Much has been promised for this week, but will it deliver its brief? Sunday morning (20th) kicks off with an opposition between Venus and Mars. We all go back to the drawing board on the battle between the sexes. Are you polarized on one side or the other, or are you a balanced blend? The Sun also enters Aquarius on that day, so we are geared to the new but not quite sure what to expect. Monday (21st) brings the first of three main events this week, a trine between Jupiter and Saturn. Here’s a different opportunity for balance, this time between hope and caution. Don’t be tempted to dismiss this aspect, it’s important, and doesn’t come round very often. In the heady mix of this week with a need to juggle various forces, don’t underestimate the helping hand it is offering. Tuesday (22nd) delivers the next Full Moon, which steps up the sense of anticipation. The Moon itself is in the sign of Leo, with the Sun opposing it from Aquarius, calling for another balancing act: this time between the needs of the individual (Leo) and the team (Aquarius). Can Kevin Keegan, with his Aquarian ability for team-building, deliver his promise and brief? In the early hours of Wednesday (23rd) Mercury is conjunct Neptune, which can bring about mystical meetings of minds on the spiritual plane, but as much of it goes on silently there may be many different experiences and interpretations. Venus takes centre stage the following day (Thursday 24th) in the final dress rehearsal for Pluto’s entry into Capricorn. Venus conjoins Pluto (favouring in-depth psychology and awareness, especially as applied to intimate relationships) and then enters Capricorn, softening the way for the lead character. For in the early hours of Saturday (26th) the main event takes place of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn (see the blog I made earlier). Will we see it immediately for what it is? Of course it will have a cumulative effect over the next few years, but there may be an event which encapsulates the meaning in the moment. If so, take note. Just to recap the week so that you get everything in proportion: event No. 1 – Pluto enters Capricorn, the most important and far-reaching event. At No. 2 – it’s Jupiter trine Saturn, those planetary giants on their best behaviour. And at No. 3 – the Full Moon in Leo, theatrical but not to be over-dramatized. The essay question set for this module is: how do you balance the three polarities of this week – male and female, optimism and pessimism, and individuality and collectivity? Answers next week.