupiter moved into Aries.  How did Tunisia come to occupy that ignitory role?  In its natal chart, its birth being during the year of the Suez crisis, there is a powerful exact conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto in Leo, trine the Galactic Centre.  At the time of its recent uprising, Uranus (revolution) was trine its Saturn (the existing order) which indicates that there is a controlled element to the revolution at some level, but Neptune at the same time was exactly square to its Saturn, creating confusion and chaos to the existing order.  Moving on to Egypt, on the day of its uprising just after Jupiter entered Aries, Uranus (revolution) was exactly square to its Sun, and Saturn was exactly square to its Uranus.  Neptune was also trine its Sun, and (karmically) the Sun was exactly conjunct its North Node.  A nation karmically ripe for change, and pushing to recapture its spirituality (Neptune’s trine).  How does all this momentous activity, a potentially huge geopolitical event,  express Jupiter’s entry into Aries?  I have noticed that in its transiting mode Jupiter can bring up unexpressed anger, but largely Jupiter in Aries is about the full expression of the human spirit, and this spirit of the people could no longer be repressed.  The day to watch this week is Wednesday, 2nd February, Big Wednesday if you will.  It’s a big fish in a little pond this week, unlike some of the bigger fish we have had recently.  Venus will be sextile Neptune enabling something sublime to happen in human relations, if we allow it in.  Mercury will be semi-sextile Neptune, so there will be mental confusion (“How can this be? Something so sublime…”).  Venus then squares Uranus (“Was it all a Neptunian illusion?  Relationships cannot remain the same…”) and there may be a wrench of parting after experiencing the merging.  Finally, Mercury sextiles Uranus, a new order of thinking, the mind re-sets itself to incorporate a new reality, one based not merely on facts but equally on human relationship and feelings, taking into account the role of Venus and Neptune in the proceedings.  Newness re-establishes itself on Thursday (3rd) with a New Moon in Aquarius, another mini-dawn in brother and sisterhood.  It feels like it did when Labour won the 1997 election (!), or when the Berlin Wall came down – what happens afterwards, and as a result, is what matters…Mercury then enters Aquarius, to reinforce this.  New thinking, leaving behind the old regimes.  But again, I emphasize these aspects are in themselves small fry against the back drop of Jupiter in Aries which is the real deal.  They merely announce that some things are falling into place, as a result of the bigger picture.  As a reminder not to get too carried away, Venus enters Capricorn on Friday (4th) reminding us that people and their feelings are important and ideas or facts can sometimes sweep this truth aside.  Don’t for instance, sweep aside the effects on individual people, O Governments, when you are making your economic cuts.  Or on a more mundane level, don’t ignore that elderly neighbour and the chance to chat, as you hurtle along the pavements to get to the supermarket, and get your shopping done, and go about your business.  Venus entering Capricorn is a chance to re-examine your values and priorities, before you give your all to the revolutions taking place inside and outside our psyches.  The Sun conjuncts Mars, too, on that day, so you could really be hurtling along the pavements or in your cars, possibly unthinkingly.  A huge amount of energy could be raised that day, so you might want to consider how you are going to expend it in a useful way.  Without that consideration, it may erupt in angry exchanges or burnout to no constructive end.  Demonstrations, whether about cuts or student fees closer to home, or about despotic  and undemocratic regimes  abroad, are not likely to die down or be quelled under such an aspect.  Where is it all going?  It is too early to tell, or to do any reconstruction work, but in March the True North Node (which always retrogrades) moves from Capricorn to Sagittarius, and that is an important karmic shift in our own lives and on the world stage, hopefully in the spirit of progress.  Events now may be making way for those changes.  We end the week on a nice note, for on Saturday (5th) we have Mercury sextile Jupiter, a gift for international negotiators, a gift for shifting your personal correspondence or filing (pay attention to the filing, and it’s easier to deal with the bigger documentation).  It’s good for communication and sales, too.  I need to renew my passport, and I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment for weeks.  What perfectly timed moment have you been waiting for?