The big question of the week seems to have been whether or not the President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak would stay or go, and if he would go, when.  Wider than the personal fortune of a dictator, there is also the nail-biting question of whether Egypt can do what no other country in the Middle East has so far done – created a democracy out of the ashes of a dictatorship.  These questions, and more, will not be answered in this blog.  But Mubarak’s natal chart is very strong, particularly in the condition of his Pluto (power).  His Pluto is sextile his Sun/Mercury, so he is able to utilize power to the hilt and express his personality through power.  Pluto is also trine his Mars, so he is able to use force and aggression, and that includes the military forces of his country.  Egypt’s military is a highly respected institution, and there was a moment this last week when I caught my breath because there had been no violence, and I wondered was this the perfect handling of such a situation by such an institution (I am always on the lookout for displays of non-violence).  Unfortunately, the situation did get a little out of hand after that, but by and large their restraint was exemplary.  It is also being pointed out that the Egyptian population is (also by and large) well-educated and well-informed, and this may make a difference in their being able to make the transition required to a land of democracy.  Hosni Mubarak’s chart makes two aspects from his Mars (his Self-Assertion) to the chart of Egypt.  His Mars is opposite Egypt’s Moon (People Power) and therefore the interests of his will oppose that of the people.  His Mars trines the Mercury of Egypt (supporting the development of an educated people). This year Pluto is square to his Uranus (sudden change in fortunes) but trine with his Chiron (bringing about an opportunity for him to learn about healing).  Back to the week in hand:  Today the Sun/Mars conjunction (high energy) trines Saturn (discipline) so deliberate action and planned creativity can forge ahead.  Venus also squares Jupiter so people may go all out to socialize, even where it is inappropriate, e.g. a dejeuner sur l’herbe in a cold blustery woodland area in an effort to draw attention to the government’s proposal to sell off our forests.  All harmless fun though, because by and large (my favourite phrase this week) Venus squaring Jupiter cannot do a lot of harm (Venus and Jupiter being known as the lesser and greater benefics).  Hearts may be slightly broken, but only on the surface…On Tuesday (8th) Mercury is semi-sextile Pluto, a minor aspect, but I seem to be getting into semi-sextiles these days.  The fine print is under discussion, and should not be ignored because you never know what will become significant.  People skirt around serious issues, possibly finding it difficult to confront them directly, but just seeing how much they can take in, and mull over.  We do not want to overtax the mind and the emotions, but will dip our toes in just a little further because we need to keep going and growing.  Chiron also re-enters Pisces, so mental health issues are re-opened and the importance of this field begins to be recognized.  On Thursday (10th) Venus conjuncts Pluto and we possibly realize why we needed to know what we needed to know earlier in the week.  Because in seeking to open our hearts, and recognizing the power of love,  we also need to know what  information and experiences can be discarded through being outworn, to leave our hearts clearer, to exercise the intelligence of the heart (the heart having a brain of course) and to feel more deeply than before.  What is left in terms of priorities at the end of the week, therefore, is truer than your previous truth.